Monday, December 11, 2017

The Kinky Journey of a HeroicPup

  Pup Hero | 182 cm | 70 kg | Badem-Württemberg (DE) I choose a hood, picked a tail and received the order. Needed a little...

About a Rubber VLOG, Sensory Deprivation Bondage and Hypnosis

 Whiteout | 1994 | Detroit (U.S.) Rubber transforms me into my wildest fantasies, whether it's a sex object, a drone, a latex alien, or faceless dominant...

What to Avoid with Latex Clothing

Interested in learning what you should avoid with latex fetish gear and toys? Whiteout will explain it to you! [youtube]

Not Only My Ropes Create A Special Connection!

LondonRopeTop | 1972 | 183 cm | 68 kg | London (UK) The first bit of rope elicits a little response of pleasure, and each...

Being Collared Shows Loyality

TinyFearlessLeader | 1997 | 180 cm | 68 kg | Winsconsin (U.S.) I think service is the ultimate expression of freedom. TinyFearlessLeader on Tumblr Another Shackler's Boys...

Serving Time as Rubber Toy (5)

  A report written by LukeRubberPig. Chapter 5 Daily life as a slave was completely normal to me now. I wasn't thinking about the outside world and forgot...

About A Slave’s Date Of Expiry

Jackie Bond | 1962 | 170 cm | 65 kg | Bangkok (Thailand) if I become interested than I become crazy and addicted To something...

How to Shine and Clean Rubber Fetish Clothing

[youtube] Interested in learning how to clean and shine rubber fetish gear? Check out this video!

A Preachersboy’s Desire to Serve

Preachersboy | 1997 | 170 cm | 70 kg | Minnesota (US) Well growing up in a church with my father as a pastor it...

Rope, Rope, and Rope. The More the Better!

Ecstatic Satyr | 1982 | 169 cm | 69 kg | Kansas City (US) Twitter: @EcstaticSatyr  | Recon: EcstaticSatyr You're pretty hot, but you'd look even hotter...

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