A fictional story written by Destroywhiteboys. Illustration by Theo Blaze. (Here you can find the other chapters)

WARNING: This story contains EXTREME examples of fictional racism. If you are not okay with racial slurs or this type of raceplay, then please for the love of god don’t leave some half-brained comment expressing your hate…just move on. It is important to remember that all themes and subjects covered in this story are completely FICTIONAL. This story does not condone real-life racism or violent actions in any way.

I awoke in a daze. My ass was throbbing with intense pain and soreness. After brushing my teeth and taking a shower, I threw my clothes on and rushed out the door. I didn’t even think about my wife or breakfast at all. I remembered that today was the day that my new bill was supposed to get ratified by the state. I had torn up the old one, but there was still time to write a new one. I was determined to be seen as a hero and savior among these black men and women. Perhaps this was just me trying to justify years of racist actions, but I wanted to give these strong African descendants as much freedom and liberty as I possibly could.

I rushed into City Hall and up to my office. The familiar face of my assistant greeted me at the door.

“Mr. Hartman, I…I tried to tell him to wait outside, but he just wouldn’t listen.” He was clearly flustered and upset. I patted him on the shoulder, as if to calm him down, and opened the door to my office. My heart sank as I saw who was waiting for me. I nearly dropped to my knees when I saw Brute standing at my desk, rummaging through my belongings. It took every fiber of my being not to crawl to him like a dog and beg for him to beat me and fuck me.

“Excuse me, sir!” My assistant yelled. “You can’t just go through Mr. Hartman’s desk!” I held my hand up to him, as if to stop him from talking.

“It’s okay. He can do whatever he wants.” I said in a calm and almost sensual tone. “Could you give us a few minutes alone, please?” I asked my assistant, turning to face him. He nodded his head and gave us a look of confusion before leaving my office and closing the door behind him. The second the door closed, I ran over to Brute and threw my face against his. I just couldn’t resist him anymore. I pushed my tongue deep into his mouth as we sensually kissed for a few seconds. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled my mouth off of his. He launched a wad of spit right onto my cheek and tossed me roughly onto the floor. I crawled to his side, like an obedient dog.

“Thank you so much for coming, master. I missed you so much!”

“Shut the fuck up, faggot, and get to work!” He instantly yelled. “It’s time to make us niggas the rightful rulers of this city.” He pushed a couple papers over towards my seat. I crawled over and sat in my office chair.

“You…you redrafted the bill I tore up?” I looked up at my master with a puzzled look. The front cover of the multipage document read: “Anti-Black Bill”, just as the one I drafted did. I glanced down at my trashcan and saw my original document still sitting in there. It was obvious that someone had typed this up completely from scratch.

“Are you kidding me?” Brute laughed to himself before looking at me like I was some stupid child. “Fuck no! I wrote my own bill – a better one!” I looked back down, still confused by the name of the document.

“But why did you use the same title as mine, master? Surely yours isn’t ‘anti-black’.” I heard brute audibly sigh with frustration.

“No shit, retard! Everyone is expecting an ‘anti-black’ bill to leave your desk today and get ratified by the city council. Hand them this, and they won’t even think that it’s anything other than what you told the public it would be. They’ll pass this thing in a heartbeat without even reading it. Every racist honky that runs this town has been waiting for your anti-black bill for months now.”

I opened it up and skimmed over the pages quickly. Most of the text was trivial and superficial filler which was clearly meant to confuse and distract the reader from the small print. In hard to read places, this bill completely reworked the way that black men and women were treated within the community.

“B-But, sir…isn’t this a bit too far?” I asked timidly, shaking with fear from speaking out against him. His face tightened into an angry grimace as he pulled back his arm. He launched his closed fist right into my cheek and sent my chair sliding across the room. I moaned in pain as my cheek started to swell and throb.

“You ever question me like that again, cracka, and I’ll snap your fucking neck!” I rolled by chair back to my desk as I whimpered in pain.

“Yes, master. I’m sorry, master.” Brute seemed slightly pleased with me as he pointed down at the document.

“Now sign this shit before I get mad again.” I quickly grabbed a pen off my desk and signed my name on the front cover. Deep down I knew what I was doing would bring pain and suffering to many people, but I knew that this is what needed to happen to make amends and reparations for our ancestors. I grabbed the document and began to walk towards the door. Suddenly it flung open and revealed by assistant walking towards us.

