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Allways Read the Contract (15/17)

A story written by Pete Brown. (Chapter 15 of 17  --> here you find the other chapters of the story). I’d been caned before, by my...

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Porn, Pain and Pleasure with Twink Slave Casper Ellis

Caspar Ellis | 1995 | 178 cm | 69 kg | Stockholm (Sweden) I have some memories of having kinky ideas of getting tied since...

Shut the WOOF up! Season 2 Episode 2

Shut the WOOF up is a monthly, absurdist/comedy podcast by pups, for pups. But also NOT by pups and for non-pups too. See? It’s...

After 100 Days In Chastity I Came With The Best Orgasm...

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How To Make S10 Blackout Lenses

In this video, I show how to make the blackout lenses for the S10 Gasmask.
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