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A Bodybuilder’s Worst Nightmare

Label: 30 Minutes of Torment
Release Date: 07.03.2015
Actors: Tatum, Dylan Strokes

The Pit – Muscled body builder Tatum gets his cock hard before his first challenge can commence. He’s beaten down with heavy punches before having his nips tormented and his torso beaten with the flogger. – The Water Chamber – Chained to the wall, Tatum has clothespins clipped all over his torso before enduring the sting of the riding crop whipping against his flesh. Van turns the water on full blast to rip the clothespins away while Tatum screams at the top of his lungs. – The Gimp Station – On his backside, Tatum’s tormented with the electric zapper while taking every inch of the gimp’s giant cock deep in his ass. His torment switches from zapper to flogger as he’s made to ride the gimp’s cock until blowing his load all over the place.





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