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Wien in Schwarz | Vienna in Black
Oct 31 – Nov 4 all-day
Wien in Schwarz | Vienna in Black @ Vienna | Vienna | Austria

Vienna combines tradition and progress, but also individuality with openness. These sentiments are exactly reflected in our big fetish event Vienna in Black. We’ve reinvented the fetish scene once more, drawing on many individual ideas, and invite you all to come and celebrate with us.

What pleases me especially is how Vienna in Black just keeps getting bigger. Alongside the well-known highlights from last year come new events, parties, and arrangements to fill out the schedule [for Vienna in Black], and so this year the festivities will last a whole week. Vienna in Black wil mirror not only the individuality but also the variety of our association. Vienna in Black’s programme is no longer quite so Black, but by incorporating new ideas will be more colourful, and have more variety and versatility.

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