Mister International Rubber 2018 (MIR)

    November 9, 2018 – November 11, 2018 ganztägig
    Center on Halsted
    3656 N Halsted St
    Chicago, IL 60613
    Mister International Rubber 2018 (MIR) @ Center on Halsted | Chicago | Illinois | United States

    The Mister International Rubber contest has many years of history under its boots. The contest is the centerpiece of the weekend and acts as the catalyst to gather like-minded fetishists in one city for one special rubbery weekend of fun. If you have never attended our contest you are missing out on the fun. Speeches are a rarity from our contest stage. Our contest categories are designed as lighthearted and fun entertainment pieces. We do not expect our winner or our contestants to end world hunger in their rubber gear.

    We do expect our contestants to hold your attention and entertain you during their time on stage, while representing the larger gay men’s rubber community in a variety of settings and situations after the contest. Rubber gear is sexy, erotic and fun. We promise you something sexy, something erotic, and a whole lot of fun during our contest. You will laugh. You will be entertained. And you will be glad you attended our contest. You have our word on that.

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