Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Tag: pet play

Vic Valentine: I would say I’m flexisexual

Sev: Hi Vic Sidious... Ah no, sorry, that isn't your name anymore, you changed it, right? So, what can we call you from now...

My Inner Horse

I haven't thought that as editor of a fetish magazine I'll become kind of sexual zoo director. :) After having talked to human dogs, human cats...

The Shetfield Pony Academy (Part 2/2)

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. (Have a look on Part 1) Devon, renamed “Floppy-Prick,” has lost all of his body hair and has begun his pony...

The Shetfield Pony Academy (Part 1/2)

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. Rosamund Criddle has decided their her stepson Devon needs to learn obedience. On threat of disinheritance, she enrolls him in the...


Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. Nubby the chastity puppy!  When former top Mark — known after his puppy bondage training as “Nubby” — encounters his ex-boyfriend...

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