A story written by Pete Brown (Part 8 of 30). (Here you can find all the parts of this story.)

In the entrance lobby Jake stood close to me and fiddled around to remove my collar – his warm fingers on my neck and the sheer closeness of him, his breath on my face, the faint scent of his sweat and the soap he used, all were exciting to me. “There, Steve, I’ve set you free” he told me, giving me a look which indicated that he knew I would see the double meaning in his words: the physical freedom from the collar, and the way he had explained my inner feelings to me a few moments ago.

The big guy handed me my shirt, and once again I looked like a free man. We left the bar, and strode down the street – I was proud to be walking alongside Jake who was so manly, and I’m sure that anyone looking at us would have thought we were a couple of buddies doing stuff together (which I suppose we were, after all!) The district wasn’t the best, but after three blocks I suppose it wasn’t all that bad either. Jake told me that it was “on the up”, but then added “It’s all I can afford, as I like to pay my own way – it’s OK for people whose folks can afford mansions in the suburbs to live there, but for me it’s my independence that’s important.” I did wonder if this was a simple statement of fact, or if he was in some way criticising me for living off dad (well, what else is a young guy like me expected to do?). And, anyway, exactly how was he “paying his own way”? Sure, he was working at S & D, but what about Ray and Stu buying him stuff? Was that “working” for pay? I decided I didn’t know him well enough yet to be able to challenge him on things like that.

Jake’s building was old, but showed some signs of having some of the occupants doing stuff to it – a couple of window boxes, new blinds and fresh paintwork at some of the windows. We went in, and walked up four flights “Good exercise, eh, Steve?” He asked cheerfully, and didn’t apologise for the lack of an elevator. We stopped outside his door, and he unlocked several locks – I guess it wasn’t such a good area after all. Jake went in and I followed, and caught a glimpse of a big, sparsely furnished room with a highly polished wood floor, everything very neat and tidy, and a smell of fresh paint and polish in the air.

I only got a glimpse, as the moment Jake pushed the door shut behind us he put a hand behind my head, pulled my face towards his, and started to kiss me – kiss me passionately. Look, as I’ve told you, I never managed to date any of the girls at school, and I’d certainly never kissed any of my buddies, not even Bobby – well, guys didn’t do that sort of stuff, I’d always thought. So my only experience of kissing was the peck-on-the-cheek “family” sort that mom did before she died, and the stuff I’d watched so avidly in porno movies.

Jake’s kissing was definitely the latter sort! His tongue forced my mouth open, he was sucking and biting gently at my lower lip, his tongue was roaming around inside my mouth, his spit tasted fantastically exotic somehow, I was having difficulty in breathing as we were locked together so closely…. I found myself totally unable to stop responding. I heard myself moaning softly, my arms wrapped around his body and my hands scrabbled in ecstasy up and down his back. I was conscious of all sorts of stuff, like the heat of his skin, the feel of his backbone, the scrape of his beard against my face (he probably hadn’t shaved for some hours), the sheer smell of him, the way our noses banged against each other as Jake kept changing how his mouth was against mine, how soft his lips were, and how wet… My senses were reeling, and I was overwhelmed with sensation.

Then he stopped. He let go of my head and pulled away slightly. He was smiling at me – and I knew I had a big, stupid grin on too. “You told me you hadn’t been with a guy – or a girl – so either you’re lying again, Steve, or you’re a natural…”

It was me whose hand went behind Jake’s head now, and I pulled his face onto mine. Our tongues beat together… It went on and on until Jake finally pulled away. “Wow!”, he said.