“Mr. Hartman, is everything all right? I thought I heard a commotion.” His eyes ran up and down Brute’s body, almost as if he couldn’t help but stare at the huge muscle stud.

“Everything’s fine. We were just rewriting the bill again.” I handed it over to him and he looked at the front cover in a confused manner.

“You mean…you completely rewrote that bill that you tore up?” I nodded as he eyed over the title on the front cover. “Hmmm…well, I think you made the right choice, if I may say so.” He lowered his arm, document still in hand, and let it hang at his side. “I think it’s for the best.” He said, almost in a hushed tone.

“You got that right!” Brute exclaimed joyfully. My assistant just gave him a look of unfamiliarity and distaste before walking away.

“I’ll make sure the city council gets this right away!” He roared, turning back to face us for a brief second before continuing to race off again. The second my assistant turned a corner and left the hallway, I saw Brute reach into his tight jean pants and pull out his cellphone. He pushed a few buttons and held it up to his face.

“Yo, this is Brute. It’s game time, baby!” He said, sounding excited and jubilant. “We got free reign of this city now!” He hung up the phone and put it back in his pocket. “Come on, bitch. Let’s get you home. I’ve got something very special planned for you.” As we left City Hall, I could hear strange noises resonating through the city. We hopped into Brute’s car and started to drive away. Screams and loud bangs echoed through the central square of the city.

“W-What’s going on, sir?” I asked in a confused manner.

“We’re taking back the city, honky, just like you wanted. And thanks to your soon to be law, everything we’re doing here is perfectly legal.” He laughed to himself devilishly.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as we drove past more and more of these up-class white houses. The entire city had been thrown into a civil war. I recognized some of the huge black hunks from the compound as they were dragging crying white families out of their own houses. Some even raped young white girls right there on the street corner, while others were beating disobedient white guys until they were near death. I heard the occasional gunshot, realizing that those must have been whites that tried to fight back.

“I…I…can’t believe this! This isn’t right!” Brute slammed down on the brakes and came to an abrupt stop. He stared directly at me.

“This is EXACTLY what you signed off on in that bill, you fucking retard! What did you think was going to happen? Did you really think that we strong, proud African warriors would just sit back and continue to be mistreated by weak little pigs like you? FUCK NO!” He yelled, not even waiting for a response from me. “This is long overdue, faggot! Look around and take it all in!” He said happily. “This is the start of the African takeover.” He stared me down with extreme hate in his eyes. “You should consider yourself lucky that I left you alive to see it!” Brute looked back at the road and continued driving.

“Remember that bill you skimmed over quickly?” He glanced over at me briefly and I nodded. “Well, THIS is exactly what you agreed to.” He yelled, pointing towards the window. “If you would have read it closer you would have realized that you not only pardoned all crimes committed by black people, but you also freed all black prisoners.” I looked out the window again and noticed a lot of the men had bright orange prison jumpsuits on, though I must admit that it was hard to focus on their clothing when they all had their huge dicks hanging out.

White men, women, and children everywhere were being forced into submission. Whether the black alphas wanted to fuck them, beat them, steal their house, or murder them…no one could resist their natural strength. As horrible as all this seemed at the surface, I knew deep down that this was exactly what we deserved. After hundreds of years of treating black people horribly, this is the reparations that my race had to pay!

“What about the police, sir? Wouldn’t they try and fight back?” Brute just giggled to himself like a happy school girl.

“I’m sure they did try and fight back, but I’m guessing they’re all six feet under by now! Like I said, honky, you and the city council made this legal! There’s not a god damn thing that anyone can do to stop this now!” I slumped down in my seat, scared and nervous about the future of this city. Deep down I knew that this was the morally right thing to do, but that didn’t make it any easier on my conscious.

We finally pulled up to my house and got out of the truck. I could still hear gunshots and screams of terror radiating from every direction. Brute and I walked through the front door and into my house. From around the corner, my wife bolted towards me and hugged me as tightly as she could. Her huge, soft breasts squeezed out to my sides, nearly enveloping me entirely.

