Sunday, October 22, 2017

What is the ``FEMBOY & LINGERIE`` fetish about?

KinkyChrisX: Have you ever seen a sexy and young girl and wished to look like the same? If you are a femboy or crossdresser, you don’t only wish. You do it! You love to shave your body and do everything for a smooth and girly skin. You use makeup for bright eyes and sexy lips. And you love the silky feeling of sheer nylons and sexy lingerie on your skin. On the top you get fucked by a big cock in your tiny boipussy and you love it. You love to make boys crazy with your sexy, girly look.

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A Young Sissyboy Loves To Be Raped

MasterMarc: Hi Tom (Sissyboy-Slut19). You're a 21 years old kinky guy from Austria and you call yourself a SISSYBOY. As everyone defines his fetish differently I...

FemBoy Fetish – I Like The Transformation

MasterMarc: Hi Chris. If we talk about lingerie lovers a lot of people think about older men. I don't know why. But you are...

A Pussyboy Has To Be Smooth!

Pussyboy Andrew shares his experiences about the different ways to become smooth. MasterMarc: Hi Andrew. How is the pussyboy doing? You've occupied the bathroom for a...

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