As he had at the bar, Jake now pulled at the hem of my polo and raised it up, over my head – I raised my arms to get rid of the thing, and we started kissing again. Now Jake’s hands were roaming up my bare back, and sometimes even probing down into the top of my ass crack – it was so exciting, and I knew my dick must be leaking pre-cum. He pulled away again, then suddenly lowered his head and kissed my left nip. I cried out and squirmed, as I’m so sensitive there, and no one had ever touched me like that. Jake laughed, started to kiss me again, and then kept alternating things – the deep kissing with our tongues flailing around, then a sudden ‘attack’ on one or other of my nips. I was almost helpless with laughter and excitement. I couldn’t believe it when he did more – he suddenly plunged his face into my left pit, and I was so aroused as his tongue lapped at me and I knew he must be breathing in the scent of my sweat.

He started kissing me again but as he did so his hands left my back and he pulled at my belt. I went to help him but he knocked my hands away, then opened my shorts and pushed them down. One hand now held our heads together as the other grappled at the outside of my boxers, then it slid under my waistband and I felt his fingers fluttering along my dick – needless to say I was totally hard. I felt a twinge of embarrassment at the thought he’d feel me all slimy with pre-cum inside my boxers, but then something inside me told me not to be so fucking stupid – I was covered in his spit and his sweat, so what did it matter?

His scrabbling hands pushed my boxers down, and now my body was totally naked against him – his polo and chinos sending shivers of excitement through me as is arms went around me and pulled me close, as close as could be. His hands roamed down, and he was kneading my butt, still kissing me passionately as he did so. My dick was painful as it scraped against him, and I just knew that I’d be ‘skinned back as there was so much sensation form my dick head. This was heaven, it was perfection, I couldn’t believe two guy could do stuff like this, and that it could be so good.

Suddenly, Jake dropped to his knees, and his tongue was slurping along my rock-hard dick. He gripped the root, then moved my dick around so that my sensitive head scraped over his beard, and I cried out in ecstasy and passion. His lips closed around my dick head, and he started to suck at me, his tongue teasing in and out of my exposed piss slit. It must be some sort of primitive deep reaction built in to me, as I reached down and pulled his head in towards me so that more of my dick went into his mouth. His hands were on my butt, and I found myself starting to thrust gently backward and forwards as I tried to get more of my dick in him – it felt right to be fucking his mouth (as that’s what I suppose I was doing) like that, it’s what a guy should do to another who’s on his knees in front of him.

Jake stood up, and stood looking at me. He didn’t say anything, but kept his eyes locked on mine as he pulled his polo off, then undid his belt and stepped out of his chinos. He wore really chap-looming thin briefs, and I couldn’t help breaking his gaze as I looked down at the outline of his hard dick under the thin cotton… then, seeing me doing this, he slowly and deliberately pushed the elastic waistband down so that I could start to see his pubes, until his dick broke free and reared upwards, almost slapping against his flat belly. He pushed the briefs down then and stepped out of them. Holding his arms open, he said with a huge urgency “Come here, you fucking amazing man!”

I fell into his arms, my own throwing themselves around him, and we embraced urgently and roughly, rubbing our bodies up and down against each other. I’d never felt anything like it, never known that skin could be so amazing. Every part of him was different – the smoothness of his back, his hairy legs rubbing against mine, and, spectacularly, the feeling of his dick pressed into my belly, and mine into his.

His mouth found mine again and we continued to kiss with an urgent frenzy as our legs interlocked, our hands scrabbled at each other, and our dicks stabbed at each others bodies. In-between kisses I heard myself moaning – no rational sounds, just cries of passion. One part of my brain knew that this was not like me, as I’m normally a pretty controlled sort of guy, not given to emotion and lack of control – but nothing could stop me, as some deeply primitive force had taken me over, totally overruling the ‘normal’ Steve.

Jake’s body was pressing against mine and forcing me backwards – we took a few steps into a second room that I saw was a bedroom. I was peripherally aware that it was precise and neat and spotlessly clean, and part of my consciousness even registered that the wood floor was shiny under my bare feet. How fucking stupid – here I was, totally overwhelmed with excitement and passion, and yet some tiny part of me was noticing stuff like that. It wasn’t a big room – mine was at least five times the size – and very sparsely furnished. I “noticed” a set of bookshelves with the books neatly aligned, and a simple bed with a plain, kind of ‘masculine’ cove on it. Jake continued to push me backwards and the bedcover rubbed against the back of my knees, then he bent me backwards so that I was mostly lying on the bed, on my back, with my feet on the floor. He was on top of me as he’d not let go, and now his attack on my nips, pits and dick redoubled in intensity – I was crying out, laughing, wriggling and squirming at the sheer excitement of it all and I knew my hands were raking his back, grabbing his butt, and rubbing up and down his hairy arms as he continued.

