A report written by slave 437353.


The job my MASTER has me working is a construction job.  i do a lot of heavy work: building stud walls, pouring concrete for footings, running romex for wiring, sweating pipe, roofing.  I do plaster work, restore old windows, refinish floors.  Much of it is extremely difficult work that involves heavy labor.  The crews of Men my MASTER employs all understand my role as HIS slave, and They all treat me as a slave.  i routinely do not get to have lunch breaks because i am being used by the Men on the crew.

But it has made me strong.  Even though i am over 50, i have the body of a 25 year old.  i take some pride in my body, and in the fact that Men still want to use me.  so i am careful to look my best, to exercise and to stretch myself to do things that are hard to do.  my MASTER continues to be proud of me, after all these years, because i still have a body HE can have used by Men.

As a result, my MASTER is still able to have me used by Men who have many uses for me.  Sometimes, it is just sex – usually that is all it is.  Other Men not only want to fuck me, but They also want to humiliate and degrade me – which i am fine with.  i am willing to do the many things Men want me to do, and i perform as well as possible.  At this point, my MASTER has a group of men (probably about 25) who routinely request my services.

My MASTER has also realized that there are Men who will use me as what HE calls “a true slave” – meaning that i am used both sexually and to do physical labor for the Men who want me.  This weekend, HE set up a plan with a Man to use me.

Report to its Owner:

Let me just start this report by saying that your fucking slave is amazing! We really put it through its paces, and it was used pretty much non stop all weekend.  Nothing stopped it, though.  It did everything it was told to do, without hesitation Some of it was incredible to watch.

The plan had been to go to the Russian River, to rest and spend a quiet weekend of fucking and taking long walks.  When we arrived outside of Guerneville, HE pulled the car of the road into a garage, and the door was quickly pulled down behind us.  The garage was pitch dark – before my eyes could adjust to the darkness, someone yanked open my door, and i was pulled from the car.  a wet rag was shoved in my mouth, and i could taste it was saturated with piss.  i was taken in front of the car, and my MASTER turned on the headlights.  My clothes were ripped from me, and my hands were cuffed to my collar,  A Man stepped up with a whip and started whipping me, and i did my best to stand still and take the brutal beating.  But eventually, i started having difficulty standing, and a sawhorse was brought over, and i was roughly thrown over it, and the beating continued.

When the Man beating me had finished, i was grabbed by the collar and lead into the darkness.  After about 20 feet, i was hoisted up by two Men, and roughly tossed into what appeared to be the trunk of a car.  The lid was slammed, and the darkness was total.  Then a moment later I heard the car start, and we begin driving.

The ride went on for hours, and i lost track of all time, eventually even falling asleep, despite the fact that the inside of the trunk was metal and every bounce and turn scraped and pummeled me.  i had no idea what was going on, but i lay in the back and tried to be calm.  Sometimes, they would slam the brakes on, and i would be thrown against the front of the trunk, fearing that someone was about to crash into the back of the car.  They also took many very sharp turns at high speeds, which threw me from side to side.

By the time we arrived at the ranch, the slave looked like a fucking piece of raw meat.  it was bruised and scared, and had difficulty standing when we took it out of the trunk.  But it immediately bent its head down in a submissive attitude, and when I said, “you’re my fucking slave” it nodded its head.  The piss rag was still in its mouth.

i was lead, naked, through dark woods, a leash attached to my collar.  The Men who were there were all dressed in protective warm clothes, and had hiking boots to protect Their feet, but i of course was naked.  i tried not to stumble as i stepped on rocks and sticks, and to keep up with the fast pace They set.  After probably a mile or so, we came to a large clearing in the woods.  There were marks left from bulldozers and other equipment, and a rough path ran off toward the other side from where we had come.  In the middle of the clearing stood an enormous pile of rocks, of many different sizes, from small ones to boulders.  Here the leash was removed from my neck,  the rag was yanked from my mouth, and i was forced to kneel, while the Men stood around me in a semi-circle.  The Man who had lead me, who seemed in charge (i came to think of Him as the Overseer), spoke:

I told it what we are doing – that we are creating a space here, and that we need a retaining wall built.   We had gotten an estimate which was just far too much money, and I told it that its Master had offered that it would build the wall for free – the only caveat being that we had to beat and torture it and use it sexually and as a latrine.

“So that’s the deal, you fucking latrine” He said.  You get to work, and we’re going to e around to make sure you get used, all fucking weekend.  By the we’re ready to leave, this all better be done, so don’t lose a moment.  Get to work.”

