Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Prison Bitch

A kinky story written by "DestroyWhiteBoys". (Illustration by Theo Blaze) It was late at night. I walked down the corridors, keeping an eye on all...

The Arkansas Programme (5/12)

A new story written by Pete Brown (Part 5 of 12 --> click here to read the other published chapters.) BACK TO THE SLAVE AUCTION As we...

Foot Worship

Fearslave tells us about his love to worship his Master's feet. i don’t think i have a real foot fetish, but i do love to...

Why true SM enriches the slave its life

Fearslave tells us his reasons, why he thinks that his life has got enriched by becoming a real slave.         1.   It makes you special. There’s...

A loooong planned visit.

A column by Master Ferdok about his way to live the sm with brain and heart. Dear fetish lovers, I can't remember that I have chatted for...

Why I am a Slave

Fearslave tells us the reasons why he is a slave. i guess at first i was born with something that led to being a slave....

What it means to serve Master

Limitlessslave - a 22 yo slave living in United Kingdom - writes what he thinks about slavery. Master, throughout the History of Male Homosexual Dominance Master...

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