“I’m so glad you’re safe, honey! I don’t know what’s going on, but I think I hear gunshots!” Her heart was racing and she was breathing heavily. As she pulled back away from me she finally saw the giant black hunk standing beside me.

“Uhh…what’s going here? Jonathon…who is this man?” I gently placed my hands on her cheeks.

“It’s okay, baby.” I stared at her deeply and lovingly. “This is the new master of this house. His name is Brute.” She just stared at him in confusion.

“Does this have anything to do with whatever is going on outside?” I wasn’t sure how to break the news to her that I was responsible for stripping us of all our rights and freedom. I knew she would never understand how morally justifiable this actually was.

“Yes, baby. This is what HAS to be done.” I said sternly, emphasizing the importance of this revolution. “This is the right thing to do, honey.” I gave her a second to respond, but she said nothing. I could tell that she was confused and trying to make sense of this in her head.

“Listen, Julie!” She looked at me attentively. “I’m sick and tired of being a racist pig who always puts down the black race. We should be ashamed of the way we used to treat people like Brute. That’s all over now, though! This city is going to pay for its mistreatment of these African kings and queens!” I could tell by the look on her face that she clearly thought I was crazy.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, honey…but we need put a stop to this violence now!” Brute stepped forward, pushing me to the side as he did so.

“There’s no stopping this now, bitch. The only way this is going to end is when every white man, woman, and child is either in chains or buried in the ground!” He took a few steps forward until he was literally standing in front of my wife. He looked down at her, due to their huge difference in height.

“Now I’d rather not kill a perfectly good piece of white fuckmeat unless I have to. Why don’t you just lie down, let me put a nigga baby inside you, and I’ll consider your reparations paid up?” Julie began to cry once she realized that there was no way out of this. Even if she managed to run out of the house and escape, this city was completely full of horny black beasts looking for white women to rape and beat up. Brute leaned down and put his hands around her neck gently.

“It’s alright, whore. You’re in safe hands now. You don’t ever have to worry about those disgusting white pieces of shit anymore!” He said, glancing back at me with a look of disgust and hate. “Soon all you’ll be able to think about is getting more and more nigga cock inside of you as you watch the inferior white race be bred to extinction!” Julie didn’t seem to be turned on by his harsh words, but I sure as hell was. My small little dick was rock hard hearing about the death and destruction of my own race.

Brute watched her cry for a few seconds. Once he realized that she wasn’t going to willingly give in, he took matters into his own hands. He lifted her up with his one hand that was round her throat. I saw her gasp in fear as he choked her while her body hanged in midair. He walked her up the stairs and towards the bedroom. I followed obediently, excited to see just what was going to happen to my wife now that we were a black-owned couple. Brute tossed my wife onto the floor in the most disrespectful manner possible. She choked desperately after having her throat nearly collapsed by Brute’s hugely muscular hands.

“Faggot!” He yelled.

“Yes, master?” I got down on my knees and crawled over to his side. I wanted to make sure that Brute didn’t beat me for doing something wrong.

“I see you’re already in your natural position…good! Now hold this whore’s head nice and still.” I reached down and grabbed my wife’s head with both hands. I lifted her up until she was kneeling directly in front of Brute’s gigantic bulge. Tears streamed down her face as she whimpered and shook with fear.

“It will all be over soon, honey. Just relax and let Brute do what he does best.” Brute reached down and yanked his own jeans off himself in a hurry. His foot long black shaft sprung up, almost already fully hard.

“Holy FUCK!” My wife yelled after she audibly gasped.

“See, honey!” I said, gently stroking her head “This is why we need to stop mistreating black men. This is why we have to let them do anything they want. They’re bigger, better, and stronger than us!” I could feel my mouth watering as I stared hungrily at Brute’s pulsating cock. Brute flung back his open palm and threw it right at my wife’s face. I heard the loud crack of his hand pummeling her sweet young face, followed by a few tears falling off her cheek. I was still holding her head as she tried to regain her balance.

“Open that fucking mouth, you honky slut! Thanks to your husband, NO ONE can ever deny us niggas anything ever again!” She looked up at me with her teary eyes and a confused look.

“I know it hurts, honey…but this is the right and moral thing to do. We both have treated these people horribly in the past. We MUST make up for it now!”

