homeBild2-masterplay001Masterplay (38) has been living out his fetish life for quite some time. He runs his own fetish shop in Switzerland and was recently elected for Mr. Leather Rhone-Alpes 2015.

Sev: Hello Masterplay. Thank you for your time. You have been quite coming around in the fetish scene lately. But first some things about you. For how long have you been living out your fetish life and how did you discover it?

Mp: I discovered that I’m fetishist when I was a child. When I was 12 or 13 I was a fan of k-way (rainjackets) and diving neoprene suits. And at 17 I got into latex. Mostly I was interested in the material, the coverage, the breath control and the tight feeling. For Years and years I tried to enjoy it alone in my bedroom but once I was an adult I started to meet other people and had fun in gears. When I started to play with others I discovered bondage, breath and cum control, electro, wax and all the other stuff. All of it with a lot of leather and latex. Actually it has been more than 20 years now that I live my fetish life with my boyfriend and my friends.


Sev: How are you living out your fetishes today and with whom?

Mp: 4 years ago my bf and I decided to create a nice playroom to be able to play when we want to without disturbing each other. And from that time I could host guys from far way for some days of fun. This is to my bdsm life. As to my fetish life I opened a fetish store 3 years ago. Today I have my puppy and we join international meetings in France or Germany. So today I have some kinky friends visiting, visit other places and new friends are joining regularly.

In 2015 I decided to push a bit more, so we did a reportage for “Le matin” explaining what is BDSM in Fribourg.



I’m always speaking a lot with young guys on GR and recon and it seems that I have a good reputation in the romandie. Then a journalist asked me about doing a reportage for BDSM. We spoke a lot of the goal she had. The idea was to explain our world to the public, who we are and what we do, what it’s all about.

I trusted her and decided to try it. The result came out quite good. And now we are speaking about making more.

Recently I participated in the Mr.Leather Rhone Alpes competition too, and came out first.
And now I will in the finals for Mr. Leather France at the End of May.


Sev: What do you think is BDSM all about for you?

That’s a good question. Primarilly I think it’s a game, it can be serious, light or fun, but should never be too serious. And there are some conditions for it, like confidence, trust and respect.


Sev: Those conditions are very important, yes. When did you decide to sign up for the Mr. Leather election and how can you do that?

Mp: Normally you can register yourself before or directly at the place. I decided at the beginning of 2015, because I wanted to be more supportive of the community. At End of 2014 I already had sponsored Ulli Richter (a kinky photographer) for a nice exhibition. I had the feeling that I could spread my view of bdsm and kink, to explain to others that we are not stupid, mad, crazy or dangerous. We are just accepting our desires and I was self confident enough to put myself in front of others.





The contest in Lyon was good, competitors were kind and it really cool and good mood.  In the public was maybe 40 people, in latex, leather or even naked. We were 3 candidates. At first we had 5 minutes to answer questions of a jury. It was regarding the Leather culture and the values we have to develop, for example:  “Do you think that Mr leather France should care about aids?”. It was fast because we had only 5 minutes, but the idea was regarding value and respect, what I’ll have to give or not, like having a good view of fetish and Leather community. To be respectfull and trustable as representative and such. After that we had to present ourselves to the guys at the event.



Sev: And how did you present yourself to the people of the event and how did it go off? Did you walk around there and talked to the people?

⁠⁠Mp: Just as a fetish Guy That likes leather and bdsm and whould like to help the Leather community? You just have 30 sec to present yourself :Who you are, your âge and where you live. The Conversations are afterwards, once you are not on the scene anymore. And finally we had a 2-3 minutes show to run. I was a bit nervous, but that’s normal  in front of people that are judging you, no? Hughes, one of the jury member and organizer of the contest was really kind and helping us to be confident and relax. We were allowed to do anything. One did a song and the other one a poetry. I chose to present dog training with my pup. Me and my pup were enjoying it. And right now I’m working on the show for Paris. I had the idea at Lyon and will correct the mistakes I made there, so I’ll prepared.


Sev: And is there anything you want to say and can advise our readers as new elected representant?

Mp: Something that might will sound quite “cliché”. Today everybody is able to wear latex, leather or any other gear. And it is always nice when somebody is living out his fetishes and gear. And lastly, if anybody needs help, wants to find other fetishists or or interesting places, he can contact any Mister. We are also here to help, advise and listen… so don’t worry and contact us.


Sev: Thank you for your time, Masterplay, it was great talking to you.

You can find Masterplay on Recon: Masterplay

His video is available in french here

homeBild2-ukHere you can find other articles in English.


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