Thursday, March 30, 2017

VPN – or – How To Surf Safe?

This article is not really about fetish. But it is about a subject which concerns a lot of fetish people: How to surf safe...

Warwick Rowers fight against homophobia

I know it isn't really a fetish subject but it is one of the sexiest crowdfunding projects in the world. OK, probably it is kind...

Josh Dors: About Bareback, Sex, Fun & Responsibility

An Interview with porn actor JOSH DORS about BAREBACK SEX and being POSITIVE. MasterMarc: Hi Josh, nice to have you here with us. People know...

A History of HIV Treatment

MasterMarc: Hi Torsten. You're the editor of the Boner Magazine, a well known free magazine which is distributed in a lot of gay venues...

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