Master Ferdok shows us his dungeon.

MasterMarc: Hey Ferdok. Thank you for your invitation. You’re writing a weekly column on sadOsam and now it is really time to present you and your dungeon to our readers. If you look back, when have you felt your kinky desires for the first time and what have been your first steps into this world?


Master Ferdok: The first time I realised that I am interested in other boys and especially in male slaves has been after seeing the TV series “Roots”. I was about 15 years old during that time and at first it was quite confusing for me to realise I had a physical reaction while watching the series. To be more precise I had a rock hard boner while watching it.

It took about two more years before I really made my first SM experience. Internet didn’t exist at that time and so I had to find an other way to meet likeminded people. I went to a sex shop where they had these SM-magazines. Not being 18 it was a kind of risk to get into that shop but I was successful and I bought two or three different magazines. Inside these magazines there were ads with people looking for different things. I decided to contact two slaves and one of them replied. After exchanging some letters we agreed to meet. It was a boy in his beginning 30s and he really wasn’t what I had hoped for but we started to play and that’s how I made my first experience.

Oh yes, right. I have to tell you that before I met that slave I went to a DIY to buy some chains and locks. That were my first “SM-toys”.


MasterMarc: Since your early years you have have one or two 🙂 other possibilities to play with slaves. I know everyones desires are developping. How have your desires developed and changed during all the years?


Master Ferdok: My desires haven’t changed or developed since the beginning. I was a perfect master right from the start. 😎

Now seriously:  In the beginning It was enough for me to tell someone to get naked, to tie him up for a couple of hours and to play with his helpless and defenceless body. I always loved nipples. I like to squeeze them, to bite them and to suck at them and so it was mostly nipple torture that I did. Later on it didn’t satisfy me anymore just to play for some hours. I wanted it longer. I had to wait for another year until I got my first own flat.

I started to prepare one room for SM games. You know things like to put two hooks in the ceiling of the room to be able to tie somebody up in a spread eagled position and other small things. Than I had my first slave for a weekend from friday to sunday. I kept the boy naked all the time, played with his nipples and his dick and kept him constantly horny.

Soon the chains and padlocks from DIY weren’t satisfying anymore. So I started to look for handcuffs and things that looked more professional. New toys, new sessions and new experiences. I started to test things like bondage and to tie up boys in stress positions. Nearly at the same time I started to be interested in whips in general and especially in bullwhips. You remember internet didn’t exist at that time. So I bought new SM magazines and ordered my first whips. Oh boy. What whips that have been. The cheapest of the cheapest. But it was good enough to make first experiences.

Than some years later the internet was there. The door opened up wide and suddenly it was possible to chat with the whole world. Meanwhile I had found a new flat and now I started to make it really be useable for SM.

A friend of mine made me my first cage and so step by step I made new experiences.

Some time later I met my first real 24/7 slave. His name was Rene and he was a few years older than me. But hell he was a fucking good looking male. But the story with Rene is a different one…


MasterMarc: You’re right, that is a “story” we have to talk about another day. With all your experiences you have, what would you say is the essential of good SM?


Master Ferdok: The essential of good SM is total trust. Only when the slave has total trust to his owner he can let himself absolutely fall down and let his owner lead him to new experiences and new emotions. That’s one reason why I don’t use and don’t accept stop words. Cause the use of a stop word creates a situation where the slave is always in control. Yes, it is scary to try a session without a stop word and to give up total control. But I just can recommend to try it. That experience will lead you to absolute new emotions and scenarios. And only without using a stop word I can push a slave’s limit over the edge. So trust is the most essential thing for me.

And building trust starts from the first second. For example if I would find out that someone who visits me lied about his age the session would be over in the same second. I mean if someone lies about his age it is also possible that he might have lied about his level of experience or other things. And as soon as I start to have doubts I don’t feel like doing a session with that person. And trust is always built on honesty. So honesty and trust are the two keys for a good SM training, session, experience or however you want to call it.


