Monday, October 23, 2017

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A TOP in Long Term Chastity

Papa Topps | 1990 | 178 cm | Buffalo NY (USA) chastity keeps my arousal constant and keeps me in a kink mindset so that...

Fearslave in Chastity

Fearslave tells us about his new CHASTITY DEVICE and his experiences after a month. My New Chastity Device i’ve been always into chastity since i knew...

Taken Manhood

An interview with CagedJock, a masculine guy who loves to be forced to chastity. MasterMarc: Hi CagedJock. Today we want to talk a little about...

The last time I came I was nearing 17

An interview with Logan (18), a young owned slave about his two years in chastity. MasterMarc: Hi Logan. You will have soon your 19th birthday and...

Kinkyboys Podcast Episodes 1-8

Before we start to publish the next Kinkyboys podcast, which is planned for beginning of March, we start with the former 16 episodes. Here...

Why do you like … CHASTITY ?

An interview with three young and sexy bottomboys, slaves and pups. A lot of people take chastity as a requirement for a slave. Others just...

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Toys & Gear: Recommendations Chastity Devices

A "Toys & Gear" recommendation. In our article "Why do you like .... CHASTITY ?" are...

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