“Enough talking!” Brute screamed. He grabbed his big thick dick at the base and thrust towards my wife’s mouth. I instantly heard her gag reflex kick in just with the first 6 inches alone. I knew that as horny and slutty as my wife was, she had never taken something this big before. Her eyes were starting to become bloodshot as Brute viciously pounded her mouth like it was just another pussy. I leaned down and gently kissed her on the head, still holding it tight for Brute to use as he pleased.

“You’re doing so great, sweetheart! I’m so proud of you for finally accepting black supremacy.” She couldn’t speak or even move for that matter. All she could do was point her teary eyes up towards me.

After nearly a half hour of extremely brutal throat fucking, Brute yanked his dick out. I let go of her head and watched her body fall the floor. She gagged and choked wildly, spitting up thick piles of her own saliva.

“Get on the bed…NOW whore!” Still scared and trembling, Julie quickly hoped up onto the bed. I could tell that she hated every minute of this. She obeyed Brute, but only because she was afraid of what he might do to her if she didn’t. She stuck her ass up in the air and poised herself on all fours. Brute stepped onto my bed and hovered above her ass. Julie’s poor whimpering turned into full-on screams when Brute pressed his still dripping wet cock against her tight little pussy.

“Please, I’m begging you…don’t do this! You’re gonna fucking kill me with that thing!” She yelled, looking back at his giant veiny shaft. Brute didn’t seem to care what she wanted. She braced herself as an entire foot of throbbing black dick came barreling towards her tiny slit. I watched in awe as her pussy miraculously opened up to nearly twice its normal size. Julie let out an ear shattering scream which only made Brute smile with joy.

“That’s it, you honky bitch! You’ve never had a nigga before, huh? This cunt feels like it’s brand new!” He continued pressing against her pussy and inserting as much of his gigantic meat stick as he could. She continued to scream and moan as her pussy stretched to amazing limits just to accommodate this horse hung alpha male. Brute mounted her in the same way he mounted me the first time. He forced her head down into the mattress as he pressed his entire body weight down against her. By now her entire vagina was filled to the brim and literally tearing at the seams. Slowly, Brute began to thrust into my wife’s cunt. His huge dangling black nuts flung forward and backward the faster he moved.

“How does that feel, cracka? You’re loving this shit, ain’t you bitch?” Julie didn’t respond…but she didn’t have to. I could tell that her screams were slowly becoming moans and grunts instead. I saw her gently reach back under herself and start to rub at her clit as her pussy was still being brutally annihilated. I stared in awe, my cock hard as a rock, as my wife had her body torn apart by this revolutionary leader. I could still hear the faint sound of gunfire outside the window. For some reason, it made it that much hotter knowing that other wives all around the city were getting this same treatment too. Suddenly I heard my wife’s timid and quite voice let out a sound.

“H…Harder…” She quietly whispered, clearly craving this incredible pounding.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about, bitch!” Brute exclaimed, casually slapping her on the ass as a compliment. “You’re just a typical honky bitch. You all go nuts when you get a real dick inside you!” Brute grabbed onto her shoulders and started thrusting even harder, giving her exactly what she asked for. A huge smile erupted on Julie’s face as her insides were being assaulted by our new master’s cock.

“Oh fuck…I don’t think I can take it anymore! I…I’m gonna…I’m GONNA…” Brute heard that she was nearing her climax and gave her as much as he possibly could. He thrust into her so rapidly that I could barely tell what was happening. Everything seemed like one big motion blur as this incredible alpha male pounded her at breakneck speeds.

“Go ahead and cum, whore! It’s only gonna make you crave nigga dick that much more!” My poor wife’s tiny pussy just couldn’t withstand this incredible pounding. She vigorously rubbed at her clit as her moans became more and more intense. Suddenly she let out a huge scream and erupted in pussy juices. Like a fire hydrant, she completely drenched the mattress as Brute continued to pound her. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she mindlessly grunted like a brain-dead sex addict.

Eventually she stopped screaming, but not until Brute had fucked every drop of squirt juice out of her sore and abused pussy. She collapsed flat onto the bed, letting Brute’s huge black dick slide right out of her gaping pussy. She panted like an exhausted dog as she smiled bigger than I had ever seen her smile before.

