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Mr Keys Takes The House Slave To The Next Level

Release Date: 28.07.2016
Actors: Sebastian Keys, Jackson Fillmore

Master Sebastian Keys just found his newest contender for house slave: Jackson Fillmore. First Jackson must endure days of confinement in full duct tape bondage, while Master Keys beats and toys with him. After Jackson is released from his tape restraints, he must escape the imprisonment of his own mind. Master Keys torments Jackson with his crop while delving deep into the pain sluts inner psyche. Jackson needs to understand his desire for pain if he wishes to continue. Jackson’s arms are suspended above him as Master Keys unleashes the full power of his flogger on him. Jackson embraces the torment, and is rewarded by being tied against the wall, and feeling his master’s hard cock fill up his asshole. Master Keys fucks Jackson, until he can no longer contain himself, and coats Jackson’s slutty ass with his fuck juice. Jackson is proud to have passed the challenge and releases a cum stream that trickles across the floor.





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