An Interview with porn actor JOSH DORS about BAREBACK SEX and being POSITIVE.

MasterMarc: Hi Josh, nice to have you here with us. People know you as fetish model and also from a porn movie. They know your wild and raw side. How has sex to be, so that you can enjoy it?

Photo by Neil Z Page

Josh Dors: For me to enjoy the sex there must be a connection. There should be communication and feedback whether verbal or physical. If I get those things then I will enjoy the sex more and so will the other person as it will make me give more back.

MasterMarc: I understand that and if this connection and feedback isn’t given, than I prefer to wank. 🙂 But let us talk a little about the kinks and the way of having sex you’re into. If the connection is given … what is good sex for you?

Josh Dors: If there’s a good connection, then there are lots of possibilities. But it really depends on the guy I’m with and I will press their buttons to see what’s turning us both on. I like to be in total control if I am being top. I want a complete sub. A good sub will quickly learn to take instructions and follow them whether that be his body position , what I want him to do to me , allowing and me to do what I want to him. The best subs are ones who only need a slight nudge or gesture to get their body in the perfect position for me to eat their ass and fuck them. I love to fuck. If a sub is good at sucking my dick , that can be hot but I’d rather have my dick in their ass hole than their mouth and certainly prefer to shoot in the ass without pulling out.

Photo by Matt Spike

My favourite position to have my dick sucked is with their ass in my face so that I can eat that hole at the same time: a rimming / cock sucking 69 . That get’s me very stiff. I love to fuck a guy in my sling too but there is something about the dominance of fucking from behind doggy style which probably makes it my favourite position. I like to piss fuck and I love to eat ass and fuck.  A little bondage and rough stuff can be hot if it turns the sub on.

I have really got into being a fisting top lately. I noticed more and more guys and younger than before are asking to be fisted. If a guy is really into it then that can be very hot and I have double punch fisted a couple of guys which was a massive turn on for both of us. I have a range of toys I will often use to stretch a guys hole before fisting. But ultimately it will always come back to my dick in their hole, coz for me that is the biggest turn on. If anybody cruises me and just offers to suck my dick or have me cum in their face I won’t waste my time or spunk on them

MasterMarc: Bareback is becomming more and more popular. Can you tell us why and give me the reasons, why you prefer to fuck bare and to breed boys?

Josh Dors: I can’t answer for everybody else really and say why bareback sex is becoming more desirable to other people, I can only answer for myself. Clearly HIV is not the certain death sentence it once was with the advance in science and now with new PREP drugs even HIV negative people can have bareback sex without condoms without the risk of getting HIV so I suppose those are contributing factors, but back me and my reasons.

I never liked using condoms. I don’t like having to put them on a the height of passion. I don’t like the way they can make a bottom’s ass more sore more quickly the longer you fuck no matter how much lube you use. I don’t like having to keep putting on new condoms constantly during a long sex session. I don’t like the way they put a barrier between me and the person I am fucking. I want to feel the warm wet hole around my dick. I love to spit and shove sometimes in an already slightly sloppy hole which you can’t really do spontaneously with condoms.  And ultimately I like to put my seed into his body , not into the end of a rubber balloon.

It isn’t only since HIV drugs improved that I started to hate condoms. I have always hated them, hence how I also became positive. It just feels like pretend sex when you use condoms. It feels clinical and sterile and takes away a huge layer of intimacy for me. OK I know a lot of guys fantasise about me ‘pozing them’ but that is all fantasy anyway because I am undetectable and the chances of my ‘pozing’ anybody are extremely slim. But then sex is 90% in mind and 10% physical in my opinion , so what’s the harm if somebody get’s a secret thrill out of the idea that I have poz cum. It is no different from any other sexual fantasy in my opinion. The range of things and ideas images and fantasy that sexually stimulate the human brain are endless. So I prefer bareback sex because unless it is bareback to me it isn’t real and I’d rather have a wank to some bareback porn and fantasise about it then put a condom on and fuck an ass.

