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Kinky Art by Nicolas Brunet

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A Submissive Young Boy Into Heavy Fisting, Rosebuds and Ass Destruction

PupJay96 | 1996 | 170 cm | 68 kg | Chicago (USA) My pussy should become the loosest and sloppiest punch pussy in the known world. Twitter:...

WattsTheSafeword: Foot Fetishes!

Do you find feet sexy? Whether licking, sucking, sniffing, or just looking at feet, why do some people find themselves attracted to our arched...

You Are Not Alone – A Column written by Pup Hero

Dear readers, Happy New Earth Dog Year! WRUFF! My name is Hero and i am a puppy. A water Dog! Besides having a thing for...

Kinky Art: I Just Don’t Find Dicks That interesting In My...

  Space Pup Silver | 1994 | 178 cm | 77 kg | Staffordshire (UK) It's actually hilariously ironic that I don't really like sex all...
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