Suddenly he stopped, looked down at me, laughing and licking his lips. He reached out for my hands then suddenly pushed them back, above my head. He continued to look down on me as he muttered “So you like me playing with your nips, do you?”

“No, no, please…. I’m so sensitive…..”

“And you’re so helpless, Steve, lying like that – even a jock like you can’t get up now….” He carried on laughing as now his head bobbed up and down sucking and gently biting at my nips in turn. I was crying out in passion and laughing so hard it hurt, and my legs were trashing around and my body bucking as I tried to stop him – it was all so strange: it was if I wanted him to stop, but I didn’t want him to stop. He wasn’t actually hurting me and it was rather like when dad tickled me as a kid: I was powerless to prevent it, and kind of didn’t want to, whilst at the same time being amazed at the mixture of total and utter abandonment, and my loss of any ability to think coherently.

He stopped, and rolled to one side. I lay there, not moving my hands, breathing hard and trying to recover my senses, helpless with the effects of my own body on me. Jake moved up and knelt beside me, and my eyes were riveted on the sight of his dick jutting out like a ramrod in front of him, his balls swinging down below. He was breathing hard, and I watched in fascination little waves of muscular activity running across his flat belly. His face was split into a huge smile, and he looked down at me. “OK?”


“Had enough?”

“No fucking way!” I reached out and being utterly fascinated by them, let my fingers play over his balls, then gripped at his shaft – once again I felt that unbelievable sensation of steel in velvet as I had with Reb when I inspected him. But Jake’s dick was somehow more exotic now as it was covered in a sheen of sweat, and my hand slid up and down it. It was thinner than Reb’s though – I couldn’t believe I was capable of such a comparison, it must be something deep inside me paying a lot of attention without me consciously being aware of it – but it was somehow ‘right’ for Jake’s body: the much thicker one on Reb would be out of place against Jake’s slimmer, wiry body.

“So you like dick, do you, Steve?” It was rhetorical of course and I knew not to reply. He leaned forward and kissed me again, and now the feeling of our tongues beating together drove my hand to start frantically jerking him off. I was somewhere else – my eyes closed as I floated on a sea of sensation: his tongue, the scent of his body, the feel of his dick. I was moaning and crying in between kisses, until suddenly he slapped my face!

I came back to ‘reality’ in an instant. “What the fuck…?”


He looked down at me, still with that smile splitting his face. “I don’t want to shoot yet, and a stud like you jerking me off…. I’m at the edge… Boys like you need to learn to take it slowly, take your time… “

“I’m not a boy – I’m a man….”

He kissed me again, kept his face next to mine and whispered “Oh but you are, Steve. You’ve got lot to learn.”

“You didn’t need to slap me….”

He was still grinning. “See, you don’t understand, do you? A boy like you needs a little gentle punishment until he learns to behave. I didn’t hurt you.”

How could he know it hadn’t hurt me? I lay there thinking about it, and he slapped me again on the other cheek. “Pay attention, Steve! You were thinking, weren’t you? You need to learn to let go, to understand that a few gentle taps like that are all part of the fun of sex with another guy. What you’ve got now is another feeling running through you – the physical sensation of the slap, and the knowledge that I’m in charge. A boy like you needs to be controlled. And you like it – look at your dick!”

He was right – my dick was sticking up absolutely at right angles to my body, the head a darker pink against the rest of it as I was fully ‘skinned back. There was a small jewel-like bead of pre-cum perched on my piss slit, and as I watched – time seemed to slow – it rolled out, to be replaced by another.