“I…I can’t believe that! What…what just happened?!” She exclaimed in a tired and exhausted way.

“You just came. I guess that’s your first time, huh? Not surprising!” Brute looked over at me with hate and disgust in his eyes. “Your weak, pathetic husband sure as fuck could never make you do that!” Julie lifted her sweaty head off of the bed and looked back at the muscular dominator who just stretched her pussy out to nearly triple its normal size.

“Please…give me more. I NEED it!” She yelled, still taking deep breaths and trying to regain her composure.

“Oh you’ll get a lot more than that soon enough. But first, get down on your knees, cracka!” She excitedly jumped off the bed and knelt down in front of his soaking wet African cock. “Press those big fat tits together! NOW!” She smiled immensely, clearly excited about being commanded and controlled. She grabbed her two L cup sized tits and pressed them together. Brute thrust forward and buried his giant dick in between my wife’s breasts. Nearly his entire 12 inch long shaft was swallowed up by these ungodly large tits; only the big soft head of his cock stuck out passed her cleavage. She flung her tits up and down, jerking off his big fat dick.

“God damn! Even tit fucking you feels incredible!” She said, licking her lips erotically. I could see she was clearly being pleasured simply by having her tits fucked, something that I had never experienced before. She had jerked off my tiny little dick with her tits before, but she had never gotten even the slightest bit of excitement from it.

As the fat fleshy head of his cock popped up out of cleavage, she bent her head down as far as she could and put the dickhead in her mouth. With each jerking motion, my wife continued to pop the head of his cock in her mouth. I couldn’t believe how incredibly hot this was. Even more so, I couldn’t believe how incredibly hung Brute was. Not only had be bested my wife’s ungodly large tits, but he was getting a blowjob AND a titfuck at the exact same time. It was clear that only the strongest and most virile of men could accomplish this with my wife’s ample breasts.

I merely stood and watched as my wife drooled and licked at the huge black meatstick popping up out of her cleavage.

“Damn, faggot, your bitch has some nice titties! I’m gonna get a lot of enjoyment out of these in the years to come since you two are my slaves now.” I saw my wife’s eyes perk up with excitement. I could tell that her fear of this violent black revolution had obviously gone away. I knew what that look in her eyes meant. She was in love – real love. The way she looked at this huge hulking black master was like nothing I had ever received. Brute shoved her back aggressively.

“Lay face up on the bed, bitch! I’m gonna do something to you that will make you never want to even look at another white loser again!” Julie leaped onto the bed and laid face up, practically giddy with excitement. Brute slowly walked around to her side and then suddenly slapped her right on her sore and gaping pussy. Her pussy juices flew into the air as she let out a strange yelp of both pleasure and pain. Next he gently placed his hand over her clit and began to rub around. It didn’t take long before he thrust his two middle most fingers into her hole. Viciously, he yanked them upward, practically tearing my wife’s pussy apart.

“Ahh! FUCK!” Julie screamed, as clear fluids erupted from her like a volcano. Her squirt juices reached everywhere in the room. Thanks to Brute’s violent twisting and yanking, my wife literally covered every wall in her clear watery fluid. Brute paused for a moment as Julie panted wildly.

“Again! Please, again! I’ll do anything! I’ll give you anything! Just put those big fat African fingers back inside of me!” Brute smiled the most evil and twisted smile I had ever seen.

“Oh…you’ll get a lot more, as soon as you beg for it, whore!” Brute leaned down and hovered his face above my wife’s. “Who owns this pussy?” He whispered sensually next to her ear.

“You do, sir. You and the rest of those big strong black hunks can do whatever you want with my little cunt.” Even though I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, deep down I knew I shouldn’t have been surprised. My wife was always a whore for the most pleasure she could possibly get – and who could offer more pleasure than a big black hunk? Brute lifted his head back up, only to spit a big wad of saliva right onto my wife’s closed mouth.

“Who owns this fucking pussy?!” Brute screamed, as if he was a military drill instructor.

“You do!” She screamed back with a big smile. “You and every other nigger on this earth own my white cunt!” She practically repeated herself, although she was even more aggressive this time.

