Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Washing His Cum Away With Piss!

Release Date: 07.2016
Actors: Chris Jansen, Ashton Bradley

Can you imagine having this gorgeous young twink and his slutty little arse at your disposal? Chris is the kind of boy no horny guy would be able to resist, especially not in this situation, and position! Ashton is always on hand to make full use of a boy hole, starting off with some flogging of his new slaves butt, fingering his tight hole, then feeding the young twink his big uncut cock. Chris is an obedient little bitch, even though he’s in an uncomfortable position bent over and roped to the makeshift stocks he’s hungry for that dick. And man does he get it! Ashton sinks his meat into that hot young hole and fucks the boy right there in the open, ramming his shaft deep over and over before pulling out and making a hot mess. The twink definitely needs a shower after this, but Ashton can sort that out too as his spent uncut dick starts splashing out piss!





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