Sirsleatherboi's Blog

Sirsleatherboi's Blog

  Obedient eighteen year old in shape and very owned boy living weekends 24/ hours as Master's boy and submissive. I love wearing my collar, cock and ball spreader, and my boots at all times for the man I so respect. Master enjoys how well I write and how I describe the magic of my life as "HIS".  

Becoming Daddy’s Boy

A Story written by sirsleatherboy. I wasn't thinking at all about what got me into this predicament. I was completely focused on learning to take...

A Hot Day at the Beach

A story written by sirleatherboi. When I was in my teens I was quite curious about the world and eager to discover more about most...

A Good Boy’s Charm

A story written by Sirleatherboi. In the morning when I wake in bed I always take great joy in trying to recall the events of...

A cute boy learns total surrender

A story written by Sirleatherboi. I have long been in denial of my true sexual identity. I always have had an attraction to certain men,...

Against my Will

A story written by Sirleatherboi. I decided that my short vacation should include at least one sexy trip to one of Montreal's famous gay men's...


A story written by Sirsleaterboi. My life turned "gay" at a fairly young age and my experiences became quite interesting the more I approached my early...

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