Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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Dragons & Balls

Master Ferdok writes here about his desires and his way to live the SM lifestyle. Hello to my followers! At first I want to apologise for...

About Body Writing, Piss, Exposure And Other Humiliations

A talk with Castrokink about the importance of HUMILIATION. MasterMarc: Hi Castrokink. Great to have you back with us. Today I'll talk with you about...

At first I did enjoy the pain

An interview with Sharkhands Joe, a real BODYMODS lover. MasterMarc: Hi Joe. How are things going? If I would ask an illustrator to draw me...

Kinkyboys Podcast Episodes 9 – 16

Before we start to publish the next Kinkyboys podcast, which is planned for beginning of March, we start with the former 16 episodes. Here...


A report written by slave 437353. My Master is not someone who rushes into things. HE likes to take things slowly, and to make sure...

Bodymods – About Freaks and Beginners

Simi (33) lives in London and Zürich and is totaly passionate about bodymods. He made a profession out of his passion and works in this field...

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