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The Destruction of Dylan Knight

Label: 30 Minutes of Torment
Release Date: 23.02.2015
Actors: Dylan Knight

The Chair – Boy next door, Dylan Knight awaits his first challenge as Van binds him tight to the chair. Dylan’s raging hard cock stands at attention as he’s warmed up with the riding crop against his torso before clothespins are painfully attached all down his torso. The bound stud pushes through the pain as more are clamped down onto his balls while Van crops each one off. – The Pit – Moving onto his second challenge, Dylan balances on wooden blocks as the flogger rains down against his flesh. Weights are then added onto his nipples and sensitive balls as he’s relentlessly beaten down. – The Water Chamber – Inverted over the bathtub, Dylan is beaten with the crop once more before he’s repeatedly dunked in the water to muffle his screams. After enduring an intense water boarding, Dylan’s challenged with one more task, he must blow his load if he wants to successfully complete his 30MT Challenge.





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