Jake slapped at my arm and I let go of his dick which lurched upwards towards his belly as I was no longer holding it down. He grabbed at my wrist, then in one smooth gesture he moved so that he was astride me, and my hands were pinioned above my head once more. He was kneeling so that his weight was not stopping me breathing, but his butt was hot and sweaty against my chest. Jake moved so that his butt rubbed up against me, and I could even feel his balls as they moved the hair on my chest. He rocked backwards and forwards several times and I moaned with the sensation, then, still keeping his eyes locked on mine, he sort of shuffled forward.

His knees were almost painful as he pressed them into my upper arms, and I could feel his toes pushing into my ribs. His dick was now above my face, and I had to refocus my eyes to see his balls swinging there. He lowered himself, and his balls scraped over my face, first one cheek, then the other. There was a totally different exciting smell assailing my nostrils now – I’d had something like it when I jerked off and played with my own balls and had then smelled my fingers – but Jake’s scent was so intense, so concentrated, so utterly manly and sexual, that I moaned with excitement and anticipation. Jake could let go of my hands as there was no way I could move with him perched over me like that, and he reached down and rubbed his balls over my lips. “Open wide, Steve”, he whispered, and I did.

I couldn’t believe I had his balls in my mouth. His sac felt so different from the rest of his skin, and the way his balls moved around as I licked and sucked at them drove me wild. I knew this wasn’t what I ought to be doing – it was an utterly fag thing to do – but I didn’t want to stop.

Jake pulled my balls out of his mouth, gripped his dick at the root, and started to slap my face with it, one side, then the other…. To my astonishment I found myself pushing my head up, trying to catch it as it swung past. I could vaguely feel drops of Jake’s pre-cum and sweat on my face as he continued to slap me with his dick, and I didn’t care. He laughed at my attempts to ‘capture’ him, then muttered “So, boy, you want my dick, do you?”

He moved his stance slightly again and now his dick head was against my lips. I opened my mouth and began to lick and slurp at it. Jake pushed forward and I felt my lips slide along the shaft and my mouth filled with his dick…. And then I began to gag and choke as it hit the back of my throat. I couldn’t breathe. My gag reflex was causing my body the thrash and my legs to beat up and down. I felt sweat breaking out all over me. I tried to shout, and it’s useless, of course. I felt I might die. I tried to throw Jake off me, tried to do anything to get his dick out of me so I could breathe, but I was utterly and completely held by his knees and the weight of his body on my chest.

Jake pulled his dick out, and I coughed and spluttered, gasping and sucking in huge draughts of air. I saw that Jake’s dick was slimed with that thick mucous you get when you cough stuff up out of your lungs. He stroked my brow and tousled my hair, and that helped to calm me. “Sorry, Steve – I forgot you’re not experienced. You’ve never had a real man’s dick in your throat, have you?”

I wanted to say ‘no’, but I didn’t want to admit to Jake that I knew nothing about sex, so I simply lay there, quietly. Jake smiled down at me, and said gently “OK, then… I’ve not got much time now as I’ve got to get ready for my shift. So no time for a proper lesson in how a boy can be a proper cocksucker… But let’s at least do something to get you started…”

His dick touched my lips, and I now trusted Jake so I wasn’t worried about sucking at the head again, although I wanted to tell him that I wasn’t going to be a cocksucker. I couldn’t say anything as my senses were assailed by the taste and feel of his dick, and my nose flooded again with his male scent as he pressed down towards me. He was gentle, and patient – moving his dick in a little, pulling it out, sometimes slapping my face with it again, then back in, allowing me to lap at him and slide my lips up an down his shaft. I couldn’t believe guys could do stuff like this – I wondered how it would be with Bobby: would I be able to do this to him? Would he let me? Would he call me a fag? But my thoughts were scattered as Jake plunged right in suddenly, and I started to gag and choke and thrash around again.

