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Slave #523 Endures Tape Dom’s Brutality

Label: Bound Gods
Release Date: 21.04.2016
Actors: Damien Michaels, Seamus O’Reilly

Slave #523 is diligently attending his cleaning detail when he receives an assignment to a new master in the house, Tape Dom. #523 accepts a roll of duct tape and takes a deep whiff of the adhesive. He finds himself caged, face fully wrapped in a duct tape puppy mask. The Tape Dom wants to play with his puppy, so he pulls him out and doles out a cropping before fucking #523’s Oxballs Pig-Hole. #523 comes off the floor and has his hands taped tight to a bar overhead, his body open for a flurry of hits from his master’s flogger. Tape Dom slams #523 into the wall and secures his body firmly in place with only tape to support him. Stuck against the wall, #523’s is rammed relentless by his master. Tape Dom finally wants to grant #523 the privilege of his cum, so he bursts all over #523’s duct tape gag. #523 accepts a second privilege, taking orders to cum all over his master’s boots. Cum everywhere, #523 resumes his cleaning duties and uses his tongue to make his master’s boots and floor spotless.





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