Slave 437353's Blog

Slave 437353's Blog

I am a true slave that has been owned by the same MASTER for over 30 years. HE has trained me well, and I serve HIM in every way imaginable. we live in the San Francisco Bay Area, the perfect spot for a Master to enjoy life and own HIS slave. All of my stories posted on here are true. 437353 is my slave register number, and my MASTER calls me "latrine"  

My first Master (3): The Warehouse

A report written by slave 437353. The next afternoon, Bill took me out to his car. After I got in, He told me to take...

My first Master (1): My Father Sells Me

A report written by slave 437353. I grew up on a farm in rural Vermont. I lived with my father and four older brothers, and...

My First Master: Sold!

A report written by slave 437353. By the time I had graduated, I had been serving Bill for years. But what I had never really...


A report written by slave 437353. The men who used me that first week at the house of my new Master were generally men around...


A report written by slave 437353. My Master is not someone who rushes into things. HE likes to take things slowly, and to make sure...

The Worst Day

A report written by slave 437353 The day that I remember the most from my early years with my Master, and the day that was...

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