When Jake pulled out he looked sternly at me as I tried to control my wheezing and gasping. “Pay attention there, boy! You were pleasuring my dick, then you started to think about something else, didn’t you? That’s what happens, Steve – if you don’t pay attention to a man who’s using you he’s likely to make it tough for you! Now, try again….”

More of the gentle probing, slapping, and playing, and Jake was right – I focussed solely on his dick, shut out the rest of the world as I revelled in the feeling of him, the taste of him, the scent of him. Then he pulled out totally, and still kneeling above me and with my eyes riveted on his dick and his balls as they swung there, he began to jerk off – only a few strokes of his hand, but he began to moan and cry himself. Then he threw his head back, shouted “Jesus Christ! I’m cumming….” I saw his whole body go rigid and his muscles bulge, and something warm and wet splashed all over my face. Oh fuck me…. He’d shot his load all over my face! I started to smell that special ammoniacal smell of cum, and I threw my head from side to side futilely as if in some way I could cleanse my face of it.

Jake stopped moaning and sat back on to me, his ass really hot and sweaty against me now. His detumescing dick was hanging there, and I watched in fascination as the last slimes of his cum trickled so slowly out of it. He moved his dick head towards my lips once more, and I turned my head aside, crying “NO! Please….”

Jake leaned forward and tenderly wiped his fingers down my face so that they were covered in his cum. He offered his fingers to me and again I turned away, so instead he leaned back and wiped his fingers clean on my chest hair. “Sorry, Steve”, he said again. “What’s the problem?”

“Your cum…”

“Never had it fresh from the source? You were doing all right with sucking my dick, then you didn’t want to finish me off… It’s better hot from the dick, isn’t it?” He paused, then got off me, and lay beside me. He put his arm out and I nestled my head on it, revelling in the scent from his armpit as I lay there. “So, Steve, you are really inexperienced, aren’t you? Never sucked a dick, never taken cum….?”

“No… yes… not really… sort of….” I stuttered, not wanting to lie exactly, but not wanting to let him know I wasn‘t and sophisticated and worldly.

“It’s OK, Steve. Nothing to be ashamed of. Quite a lot of men go their whole lives without discovering how much fun you can have with a buddy. So we know you like the feel of a dick, we know you like sucking dick…”


He laughed. “Stop lying, Steve. I’ve had a lot of guys like you, young guys who think they know all about things, who pretend…. So believe me when I say I know you love my dick! So your only problem is that you don’t seem to like cum for some reason… Why not?”

“The smell…”, I muttered. “It would taste…”

“Fucking hell, Steve! Haven’t you lived at all, boy? Surely every guy knows that cum smells like that but it tastes completely different! Haven’t you and that buddy of yours tried it?”

I shook my head. “…and you haven’t even tried eating your own cum? Surely every guy does that?”

I shook my head, and he leaned over and kissed me. “Don’t worry about it, Steve. We’ll soon fix that… But not now as I’ve got to work, unlike you!”

I felt myself relaxing and stopping worrying. Jake seemed to be OK with the fact that I was inexperienced. But was he getting at me again about not having to work? Going with a guy seemed a lot more complicated that I had perhaps thought.

Jake ran his hand down my torso, and stroked my belly “Nice muscle there, Steve – being a jock pays off, doesn’t it? Then he began to play with my pubes, twining his fingers in and out, and cupped my balls – I was so utterly relaxed that I didn’t even consider that Jake could hurt me, even inadvertently. “But I think we’ll need to give this bush of yours some attention, and shave your balls….”

“No way am I going to look like a fucking slave….” Even as I said this I knew I’d done wrong, as of course Jake’s balls were so deliciously silkily smooth, and his pubes were neatly trimmed.

