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Master Ferdok

I am 47 years old and I am from north-western germany. I am located in a very small city called Leer(Ostfriesland). It’s close to the dutch border. Our next bigger cities are Bremen which is at the same time my nearest airport and Emden. I am married since almost 5 years and I live openly gay. I own a house at the country side here in north-western germany without direct neighbours. My next neighbour is about 100 meters away from my property.

I am into SM for more than 25 years now. I always was a master, active and dominant and sadistic by nature. Let’s start with a very stupid thing I hear over and over again: “You can only be a good master if you have started as a slave”. Sorry but that’s bullshit. All you need to be a good master is a working brain to be able to watch your slaves how they handle things. So don’t let noone tell you that bullshit sentence. It’s simply rubbish.

Every once in a while people ask me what I like and what turns me on. Usually I am tired to answer those questions cause you just need to look at my blog and you can answer it yourself but today I feel like in a mood to write a bit about it. My favourite tool is the bullwhip. I like to tie slaves up in a spreadeagled position and to whip them. It turns me on to see the whip impacting on a slaves body. It turns me on to see the body reacting to the inflicted pain. I like to see how the muscles react and I am curious how much a new slave can take.

I like it rough and extreme. But whatever I do I always do it safe, sane and responsible.

If you want to know more about me and my other favourits so follow my column.

Dear fetish lovers,

Normally I don’t care about politics but what’s lately going on in Europe is something that bothers me a lot. I was quite shocked after I heard the results about the Brexit. If the majority really wants to leave the european union it will also effect my personal life. I am talking with two slaves from Great Britain  and and both slaves are supposed to move in as permanent slaves. The question is now if all things will work out as planned. One of the slaves I plan with first needs to end his career and this will happen at the end of this year. After that is done he is supposed to move in. But I really hope that it won’t be too late by that point of time. Right now nobody really knows what will happen about moving and travelling free within Europe if you aren’t part of Europe anymore. I really hope that this Brexit will not destroy my plans that I have with the slaves from Great Britain. Otherwise I would really be pissed off.

And isn’t it interesting how the biggest mouths of the leave campaign turn around and run away now? First there is Boris Johnson. Now that he and Nigel Farage messed up everything in Great Britain they turn their heads and run away. Man you guys have really brilliant politicians over there. But let’s be honest. Those kind of fuckers can be found in any country. I just need to look at our politicians here in Germany and with whom they make deals for the being well of Europe. If those fuckers would just have a little bit brain. But it seems one of the preconditions to go into politics is to not have a brain.

And this leads me to something that I have written about before and which is one of my favourite themes to write about. Don’t wait too long to make your plans real. The Brexit is a hell of a good example for things to happen that can easily ruin your plans for the future.

Apropos future plans… The dates for the next big SM event are set now. The SM party will be held from the 07 of June 2017 till the 16th of june 2017. The party will be under the motto:

“Slave Plantation Retreat”.

How does such a party work? The party is done on my private property. Because of this reason the party is limited to up to 20 people. Ideally it should be 10 slaves and 10 masters. In my house I can offer a sleeping place for 3 masters and 3 slaves. The slaves will be put in the dungeon. During the party it is possible to use the dungeon and it is also possible to do many outdoor activities because the whole property is surrounded by 3 meter high hedges so that no one can really see what’s going on.

The rest of the slaves and masters have to camp in the garden. The costs per person per day is 25 euros. From that money we will provide things for breakfast, meat for BBQs, soft-drinks and beer.

Of course you can stay as long as you want. No one has to stay the whole 9 days. But through the years we made the experience that the people usually need one or two days to get to know each other and to feel well at our home with so many strange people around.

During the party the slaves will all be held naked, chained and collared. Slaves will not be allowed to wear any clothes during the whole party.

Our closest airport is Bremen, in north western Germany. We are NOT close to Berlin!!! Pls make sure you do not mix up Bremen with Berlin. It happened in the past and caused some minor problems which we don’t want to have a second time.

If needed we can pick up guests at the airport of Bremen. If you chose another airport in or outside of Germany you will have to take a train from that airport to my hometown. For guests out of Europe usually Amsterdam Schiphol is the best and cheapest airport to reach. We are about 3 hrs away from Amsterdam Schiphol by train.  And yes, the airport Amsterdam Schiphol is in the Netherlands!


Any rules for that party? Some!

We will not tolerate any kind of drugs.

All sex will be safe except it’s consensually agreed different.

During party time you will keep our house and property clean!

Limits will be respected. No matter what it will be.


Everyone who will join the party has to contact us before his arrival. We want to know who you are. We want to know what you look like, what your limits are and many other things. That’s the reason why no one will get access to our property we haven’t been in touch with before.

Pls be aware that this is an SM party. That means we will play hard. The slaves will be treated like slaves on a plantation in the former times. That also means that during the party hard verbal language will be used. Race play will definitely be part of this event and you will see slaves that will get whipped and flogged.

We want to express that everyone who is interested in that kind of party is welcome.

More infos will follow. Pls share and reblog this article so that a wide range of people is informed early about this event.

Date: 07 – 16th july 2017

Location: Germany, Lower Saxony, Leer(Ostfriesland)

Price: 25 Euro per person/day

Closest airport: BREMEN

I wish all my readers and followers a happy weekend and I hope to see some on you next year at this party.





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