Home Bondage Mister Keys Meets his Match with new Switch

Mister Keys Meets his Match with new Switch

Release Date: 08.09.2016
Actors: Scott Ambrose, Sebastian Keys

Scott Ambrose is a straight, mountain of muscle, and total switch, looking to get in touch with his kinky side. So he seeks out the BDSM master, Sebastian Keys. Sebastian takes him back to his dungeon and introduces Scott to the flogger before giving the muscled hunk a turn. After a ruthless flogging, Scott is locked in the stockade, his huge muscles beaten down before a row of clothespins cover his chest. Sebastian ties his balls up and adds a bucket of weights to give him a good stretch. Scott’s screams fill the dungeon as Sebastian beats him down with the crop. Scott then gets a taste of electricity with a butt plug shoved up his ass before taking all of Sebastian’s hard cock. The two switch things up as Scott fucks Sebastian in the stockade before showering him with cum.





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