Jake laughed at me again, kind of affectionately. “You really are naive, Steve. Lots of guys shave their balls, and some even trim their pubes right off…. When you’re playing with another guy you don’t want to get a mouthful of hair, do you?” He stopped as he saw me looking puzzled, and went on “Most owners shave and trim their slaves as they want to be able to see their property properly – you’ve got a nice dick, Steve, a real man’s piece, but you can hardly see it through that forest of hair. We’ll do something about it next time – I don’t expect Reb is yet trained enough to be able to help you with your grooming.”

So there was going to be a next time, I thought, and a thrill of excitement went through me. “Jake, I can’t do that. The guys at college when I shower will think I’m a fag….”

Jake burst out laughing, and bent over to kiss me again, gently. “Oh Steve, you are priceless! They’ll THINK you’re a fag?” He stopped laughing, lay back and said casually “Anyway, almost time for work, as I said. Only one thing left to do…. Get up, and kneel beside me.”

I did as he said, very conscious that my dick was nearly touching my belly, and realising that Jake would be able to see my balls hanging down, as I had seen his earlier.

“See, Steve – if we shaved you, I could play with your balls now. But I won’t. So just jerk off for me – I want to see you cum.”

I felt myself blushing, and tried to will my dick to go down, but of course it wouldn’t. “No, it’s OK, if you’re in a hurry….”

A mischievous smile spread over his face again as he said calmly “Not in that much of a hurry, that I would make you go home with a hard-on like that: you’d be so uncomfortable, having to dress, then walk around sporting that… So jerk off, you need to, clearly. And I’d like to see you do it.” He was almost laughing now as he added “You enjoyed watching Reb jerk off for you yesterday, didn’t you? The look on that poor guy’s face as he realised he was going to have to perform for you and me…. You look a bit like him, Steve – you’re not embarrassed, are you? Or are you ashamed – have you got some physical problem that means you can’t cum?”

Well, what could I do? I wasn’t going to admit to being ashamed, and I knew there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, as I produced gallons of cum. So I began to stroke my dick, and in spite of what he’d said, Jake reached out and began to cup by balls in his palm. I worked away, and Jake was muttering “Go on, Steve, go on… Good boy…. I can feel your balls bubbling away, Steve… You want to cum, don’t you? I can feel it….” And suddenly I began to spurt my load – a big jet slashed all across Jake’s forearm, an then another striped his body as he lay beside me, and another, and another. I knelt there, my breathing slowing.

Jake leaned forward and put his lips around my dick and began to lick at me. I threw my head back and shouted and screamed – I’ve got such a sensitive dick and have never been able to touch it after I’ve jerked off. Was it pain, or was it exquisite pleasure that Jake was giving me as he slurped at the remnants of by orgasm? Finally he stopped, then got to his knees so were facing each other. As I watched, he ran his fingers over his body collecting my cum, then slowly and seductively licked his fingers clean. He raised his arm where there was the initial slick, and ran his tongue along it so I could see my cum curling and coalescing on it. He leaned forward then, put his hand on the back of my head to stop me moving away, and went to kiss me.

Thinking of my cum in his mouth I held my lips tightly closed. Jake squeezed my balls, and as I yelped in surprise, his tongue was in – and once it was in I couldn’t help responding properly and kissing him back. All too soon he stopped and pulled away. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”


“See? It doesn’t taste anything like it smells, does it?”

“I suppose not….”

He laughed again. “Steve, wise up, will you? I know you’re inexperienced, and to me that doesn’t matter. Why don’t you just admit it, and let me teach you some stuff every guy should know? Some of the guys I’ve been with reckon they were pretty lucky to run into a guy like me, a real stud, who knows what he’s doing….”

I thought about Jake and those other guys. Had they been here, in this bed, as I was now? Then I almost began to panic – how did I measure up to them? Had I done the right thing? Was my dick bigger than theirs? Was my body in better shape? Did Jake like me as much…?

