Dear kinksters and sadOsam readers,

It’s the first sunday of 2021. With the various covid vaccines starting to come soon we slowly can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Even if you do not belong to one of the risk groups that are prioritized for the freedom promising needle play, there is still a realistic hope that the year 2021 will not be associated with only social distancing.

If we learned something in 2020 then it is that humans are social beings (even the introverts), and that keeping distance is not easy, even less for real kinksters. We do need the proximity to our play partners, we want to touch and be touched, whether that is tender or sometimes also really hard. 2 meter long double dildos and app-controlled fuck machines do sadly not replace the hot play partner, whether in gear or naked. We want and need the sub that wants to be used or the top who really takes you.

According to many experts here in Europe and North America the 3 worst months are still to come. There is going to be much suffering and grief still, but there is also the hope that things will become better too. That you are able to meet people after the vaccinations without fear in the back of your mind, that you’re able to visit your parents and not just see them from the balcony or the porch, and that you can finally live your hornyness again.

There is even hope that you might be able to travel again, that kink events may happen, and you can finally see some of the kinky friends and hot guys which whom you may have chatted your fingers off in real life on the knees in front of you or look up to them when you are, before you have hours or days of sexual ecstacy and hotness together. And yes, even group action might be part of our lifes again, not just over zoom.

There is esperance that we kinksters could be finally able to life a kink life. And that we look forward to, even more, we long for these good olde times… at least thats what they feel like, even though its just been a year.

Lets hope that a gimp in gasmask will be a view of horniness again, and not one of self protection from covid.

In that, the sadOsam team wishes you, on to that we can soon forget 2020 and leave it behind,

a Happy New Year 2021

The year in which social distancing shall be replaced again with filthy social proximity.

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