“That’s right, bitch!” He yelled, as he jammed his two fingers back into my wife’s dripping wet pussy. Once again, he yanked and prodded so roughly inside of her that my wife erupted again with enormous amounts of squirt juice. She screamed and moaned like someone was killing her. I’m sure the neighbors would have heard her, if there wasn’t countless murders and rape going on outside right now.

Julie threw her head back onto the bed, her eyes rolled up into her head, and her chest expanding every second from her heavy breathing. I looked around the room and watched my wife’s pussy juice drip down the walls of our bedroom. My insignificant dick was still rock hard, though I knew it would never be used again. I knew I would never satisfy my wife again as long as men like Brute were around – and considering that I just signed a law that allowed these black hunks to kill all us weak white guys, I’d say that they’re going to be sticking around for quite a long while!

Brute leaned down and erotically kissed my exhausted and mindless wife. She offered no resistance as she threw her tongue into his mouth and sloppily tongue fucked her new lover’s mouth. For a few minutes, they continued kissing in the most blatantly sexual way that I had ever seen before I finally got the courage to speak up.

“Sir…do you think…could I maybe get fucked now?” I muttered submissively.

“Get on your knees then, faggot. Ass up!” I eagerly ripped my clothes off and knelt down like an obedient dog. Brute walked over behind me and slammed his cock down on my back. His ungodly long cock reached nearly halfway up to my shoulders. I could feel my wife’s juices dripping off his throbbing cock and onto my back. He lifted it up and pressed the head of his monster tight against my asshole. After being fucked by multiple black men, all with dicks the size of a horse’s, my hole opened up with ease. I felt every inch of his foot long cock slide instantly into my gaping chasm.

I moaned and grunted erotically as I watched my wife get up off the bed. Brute began abusing my hole, his nuts slamming against my taint with each incredibly powerful thrust. Once off the bed, Julie got down on all fours and began crawling towards me, causing her massive tits to practically drag on the floor. She reached me and we stared at each other, face to face, both crawling like wild animals. She leaned in and gingerly pecked me on the cheek. It was nothing like the tongue-fuck she gave to Brute, but deep down I knew that my wife would never be involved with me sexually again.

“Isn’t this incredible, honey? I had no idea black men were so…powerful!” She said, finally finding the word she was looking for. I stared at her with a mix of admiration and sadness. Deep down, I was so happy that my wife was finally satisfied, though I couldn’t help but feel bad that it wasn’t me pleasing her. She was the perfect specimen of feminine beauty…and she belonged to the black race now. Eventually, I realized that it was selfish to try and hold onto her. I loved her more than anything, so I had to let her do what made her happy. In the end, I suppose I was glad that my wife finally found happiness.

“It sure is incredible, babe…it sure is.” I said in a strangely depressed way. I never felt as alive as I did in that moment. An entire foot long black snake rearranging my insides, mixed with my wife’s loving stare, made this a night to remember.

My poor little dick just couldn’t hold back anymore. Within just a couple minutes of being aggressively ass-fucked, I felt a couple small spurts of cum drip out of my rock hard little dick. I moaned in a surprisingly feminine way and collapsed to the ground. Brute yanked his cock out in one rapid pull, slightly distending my anus for a brief second before it sprung back to its now normal wide hole.

“See how fucking worthless these disgusting white pigs are?” Brute asked my wife, pointing down at me like I was a dirty, wild animal. My tiny little dick and cumshot mixed with my frail and skinny body must have made me look so weak and pathetic. My wife glared down at me in shame. I knew she would never again love me like she does Brute and his gang of criminals.

“It’s a shame, really…” Julie said, sounding sad that our relationship came to an end. “…a shame that there’s still garbage like him left in the world.” I could tell that my wife was completely serious in her response. I couldn’t blame her, though. I knew firsthand just how unimaginably intoxicating the allure of black supremacy could be. I couldn’t resist it – she couldn’t resist it – no one in this town could resist the ever-growing African invasion. Brute held my wife by his side and kissed her again on the lips, dragging his tongue all over hers.

“We’re trying to fix that, whore. Soon you won’t ever have to worry about seeing white wimps like him around.” Brute grabbed my wife by the neck and tossed her onto the bed as if she was a dirty piece of clothing. I could tell by her smile and excitement that she now loved being manhandled and mistreated – perhaps she always did, but I wasn’t man enough to do it. Either way, Brute mounted her like a prized stud. She eagerly reached back and grabbed his cock tightly in her hand. She guided the veiny throbbing shaft to her gaping pussy and shoved as much in as possible.

