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Every start is difficult. But you don’t have to do everything alone. That’s why we made this questions area.
Whether you just wanna know more about a specific topic, want advice on a decision or situation, or anything else, just post your question here and we will give our best to help you with an answer.

Actually, not only we, but you can help the people here too. All of the questions also can be replied to by other readers as well. So if you see a question where you think you got the answer or good advice, don’t hesitate and write something. You can be sure it will be appreciated.

OpenSlave Mike asked 1 month ago • 
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As a Femboy I Want To Be Androgynous

Visser | 172 cm | 48 kg | Germany my idea is not to pass as female, I love the ambiguity. Twitter: @vthebrave MasterMarc: Hi Visser, nice...

Young, inexperienced and curious – What you should think of!

An article with advices for Beginners written by MasterMarc (Translation Slev). No one is born a Master and the same rule is true for slaves. Every...

Breaking Free

A column written by Bas, Mr. Hoist 2015. I only accepted myself as a gay man the moment I became a leather man. That experience...

Real Lived Fetish Experiences Are Better Than The Fantasies

Once upon a time ... everyone of us was a newbie in the fetish world. In our new series "My Fist Steps" we want...

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