MasterMarc: Hi Jose. You’re the boss of the porn label Hardkinks for over 3 years now. How does it come that you’ve opened a fetish porn label in the capital of Spain?

hardkinks-jose1Jose: Hey MasterMarc! You can be sure that we are really hot in here. A few years ago we’ve decided to start a monthly series of videos for our Spanish fetish dating website, we call it “HardKinks” and was based on record the website users doing BDSM sessions. At that time the fetishistic world in Spain was very small and our intention was to give some visibility in an original way. The series had a great reception in Spain and we’ve planned to convert Hardkinks in a separate studio, not really knowing if it could work, but everything flowed naturally, the users asked us for more material, the guys applied to become our next Masters and slaves, and we’ve decided to get it to work.

MasterMarc: Sounds like a great approach. As I lived several years in spain I know your dating website “Tu Amo”. it is a dating side for kinky people as Recon is. Have you had experiences in doing porn as you started it? And what have been the problems you have had with it?

Jose: No, when Tuamo was released i’ve never tough about doing porn, they were great porn studios in Spain like Jalif Studio, and as a web programmer, at that time I never would have imagined we would end having our own models. I think we’ve never had problems at all as our projects has been created from 0 and grew within its capabilities, so every day, every week, every year it’s a new challenge.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us, why do you like to produce porn? 

Jose: Oh, you know… who wouldn’t like to work so close of these hot guys 🙂 Porn it’s an amazing world, full of professionals and people that makes you learn in a lot of ways. There is not a real big difference into produce a normal scene and a porn scene besides the sexual action, so what i like the most about production is being able to create a story behind the sex, it’s always fun and an adventure.


MasterMarc: Of course hot boys are always nice to have around. 🙂 If you do an own production how do you choose the boys who will act in that movie? 

Jose: Before the schedule of the movies we have meetings with multiple guys. In them we talk about the tastes of each one when it comes to sex, fetish and BDSM. Then we create a story for them. For us it is important that the guys enjoy doing things that have already experienced and can manage, that way we can show the “real” of the situation. To me an attitude is most important than having X body qualities, in our normal movies (not strict screenplay ones) 25% are our guides and the other 75% are real arrangements between them.

MasterMarc: Wow, that sounds as your actors are more than just actors. Could you tell us, what qualities a good boy should have so that he would be interesting for you as boss of a porn company?

Jose: What I most value in an actor is the attitude and security that shows itself. You can be thin, muscled, tall, short, young, or older, but you have to keep that “something” that tell us “this guy is a hard kink”. Today we’re looking for authentic people, with a definite character and not copies. Besides that, I really admire the guys who comes to do a casting, they’re brave, I would be too shy to do it..


MasterMarc: I think me too. 🙂 Have you ever acted in a porn movie?

Jose: No never, i made some appearances in our scenes doing the role of a camera man that is filming inside the movie. Another time i was the voice of the boss, telling a slave how to prepare and cage himself to wait for his Master. Maybe one day i’ll try doing something more hahaha.

MasterMarc: You really seem to be shy. 🙂 What does Hardkinks stand for? Which image should your porn company have?

Jose: A hard kink is a masculine guy who likes to play dirty and dominate or being dominated. I think the slogan at our first ad defines completely what we are: “They seem angels, but they’re evil”. People reacts when they enter to our website where all is white and clean and see the movies, all with hard BDSM action. Normally fetish and BDSM were associated with dark and leather, we’ve changed that to show an image where your favorite vanilla clean actor can be the most dirty fetish slut, or Master, and that can happen in the darkest dungeon, or any modern minimalistic place.

MasterMarc: Which are the three movies you’ve made people should watch?


The Purge – A Gay Porn Parody (click here to see more)

Jose: It’s very complicated as every movie is special to me in some way. If you’re a feet lover you have to watch “Master’s Business” with a hot Abraham Montenegro dominating with Adrian Yuyu, a straight guy. If you are into group straight dirty domination at the style of Badmasterboys i recommend you the series “STR8 Bullies” and “Cop’s Hell”, and if you are into cinematographic porn with dialogues and a consistent story, you have to watch “Knock Knock: A Gay Porn Parody” or “The Purge: A Gay Porn Parody”.


Master’s Business (click here to see more)


Str8 Bullies (click here to see more)


Cops Hell (click here to see more)


Knock Knock (click here to see more)

MasterMarc: Do you have a real kinky and hard project in your mind you haven’t been able to realize? And what are the problems?

Jose: I would like to put a group of Masters and slaves in a big house for some days and stream in live what happen. At this moment it’s impossible as we have small time to develop it, and the costs would be really expensive. At this moment we’ll keep improving Tuamo & Hardkinks, and preparing new hot projects to the new season. I’m sure people will love what’s coming.

MasterMarc: That sounds like an amazing idea. I am curious what you will produce in the future. Our readers will be keeped informed here on sadOsam, where they can also find Hardkinks movies in our porn preview section. Wish you all the best for the future and I’m sure we will talk again soon.



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