Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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What it means to serve Master

Limitlessslave - a 22 yo slave living in United Kingdom - writes what he thinks about slavery. Master, throughout the History of Male Homosexual Dominance Master...

Locked Naked Office Interns (Part 3)

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon (Part 3 of 3). --> Here you can find part 2. Stripped, shaved, and locked in chastity the new interns learn more...

Locked Naked Office Interns (Part 2)

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon (Part 2 of 3). --> Here you can find part 1. Having been made to shave their pubes and having had their...

Locked Naked Office Interns (Part 1)

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon (Part 1 of 3). Toshio was a little concerned when he the orientation materials for his new internship at the Company...

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