I looked around, and realized that where the circle had been made, one side was higher than the other – the woods were raised up there, and obviously would start to slide if a wall was not built.  So I went to the largest rock I could find, wrapped my bare arms around it, and hoisted it up.  The Men watching seemed impressed that i could lift it, and i carried it across the clearing to a spot at the center of what would be the new wall, and dropped it down hard, letting its weight dig it into the ground.  I looked around for another large rock to pair with it, and walked over to it.  When I got there, a Man was standing on top of the rock, with His Cock out.  He said, “If you want his rock, you better drink my piss, cunt”  I opened my mouth and He started pissing down my throat, to the amusement of the other Men there.  Once i finished gulping down His Piss, i lifted the rock, and as i walked it back, He took a leather strap and beat me, telling me to move faster, and “don’t fucking drop it”  The lashes were incredibly painful, but i did not drop the rock and got it in place.

And so the day wore on.  I moved rocks, drank piss, got fucked, and was beaten for my labors.  The Men seemed to delight in making me lift the heaviest rocks multiple times: just as i would get a rock off the ground, Someone would say “come suck my cock” and i would have to drop the rock to go service Him.  i worked hard, long into the night, and by the time the labor was done, about 1/3 of the rocks had been placed.  All i could think of was lying down and resting, but i knew better than to hope for that.

When it finally got too dark to do any more work, we lead the slave down to the camp, about 1/4 mile below the jobsite.  There was a fire already burning, and we had a rough table set up next to the fire.  The slave was brought to the table, thrown down onto it roughly, and its hands and feet were tied so it was spread and unable to protect itself.  

The Men were all pretty fucking horny and wanted to start pounding its sweet fuckhole right then and there, but I held them back.  “This fucking cunt didn’t finish enough work today” I told them.  “We need to punish it, so it’ll do better tomorrow”  The men laughed and agreed, and as I took off my wide leather belt, I saw the other men removing their belts, finding sticks and rods to use on it.  

I quickly realized that i would not get much rest that night.  The Men gathered around me and started beating me, some of Them doing ti quite savagely.  As They did so, several took Their Cocks out and began stroking Them, and finally one of Them said, “Let me at that fuckhole”  The beatings stopped, and i felt Him climb onto the table and position Himself above me.  He did not spit on His Cock or use lube – He shoved His large Cock deep into me in one stroke.  i gasped – it was incredibly painful – and the Men laughed and said things like “take it you fucking whore”  The Man pounded me while another put His Cock in my mouth, fucking my face unmercifully.  When the first Man shot His Cum in me, the one using my mouth went around to fuck me too, and the first Man put His Cock in my mouth to be cleaned.

The evening wore on in this manner, beatings and fuckings, sucking Cock, drinking Piss.  my body was incredibly sore, my chest and stomach and knees raw from the rough boards, my back and ass sore from the beatings, my fuckhole stretched and beaten, my stomach distended with Their Piss.  Finally, late in the night, They all had had enough, and one by one retired to tents and campers while i was left, naked and shivering, on the table.

In the early morning, I got up to look at it.  it was covered with dew and shivering in its sleep.  I doubt it had gotten much rest, but I know you didn’t want it pampered at all.  I Slapped its face to wake it up, and as it opened its mouth to speak, I shoved my cock in its mouth and fed it my morning piss.  it gulped it down, and its shivering lessened noticeably – I guess I was warming it up.  Slowly, the other guys woke up, and each used the latrine for his morning piss.  it never made a single complaint.

Finally, they left me there and went to get cleaned up and to have breakfast.  i could smell eggs cooking and see smoke from their stove, and my stomach, which was full of piss, growled.  After a few minutes, one of the Men walked over with a large plate of food.  He looked at me, then released the tight ropes on my wrists and ankles.  I rubbed my wrists to get the blood flowing, and thought He was going to hand me the plate.  Instead, He pointed back to the clearing and said, “Get to work slave”

And so I did.  By this time, i had developed a plan for the rocks, and how they would work as a retaining wall.  i was positioning them so the larger rocks were more to the front and showed, but that the smaller rocks interlocked with them.  I felt confident that, once it was done, this wall was not going to go anywhere.  As a kid in Vermont, i had built rock walls often, always without any mortar, so i knew how rocks fit together and what to do to make them strong as a unit.  i was pretty proud of the work i was doing, and when the Men showed up to watch, i wanted to speak to Them, to tell Them how it was working.  Some of Them were clearly impressed but i was not spoken to as a person – i knew i was seen by Them merely as a slave, so They spoke mostly to the Man in charge, telling Him that “the slave seems to know what its doing”   i felt some pride in Their comments.

