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MUMMY ART by unmove

Kinky Art Kinky Art can be various and today we are presenting you the work of Unmove, a 28 years old Japanese Mummification fan. First...

I Like My Meets To Be Rough

Our Reader’s Fetish Life BoundUpBoy | 1992 | 178 cm | 70 kg | North East (UK) Seeing guys tied up on TV and in movies...

I Don’t Have A Keyholder Actually But I Have A Timer...

Our Reader's Chastity Experiences ChasteBoy93 | 1989 | 162 cm | 90 kg | Selden, NY (USA) When I’m with a man And I see there cocks....

Struggle Gummi’s Life Of Gummi

Hello there shiny, squeaky, rubbery friends and those whom have found themselves fallen through the rabbit hole, in to a world you may not...
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