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My Life Changing Experience on 30 Minutes of Torment

Label: 30 Minutes of Torment
Release Date: 13.01.2015
Actors: Sebastian Keys, Dylan Strokes

After several excruciating months of planning this shoot, the day had finally come when I would put myself through 30 Minutes of Torment. I knew right off the bat this was going to be one of the most challenging moments of my life as soon as Van stopped the clock and said: “We’re not doing the usual 30 minutes today, we’re going as long as we have to.” My first challenge was to bring out the anger inside me. As Van wailed on me with the paddle and flogger, the more I screamed, the harder he would hit. My next challenge was one I never saw coming, the infamous Chinese Water Torment. Wooden spears kept me in place with electrodes down my thighs and an electric butt plug shoved up my ass, tormenting me alongside the ice cold water dripping on my forehead. After pushing through the water torment, Van brought me to the padded cell, bound in rope for my final test. To complete my transformation, I had to bring out my inner dom, despite my submissive bondage as Van slammed me hard all across the room. The torment didn’t cease until I proved that I AM MR KEYS.





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