Around lunch time, i came up on a large rock i had overlooked, probably the largest rock in the pile.  it was a beautiful rock, and i knew exactly where to put it – at the far end, where it would anchor the wall.  But bending to lift it, i found i could not budge it.  I pushed on it and pulled, and it would barely move.

I remembered what you had told me about your buddy who beat it until it could lift a heavy rock, so when I saw it struggling, I got my single tail whip and walked over to it.  it saw me coming and was scared, and strained to lift the rock, but it couldn’t get it up hgih enough to move it.  I said, “Are you getting lazy on us, you fucking cunt?” and whipped it hard across the back.  it cried out in pain, and grabbed the rock to try and lift it again.  I started beating it regularly, and the other Men came and watched, telling it to “work harder, lift that fucking rock you pussy”  Unbelievable as it seems, the slave lifted the rock, and under constant lashes, carried it 50 yards to its resting place.  So fucking amazing to watch – I couldn’t have lifted that rock if I had tried, and I bet most of the guys there, some of whom were in their 20s, couldn’t have done it either.  

When i dropped the rock in place, the ground shook, and the Men all cheered.  This was the one time They treated me with any respect – They slapped me on the back and told me what a good slave i was.  The Overseer even said that, because of my hard work, i was entitled to some nourishment, and They gave me half a sandwich to eat, along with a bottle of water.  it was clear that the water also had Piss in it, but i did not care – i gulped down the food and liquid greedily.  Then the Overseer ruffled my hair and said, “Get back to work latrine”

The day wore on, and the wall took shape.  By nightfall, it was done.  it was a beautiful wall, and the rocks are all placed to show off their beauty as well as to support the load behind them.  I know that it will not move for 100 years or more – whatever They have planned for that space will be secure because the wall will hold back the upper ground.

I know you had expected me to keep it for three days but seriously, it got the entire fucking project done in two days – we figured it would take at least that long with FOUR GUYS working!  But I guess not having breaks, not being allowed to stop and rest, and its total devotion to service made it a lot more efficient.  Anyway, the wall is done, and it looks fantastic!

When the Men realized all the work was done, They were impressed and very pleased.  i was taken to a place in the woods where They had a temporary shower set up, and allowed to wash myself off.  Then They gave me food to eat, which was great – i was starving and really wanted to eat something.  Finally, the Man in charge said, “We can’t just send it back like this!”, and They all smiled.

i was taken down to one of the larger trailers, and told to lie on the bed on my back.  Two Men grabbed my legs and bent them up over my head, and a third Man took His place at my Ass, fucking me.  Another Man put His hard Cock in my mouth, so i serviced both simultaneously.  When the Man pounding my Ass shot His Cum, He put His Cock in my mouth to be cleaned, and then the next Man took His place.  They were not as brutal this time – it was as if They had developed a grudging respect for me, and They treated me more as a whore They were fond of, than as a worthless latrine.

Illustration by Theo Blaze

I realized, of course that there would be a need to keep it for a third day, since we had told you that you wouldn’t get it back until Saturday.  So after the fuckfest in my trailer, I had the guys build a wooden box.  the box was just large enough for the slave to be put in, with a rod under its legs holding them in place, and its hands restrained to the bottom.  The box was plywood, and very rough.  We put a cutout where its ass would be, so we could turn it over and fuck it as needed, and a hole was placed above where its face would be, so a funnel could be put down into its mouth to use it as a urinal.

And that is how it spent day three.  The guys all took turns fucking it throughout the day, and the funnel got a LOT of use.  Your slave is pretty fucking amazing, that it can take so much piss.  By the time we got it out, its stomach was bloated, making it look almost like it was 3 or 4 months pregnant.  I took it over to a tree and put it on its knees and told it to piss, and it pissed for a good three minutes non stop.

Finally, it was time to take me back.  I was again thrown into the trunk of the car, and driven for hours back.  When we got back, we were not at the Russian River  – i had been taken home.  it was dark, and the Man who drove me took me out of the car naked, walked me up the front path and down by the gloryhole, and chained my collar to a hook in the sty.  i lay down in the dirt and mud, cold but happy to be back home.  As i fell asleep, i wondered when my MASTER would return.    i knew HE would have much for me to do.  i was ready to serve HIM.


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