Hi to all new kinky guys,

I am MasterMarc, the guy behind sadOsam. I have been living out my kinky side for more or less 20 years now and want to encourage you to live your kinks too. First of all, you don’t have to feel ashamed if you feel this need of another sexuality than just the “normal” program and I can assure you that you’re not alone with our desires.

Here on this overview page we want to help you with your first steps into the kinky world. It is important that you know that there aren’t standards in the fetish and bdsm world. Everybody is living his kinks in another way. But the most important thing is that there is mutual consent between the guys who are playing together. You as newbie have the same rights as everybody else who is involved and if you are playing with good guys, then they show you even more consideration.

MasterMarc & the sadOsam team


Young, inexperienced and curious – What you should think of!

An article about your first steps into the fetish world, how to meet people online and how to prepare real life meetings. Read more ….


No one is born a Master and the same rule is true for slaves.

  • How do you get in right?
  • First steps in the www-Fetish & SM-World
  • SM needs to be consensual and builds on trust
  • Safety first!
  • Entry in a session
  • Step by step and don’t rush anything
  • Responsability belongs to BDSM
  • Fun for the joy


Slave, Sub, Son, Pet & Co.

What are you feeling that you are? You’ve to find your role in which you recognize yourself and in which you’re happy and satisfied.

Read more


A Masters Responsibility

It’s not easy to be a master. Read here more about his duties and about the responsibility he has. It is fun but also hard work.

Read more


The Sexual ABC

About the importance of sex for bdsm, the way to live and to explore it and a FETIpedia with a lot of short explications of the bdsm sex wording.

Read more


Health, STIs and Drugs

Sex and kinky sexual practices are fun, but never forget your health. Here you can find some information about sexual trasmitted infections and also about drugs. This information is provided by Terrence Higgings Trust, the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity. Read more

If you want to get a little insight into diferent fetishes, than visit our section “sm & fetish“. But you have to know, that you have there also articles about or written by people who are living the sm for a long time. The articles are sorted by fetish.

To see how different people live their kinks and fetish you can also read several interviews in the “my fetish life” section.

If you’re missing some important information for newbies, please send us your idea by email: team(a)sadosam.com


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