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来自Fearslave的报告 | Slave pu 翻译. (在这里你能找到) Original Version in English. 之后我们又拍了更多有趣的视频。 首先,我们用监狱墙当做背景,用不同的工具把四个人绑在墙上。第一个是招待我们的主人,他被放在主人的邮袋里,被挂在墙上。接着是我,被我的主人紧紧的捆在睡袋里。其余两个分别被放在皮革束缚衣和乳胶衣中。完成之后,捆绑的多样性和监狱场景使一切都看起来十分美妙。在被释放之前,主人搓揉了我的乳头作为奖励,我在皮革下的贞操锁中射了。 这后拍摄的场景是“僵尸天启”。主人穿着制服扮演医生,这对我来说有些好笑。先是紧紧的捆在睡袋中,然后被放在由锁链支撑,悬浮在牢房里的担架上。它十分舒服,我也很享受被重金属束缚着。 在晚上,我们有囚犯被惩罚的场景,一个和我们一起参加视频拍摄的男优是这个部分的主角,我扮演他的狱友,大多数时间我被锁在监狱中,主人给我拍了许多照片。

Fearslave’s Headbox Experience

SeriousMaleBondage got new heavy bondage equipment and Master took me there to try it. It’s a very well crafted head box, with lab-quality aluminum...

Foot Worship

Fearslave tells us about his love to worship his Master's feet. i don’t think i have a real foot fetish, but i do love to...

Another Video Shot

Fearslave tells us about another porn experience he has had.   Last weekend, Master took me to seriousmalebondage studio for another video shot with Sir Ray...

Why true SM enriches the slave its life

Fearslave tells us his reasons, why he thinks that his life has got enriched by becoming a real slave.         1.   It makes you special. There’s...

Lent for the first time as owned propiety

Fearslave writes about the first time he was lent. Master and i are not active participants in the BDSM community. We went to Citadel once...

Why I am a Slave

Fearslave tells us the reasons why he is a slave. i guess at first i was born with something that led to being a slave....

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