Stories written by PETE BROWN

The Making Of A Ponyslave

Steve Buys A Slave

Always Read The Contract

On Display

The Arkansas Programme

Pleasure Slave

Broken & Used

The Arkansas Programme

Pleasure Slave

Stories written by DESTROYWHITEBOYS

A Congressman Corrupted

The Black Frat's New Fag

Back New World Order

Prison Bitch

Is It Really That Big

A Worthless Slave

Black Classroom

Stories written by SIRSLEATHERBOI

A Cute Boy Learns Total Surrender

Against My Will

A Man's Very Good Boy

Master's Willing Boy

Falling For A Master

A Good Boy's Charm

Master's Pretty Boy

Becoming Daddy's Boy

A Hot Day At The Beach

Stories written by ZZZTHRAKON

As Far As KL

Kidnap Fantasy

House Slave

Wild Trips

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