MasterMarc: I totally agree. But just to mention it, to play without safety word needs not only trust but also a very experienced master who is really emphatic and who is conscious about his responsability. I know that you are, Ferdok. What is in your eyes the responsability of a master and how can slaves recognize if they really can trust a master?


Master Ferdok: A master’s responsibility in the first degree is to make sure that the slave feels well and of course he has to make sure that all the taboos of the slave are accepted and respected. And a good master always knows what he does. A good master knows how to use the different tools and toys and he knows what happens if he uses them the wrong way. A responsible master is always sober, especially if the slave uses poppers or other chems or drugs. He always has to be empathic and to watch how the slave reacts and how he feels and in which condition the slave is before, during and after a session. A responsible master is the leader of the session. He should be in control of the session in general.

The first way to find out if you can trust is master is to speak with other slaves that served this master before. Does he have a GOOD name inside the SM scene? Is he well known? If so thats always a good first sign.

A trustworthy master has nothing to hide. He will give you his address, his phone numbers and of course pics of himself and surely also pics from former sessions he has done. Maybe he even has videos.

A trustworthy master will also listen to you when you talk about your experience so far, your wishes, desires and also about your fears and doubts that you have as a slave.

And a trustworthy master will help you to plan the trip to meet him. He will tell you which airport is closest or which railway station is the best to use and he will surely pic you up at the train station or that the gate of the airport.

If it is your first session with him a trustworthy master will understand that you want to call friends or family members regularly just to let them know you are okay and feel well.

And a trustworthy master will always take care of your health. He will play safe and fuck safe at the first session and before the session itself he will ask a lot of questions about your health condition.

If one of these things is not as it should be LET IT BE! Look for someone else who can fulfil these minimum needs. Only meet masters you feel good with. And by the way of course these things work in both directions.


MasterMarc: How important are gear and toys for you?


Master Ferdok: Gear isn’t important for me at all. I keep my slaves naked anyway so there really isn’t a need to own tons of gear for slaves that serve me. And for myself I also don’t feel the need for much gear. I own two leather trousers and a leather vest and jacket and that’s it. A little scumbag from the Suisse once called me a “Ledertrine” but I don’t think that I am one. 😎

And I have the opinion that you don’t need any gear to be a master. Some people think I put on a leather trousers and than I am a SM master. It’s not the clothes that make a master. It’s a master that makes the clothes look good.

Toys are very important for me. I wouldn’t want to miss my cages, stocks, pillory and my gynaecologist chair anymore. Toys give you a much bigger range to keep and train a slave. Some well placed toys can already make a perfect atmosphere. And it’s such an erotic view to look at a naked slave in a cage. I really love my toys and since I started with SM my private collection got bigger and bigger. The project I am working on right now is to create and to install a rack. A rack is really something that is missing in my dungeon. But nobody is perfect, right Master Marc?


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MasterMarc: Swiss guys can be cheeky but mostly they are right.  And you know we swiss are famous for our perfection. 🙂 Hehe. But now it’s really time that you show us around your dungeon. 


Master Ferdok: Ok. Let’s go and have a look. My dungeon contains of three rooms. The main room contains the cage, two pillory and the medical chair. The second room is hidden. It looks like an ordinary cupboard but behind it is a room for I use for isolation. When the doors are closed there is absolutely darkness.

The next room is a room I use to whip slaves. They get tied up to the steel beam in a spread eagled position and than the slave gets whipped or caned. I also use it to let a slave sleep there for some time if he needs to get punished.

And I think all the little toys I don’t really have to explain, or?!




Master Ferdok: The medical chair was added to the dungeon after the video was shot. Also all the little toys are not shown in the video. The hidden room for isolation was also added after this video was shot.


MasterMarc: As I know out of experience the project playroom is a neverending story. What is coming next?