“Well done, honky slut!” Brute exclaimed, as if impressed by her extreme lust. “I guess you’re completely fucking mindless now, huh?”

“Yes, sir!” Julie exclaimed, her mind completely enslaved to the belief of African supremacy. “I must thank you, sir, for opening my eyes. I now know that nothing feels better than a big fat nigger dick inside of you!” She yelped as Brute thrust his entire cock into her at once.

“You know what feels even better? A big strong African baby!” Julie’s eyes widened with anticipation. She knew exactly what that meant.

“Yes, please, sir! I want a baby that I can actually be proud of. I want a baby that I can look at and know that he’s going to grow up strong and dominant.” Julie turned her head to look at me. “I want a baby that won’t grow up to be a feeble little sub-human piece of trash!” He yelled, clearing insulting the entire white race. I could tell the pleasure of black dick was driving her mind wild. I knew the sensation all too well. When Brute had his cock inside of me, there was nothing that I wouldn’t do for him. There’s just something so intoxicating about big black studs that makes you want to completely give in to anything they want.

“That’a girl!” Brute yelled jubilantly, clearly impressed by her hate for the white race. “One superior baby coming up!” I could see Brute’s face tighten and turn red as he grunted like the powerful alpha male he was. I saw the look of shock and awe on my wife’s face as his first huge rush of cum came out. Spurt after spurt of master race baby juice caused my wife to start screaming with pleasure.

“Jesus Christ! That’s like a hundred normal guy’s loads! Keep pouring that nigger seed in me, you fucking horse hung god!” That little ego-trip must have pushed Brute passed the edge, because he continued cumming longer than he ever did with me. Every new jet of cum that he produced caused a bit more to leak out of my wife at the corners of her pussy. I could tell that she was completely and utterly full to the brim.

He grabbed his softening cock and yanked it out of my wife’s poor stretched out pussy. The second his big fat dickhead left her pussy, thick pools of cum came pouring out of her like Niagara Falls. I could tell that her entire uterus and vagina were completely drenched in his cum. There was no doubt that she’d start growing a strong African child soon enough. She stood up and let even more pour out of her. She rubbed Brute’s hard muscled chest while kissing him again on the lips.

“Thank you so much, Brute. That was fucking amazing.” She whispered to him.

“Don’t mention it.” He said in a humorous way. “It’s what us niggas do best.” Brute turned towards me and leaned down till we were face to face.

“You’re gonna keep making new laws. Ones that ruin even more white lives, got it, bitch?” I stared at this incredibly powerful alpha male, as my ass still throbbed with pain from being torn apart earlier.

“Yes, of course, sir!” I was willing to do anything I could to ensure that Brute and his gang of big dicked mercenaries would stay here.

“And you’re gonna raise this nigga baby like it was your own, got it?” Brute said, even angrier than before. I could tell this meant a lot to him. “Give him anything he wants! Do anything he wants! NEVER deny this superior being ANYTHING! Got it?” He yelled, practically spitting in my face.

“Yes, sir, Master Brute!” I said, sounding like a private in the military. “I will worship this child like the superior alpha male he is!”

“Good…that’s what I like to hear.” Brute grabbed his clothes and threw them on quickly. “Now I can’t sit around here all day with you crackas. I’ve got more cunts to breed and more white boys to kill.” He exclaimed, sounding proud of himself. He stormed out of the house, leaving my cum-covered wife and I staring at each other. I could tell she was thinking the exact same thing as me.

“Honey…how about I go out there and find us another nigger to come in and plow us? The streets are literally overflowing with them.” She smiled and nodded.

“Great idea, babe.” I got up and started walking out of the room until I heard my wife speak again. “Oh…honey! Could you try and find one that’s even more brutal. I think I could use some good choking and punching!” She said in both a girlish and whorish way, clearly addicted to being abused by the master race.

“Of course, honey. Anything you want!” I walked down the stairs, content that my wife was now finally happy – content that my bigoted ways were now gone – content that these proud African men and women were finally getting the justice that they deserved!


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