Jake slapped my butt, hard, but not so much that it really hurt. “You’re doing it again, Steve! Stop thinking, try reacting instead – you might have more fun. And when you’re with me you’ll discover that you need to totally focus on what I want, or else I’ll spank you properly.” He was sort of laughing as he said the last bit, but I wasn’t certain that he was joking. “Anyway, I do have to go… Just time for a shower…”

He got of the bed and walked across the room – his body wasn’t like Reb’s: a lot less muscular, but lean and fit, a pronounced ‘V’ from his wide shoulders to his slim hips, and his butt wasn’t carried so high up, and… I realised I’d been thinking about a naked man, and that wasn’t something a guy was supposed to do.

I heard the water turn on, and followed Jake – he was in the shower, washing his body in a very businesslike way. I though it would be daring – and fun – to get in with him, as I’d seen guys in the porn movies do, but Jake pushed me away. “No, Steve! No time for that – I’ve got to get to work, and if you get in here with me I doubt that I’ll be able to control myself! And, anyway, it would do you good not to shower. You can make your way home with my scent on you, reeking of sex. Perhaps that’ll give you something to think about!” He was smiling again, enjoying seeing my reaction.

He threw a towel at me and told me to dry him and I found myself doing as Reb had to me – cautiously running my hands over his body under the towel, but then really enjoying the feel of his tackle as I got to it. I was kneeling there doing his legs when he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so I was looking up to him. “You know, Steve, you’d make someone a pretty good slave! I think you’ve got a talent for it.”

Seeing my look of horror he added “Only joking!” But as he? Anyway I didn’t have time to think about it as he threw me the wet towel and told me to at least clean myself off a bit, as I did perhaps stink too much. As I rubbed my body I couldn’t help thinking about what I’d made Reb do yesterday and how he’d hated it. I found myself wondering why – I’d had another opportunity to experience Jake’s body, and now I was using something that spoke so intimately of him: why had Reb minded at all?

As we dressed, Jake picked up a little diary. “My shift changes again tomorrow – the bastards – they know it ought to be two weeks between changes, but they think they can take advantage of young guys like me as there isn’t a lot of other work around. But it’s good for you – I’ll come over and we’ll start to train that slave of yours: you do need to fuck him, you know, but I can see that you’re not going to get around to doing it by yourself.”

I was a bit worried about Jake turning up at the house, after what he’d said about guys living off their dads, so I blustered “Hey, that’s great… But I’ll be OK… I can manage.”

“Steve, stop it! You know you haven’t fucked a guy before, and you know I know it after this morning and your performance so far. So what are you ashamed of? The first time you fuck an ass should be special – if you try it with Reb you’ll fumble around and get it all wrong, you’ll be worried that Reb will know you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead of being fun, you’ll be in an agony of doubt all the time….” He paused and went on “And, in any case, that Reb isn’t going to lie there and let you do it, is he? I reckon he’ll have a pretty strong reaction to a dick going up his ass, and I wouldn’t want him to damage that nice jock’s body of yours… So you’d better let me help you. I’ll come over tomorrow and we’ll spend the whole morning furthering Reb’s understanding of the proper role of a slave. Give me your address….”

He whistled when he heard it. “So, dad really is rich! You’re lucky I’m not prejudiced.”

“Hey, we’re a proper family, we’re not niggas or ‘spics, or chinks….”

“Steve, I meant I wasn’t prejudiced against guys who didn’t have to work.”

“Dad works! He works fucking hard… Harder than you, I’m sure. And certainly longer hours….”

“OK, OK! So you think your dad’s pretty cool, eh? Now I know you’re naive, if a guy of your age still thinks that way about his dad.” He smiled again. “So what are you going to do with Reb next?”

“I agree with you about the fucking – he’ll certainly get violent, I think. So I thought maybe a good whipping is needed? Now we’re alerted to the potential for violence, I can call one of those agencies over, and they can do it this afternoon. They say a slave always needs a good whipping, to show him who’s boss.”

“You really don’t think things through, do you, Steve? For one thing, a real whipping – one that leaves permanent scars – will damage him, lower his value. When you eventually do get around to fucking him, don’t you want to enjoy the feeling of his skin? …you seem to enjoy running your hands over my back….”

