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What to Avoid with Latex Clothing

Interested in learning what you should avoid with latex fetish gear and toys? Whiteout will explain it to you! [youtube]


Advices about WHIPPING written by Badomas & MasterMarc. Dear kinky friends, Today I want to present you a basic instruction about a classic punishment practice. I...

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Insight Into Zhanglp312’s Bondage Sessions

OUR READER'S SESSIONS Zhanglp312 1982 | 174 cm | 68 kg China Zhanglp312 on Twitter Zhanglp312 ist a bondage Master from China who is practising BDSM for more than...

I Wear My Chain Collar All The Time

Pup Noveau | 1998 | 183 cm | 63 kg | Edinburgh (UK) I sometimes struggle with trust because of some not so nice experiences...

The Pupeteer’s Suspension Has That Instant WOW Effect

The Puppeteer | 1976 | 190 cm | 100 kg | Amsterdam (NL) I like that i take control of their body and mind. To...

From smol dogs to big dogs and other sillyness… Volka and...

Pup Volka | ERROR: DOB Unknown | 186 cm | 70 kg I don’t know what it is, and honestly sometimes I wish I could...
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