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MasterMarc: HIV has really lost the image of being a sentence to death and we are all happy about that. But of course we have to mention that it is still a sickness which has an affect to the quality of life. At the same time we have to remark, and I say that as negative guy, that in the western world often a guy who is positive, in a treatment and has an undetectable status, is much more safe to fuck with, because he is in medical treatment and he also make the tests for other STI’s. So people should really stop to stigmatize positive guys. But if we talk about cruising in darkrooms, sexclubs … do you think that people have to ask before the action if the other wants to have bare or safe sex?

Josh Dors: Of course all sex should be with consent wether bareback or not.

It is the responsibility of both people involved to take care of their own health and make their own choices.

Even in a darkroom situation (which are often not that ‘dark’ really) , I think a passive guy is capable of checking whether a guy is putting on a condom or has one on before he allows himself to be fucked, even if somebody has slipped it in without asking suddenly it isn’t too late to feel his dick and make him pull it out if he is without a condom and he prefers with a condom. You will always get guys who don’t care about what others want though. I have even had bottoms just greedily and casually backing onto my big raw hard dick without asking or giving me the option to put on a condom. It is a two way street. As they say it takes two to tango. The responsibility isn’t just on the top or just on the bottom. By the same token, if somebody climbs into a sling to be gang banged in a back room situation he can’t really be surprised if he is going to get a lot of raw dicks in his hole as well as condomed dicks. If he puts himself in that vulnerable situation but wants safe sex only then I think that is either very naive or else he is just fooling himself. But you did say should people ‘ask’ but let’s face it, in a darkroom situation there is often not much talking going on and the only sounds you will hear are rattling chains, moaning , heavy breathing and ‘fuck me! Yeah ‘

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MasterMarc: Hehe, it seems as you know a lot of darkroom situations. 🙂 But you’re right if you say it is the responsability of ALL involved. Of course we are also curious to know how that works on a porn set? Can you tell us a little about BB in the porn industry and how safe are the actors in such situations?

Josh Dors: The answer to this question is fairly simple really. My only experience with any porn studio to date has been with Treasure Island Media. Of course if you know anything about porn and especially Bareback Porn you will know that T.I.M. are solely makers of Bareback Porn.

I don’t know how all the other studios work but I am pretty sure that when it comes to Bareback all actors will know their status and be matched with other actors of similar status. Studios don’t to take unnecessary risks with people’s health for the sake of shooting a scene. Obviously actors will test for other STI’s too before shooting a scene for the sake of their own and fellow actor’s health. I hope that answers your question.

MasterMarc: Last but not least what do you think about the evolution of the handling of the topic HIV in the gay community? How did the stigmatisation and discrimination of positive people change during the last few years?

Josh Dors: Once again I think that the advance in science and medicine making HIV+ status less of a guaranteed death sentence has contributed towards reducing the stigmatisation of people who have the virus. Of course the stigmatisation and discrimination is still there, and it can be difficult to be completely objective about how much there still is when you live in a gay community yourself. It is important to remember that there is life outside our own Gay community and bigotry and ignorance are still very much alive.

But it is often fear and ignorance which is the driver for all forms of discrimination whether that is homophobia, racism or HIV phobia and I suppose with some of the fear reduced by the advance in science and medicine, that among the gay community at least, some of the stigmatisation and discrimination has been diminished.

But even in our own gay community there are many people who don’t understand HIV, viral loads and their significance etc. I think as I mix in quite a hard-core scene and mix with people who are either positive themselves or at least know a number of people who are, even if they themselves are HIV negative, and that could be their friends or even partners, it can also be easy to forget that not all gay men on the scene are aware of HIV positive men or what it all means. Only recently I had sex with somebody who I would consider to be from the more ‘vanilla’ part of the gay scene. He was negative and didn’t know what the term meant or even the significance of being ‘undetectable’ was. I was glad to be able to give him the information and was glad he felt comfortable enough with me to ask. But it made me reflect that even though we are both gay men, we both live in two different worlds and in a way two different versions of the gay scene and everything that comes with those differences.

So in a way I think that gay men (and women) who are more involved in the hard-core and fetish side of the gay scene often have more of an understanding of the issues around HIV and safe sex than people who are more vanilla and main stream and exist in a world where the issues probably don’t get discussed as openly or frequently as they do on the fetish scene. As I said, this is just my observation from the people I know who are outside of my usual sex-scene and I am often surprised at just how little they know about such issues as they are rarely discussed.

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