Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Pussyboy Has To Be Smooth!

Pussyboy Andrew shares his experiences about the different ways to become smooth. MasterMarc: Hi Andrew. How is the pussyboy doing? You've occupied the bathroom for a...

A Pussyboy’s World

We introduce Andrew who will start his new sadOsam blog "A Pussyboy's World". MasterMarc: Hi Andrew. Great to have you here with us. It is...

Sasha – A Young Shemale Doing Fetish Gay Porn

An interview with Sasha (22), a young shemal, about their porn jobs, shemales and dominance. MasterMarc: Hi Sasha. Some days ago Staxus has published a...

Victor’s Secret?? – Sissybloke’s lingerie fetish

An interview with Sissybloke, a former 24/7 slave and lingerie fetish lover. MasterMarc: Hi Sissybloke. Today we are talking about a fetish which is much...

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