Master Ferdok: The next thing that will be added soon is a rack. The second thing that will be added in the future is a room or corner for water sports which could be used for piss games or to hose a slave off. As soon as new things are added I will post about it or write about it in my weekly column.


MasterMarc: How important is your dungeon for you and the way you’re living the sm?


Master Ferdok: My dungeon is super important to me. This dungeon provides the right atmosphere and as soon as you enter it you know that my lifestyle is not a game. And you are totally aware that I am not playing to be a master but that I am absolutely serious with what I write for example in my recon profile. And where else would I leave all my toys that I collected through all these years. Meanwhile the collection is that big that it would be impossible to store it in a normal flat or small house. I need a good dungeon. A nice equipped playroom? Maybe with a carpet, heaters and nicely placed candles? No thanks. That’s not for me.


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MasterMarc: How has to be the ambiance so that you feel comfortable with your slaves?


Master Ferdok: The ambiance is important. It has to be a relaxed situation and the atmosphere has to be right. The right toys in the right place can help to create a kind of tension or a kind of coming home for some slaves. A good example is an english slave of mine. As soon as he sees the metal collar in my dungeon he says he feels like coming home. I could never imagine to start a session with coffee and cake and than go down to my dungeon. I do lead slaves directly to my dungeon and than the ambiance does the rest.

My slaves need to feel from the first moment who is in charge and who is in control and that can only be achieved with the right ambiance.


MasterMarc: You’re right if you say that a session hast to start in the dungeon. But you still haven’t told me HOW the ambiance has to be, so that you feel comfortable. 🙂


Master Ferdok: It should be soundproofed, cold, wet and have the atmosphere of a medieval dungeon. I don’t know how else to describe it.


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MasterMarc: Which are in your eyes the most important toys and tools you have and can you tell us, why they are so important for you?


Master Ferdok: My most important toy is definitely my cage. It’s a very useful tool for punishment and also for breaking a slave down. I also use it very often for isolating a slave. Combined with a mask and with earplugs the slave will soon lose the feeling for time and for his environment.

The next thing that is very important for me is my gynecological chair. The best toy that I have  when it comes about cbt and tt. The slave can be fixed there totally immobilised and I enjoy it very much to see a slave naked and helpless in front of me. Lately I have installed some hooks above that chair. It simply gives me the possibility to work with weights on the slave’s balls.



MasterMarc: Last but not least, how has a slave to be and which qualities should he have, so that he has a chance to explore your dungeon in real life?


Master Ferdok: A slave should be younger than myself. I simply don’t like white slaves that are older than me. If the slave is not from caucasian race it can be ok for me if he is older. I decide that from case to case. So ideally a slave should be between the minimum legal age and 35. But the 35 is not carved in stone.

The slave should have a brain that he also uses. From time to time I like to have a conversation with a slave. A thing I hate is simple guys with simple brains who are just able to say “Yes Massa” or “No Massa”.

The slave should either have a skinny, normal, defined or muscled body. I normally don’t t like overweighted slaves.

The slave should be healthy. It is something that we offer and I expect the same in return. And some things that we do here make it necessary that you are really healthy. And this is not only valid for the physics but also for the psyche. If you want to explore my dungeon pls be healthy and fit.

The slave should not have too much body hair or at least be shaven. Hair on the chest turns me on and I like that male look a lot but if you are a bear and have a “carpet” on your back you are clearly not my type of slave. And I don’t like full beards. A 3 days beard is ok but if you look like a salafi you will not make it in my dungeon.

The slave should ideally have a clean body without tattoos. One, two or three tattoos can be ok but if you are tattooed from head to toes you are not what I am looking for.

And a slave should be drug free. Using poppers is ok but if you really need chems or alcohol in masses you will not make it into my dungeon.

And the most important thing is that the slave should be able to pay his trip to my house on his own. You wouldn’t believe how many slaves already asked if I would pay their trip to my home.


MasterMarc: Thank you, Ferdok, for showing us around. I wish you a lot of fun in your dungeon. 

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