I nodded. “I guess so….”

“But the worse thing is that you’ll set back his proper advancement into slavedom.”

“How so?”

“Think, Steve! Reb’s a big guy. A big, tough guy. He was in the marines, a trained fighter. He’s a leader, used to not showing pain in front of the younger guys. He’s used to thinking ‘Oh, I can take this.’ So if you whip him or have him whipped, even assuming he’s beaten until he’s almost dead, he’ll survive. And that’s what he’s been doing all his life – surviving whatever life throws at him – and you’ll simply have demonstrated that as usual Reb can take it. How does that help him understand that everything’s different now? That however tough he is it’s irrelevant, as he’s a slave? Your slave.”

“Put like that, I can see you’re probably right.”

“ I fucking well am, Steve! I deal with slaves all the time for my pittance of a salary at S &D! So rely on my practical experience, will you, rather than all this crap from the books?”

“So what should I do?”

“You’re going to have to sneak up on Reb’s brain, catch him off his guard, unawares… Make him uncomfortable – not physically, as that won’t work, but mentally. Chip away at his sense of self-worth… Destroy his feeling of superiority… Humiliate him…. Until he cracks, and realises that his old life is gone and he’s a new man now, a new man who accepts that he’s a slave.”

“But how…..?”

“Has he shown any signs of being embarrassed?”

“Yes… He doesn’t want to go around naked in the house because of our housekeeper…”

“So there you are, then. Deny him clothes.”

“Dad wouldn’t allow that, as he’d be thinking of Mrs William’s sensibilities…”

Jake went over to a drawer and pulled out something and gave it to me. It looked like a ring, with some very fine chains attached. “Well, get him almost naked when the housekeeper’s around – brief shorts, stuff like that, and always remain fully dressed yourself so he can ‘feel’ the contrast. Then if you’re alone, or with your dad, make him wear that.”


He kissed me quickly, on the lips. “No time for explanations, Steve. Remember what I said – act, rather than think. Try it out when you get home.”

He ushered me out of the apartment, and we strode down the street together. I wondered if folks could tell what we’d been doing – did I look different? Could anyone see that I wasn’t still a kid, that I’d now had sex? As we walked, he added “And one more thing – watch that Reb like a hawk for any sign – even the tiniest one – that he’s breaking the rules, breaking your rules, that’s to say – however ‘unreasonable’ he might think they are. They’re your rules, Steve, for the way Reb is to act, and even the slightest infringement should bring fast, painful punishment. You’ve heard about Pavlov’s dogs?”

I nodded “Psychology 101…”

“Well it’s the same for slaves. Their brain has got to learn that if they transgress the rules it will be painful. Their brain needs to ‘know’ that if they do wrong – however trivially – there will be pain. They need to get to the point where they almost can’t help performing properly because that’s what the ‘mechanical’ part of their brain tells them, irrespective of what any higher centre of reasoning or personality or whatever might want to do. So, as I said, watch him like a hawk, and the moment he steps out of line, it’s out with the cane. OK?”

“Yes, I see that. It’s better for Reb, actually, isn’t it? The more I beat him now, the sooner he’ll learn, and the more content he’ll be with life as a slave. It’s in his own best interests to be caned, caned repetitively if necessary.”

“Exactly right, Steve! A good owner always thinks of the best interests of the slave, at whatever cost to himself.”


“Oh come on, Steve, think about it… Reb needs to be caned, and you want to do it because it’s the best for him. But caning him makes his butt unsightly – all those stripes – and it doesn’t feel so good when you run your hands over it, so as an owner you’re losing out on some of the pleasure of owning a handsome beast like that.”

I nodded. “But then, Jake, you told me to act more, and think less. So perhaps I will in this case!”

All too soon Jake turned off to go to Scabbard And Drass, and I went back to my car – would we only train Reb tomorrow, or would Jake also train me more, I wondered. My dick stiffened as the thought… But which one?


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