Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Tag: Pussyboy

Chirenon’s “Top No More”

A kinky photo story by Chirenon. Suchart describes his decision to submit to Master Darius and transform himself from a guy with a big cock...

Are Humiliation & Shame Part of a Pussyboy’s Life?

MasterMarc: Hi Razvan, nice to have the pussyboy back with us. We are living in a time in which human rights, emancipation and equality...

A Boy in Need of Dominance

A "My Fetish Life" interview with Andrewgylb (19). Andrewgylb Pussyboy/houseboy for Daddy 19 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) 120 lbs (54 kg) Ontario, Canada sadOsam: How long have you already...

Sex on the Beach – A Tapping (Milking) Story

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. Assad has been keeping his boyfriend Laurent in perpetual chastity. After fucking Laurent on the beach, Assad decides that the boy...

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