Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Tag: Fearslave

Fearslave’s Headbox Experience

SeriousMaleBondage got new heavy bondage equipment and Master took me there to try it. It’s a very well crafted head box, with lab-quality aluminum...

Foot Worship

Fearslave tells us about his love to worship his Master's feet. i don’t think i have a real foot fetish, but i do love to...

Another Video Shot

Fearslave tells us about another porn experience he has had.   Last weekend, Master took me to seriousmalebondage studio for another video shot with Sir Ray...

Why true SM enriches the slave its life

Fearslave tells us his reasons, why he thinks that his life has got enriched by becoming a real slave.         1.   It makes you special. There’s...

Lent for the first time as owned propiety

Fearslave writes about the first time he was lent. Master and i are not active participants in the BDSM community. We went to Citadel once...

Why I am a Slave

Fearslave tells us the reasons why he is a slave. i guess at first i was born with something that led to being a slave....

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