Part 21 of 29 (Here you can find the other published parts):

The long, 16-hour flight has finally ended as the jet descends to the private island off the east coast of Africa where the Resort is located. With the Pacifex wearing off, the boys are increasingly frustrated at their condition: they’ve gone without food or water for nearly a day as they’ve sat in piss-filled diapers. The instructional video has provided unending humiliation, but it’s also subliminally affected the boys’ ideas and attitudes. As the video contains numerous scenes of black men having sex with white women, the boys have also begun to be aware of how desperately horny they all are.  None of them have cum in two weeks, but locked in chastity protectors, there’s nothing any of them can do.

Note: I’m reviving, remastering, and re-posting my longest and most ambitious photocaption story.  Although the scenario is Mfm, the focus will be on the journey of the submissive males. Fetishes explored will include: male chastity, CMNM, humiliation, fashion, diapers, mind control, white slavery, black supremacy, medical fetish, cuckolding, and more.


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