How To Clean Mold On Latex Clothing

After having my gear in storage for almost two months, one of the pieces developed a small amount of mold. Thankfully, its really easy...

How to Put On Latex Clothing

If you have never worn latex clothing before, watch this video! I talk about the top 3 methods you can use to put on...

How to Store Latex Clothing

Here is how I store my latex clothing. Make sure when storing your gear that it avoids contact with sunlight or sources of heat. [youtube...

How to Shine and Clean Rubber Fetish Clothing

[youtube] Interested in learning how to clean and shine rubber fetish gear? Check out this video!

WattsTheSafeword: What Your Harness Means!?

Strap yourself down (or just strap-on) for this harness overview! Find out what your bondage harness choices might say about you!? Whether for sex,...

How to Make a Latex Pillowcase

Are you interested in making rubber gear? Check out this video! I make a simple latex pillowcase to complete my latex bed set! It...

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