Home Bondage What do you have to offer, boy?

What do you have to offer, boy?

Label: Bound Gods
Release Date: 04.12.2014
Actors: Seamus O’Reilly, Christian Wilde

House dom Christian Wilde enters with crop in hand, as Seamus O’Reilly presents cock and ass for his master’s pleasure. Mr. Wilde wants to know what is boy have to offer. Not satisfied with the boy’s answer, Mr Wilde punishes him with the crop before making Seamus swallow his hard cock. Locked in a bird cage, Seamus has painful clover clamps attached all down his body and on his balls while enduring electric shocks from Christian’s zapper. Bound in rope, Seamus is tossed onto the bed for a hard fucking before Mr Wilde flips him over to receive a face full of hot cum.





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