A report written by slave 437353.


Last night, the two young Men who were in the car (see “Anonymous sex, public slave”) came by and took me away.  They seemed very glad to see me, and They had two more friends with Them.  The four of Them took me in a car to the place where They live, a large relatively modern apartment with a lot of couches and upholstered chairs in various states of disrepair, and lots of empty beer bottles and pizza boxes.  There were doors leading to several bedrooms, and a relatively small kitchen which opened into the large shared room.   i was stripped, a leash and collar were put on my neck, my hands were tied in front of me, and i was lead back through one of the incredibly messy bedrooms and put in a bedroom closet, shoved to my knees and told to stay there quietly.  Then a ski mask was put over my head, so my mouth and nose were exposed, but i could not see anything.  i heard the closet door close, then the bedroom door, and it was mostly silent.  as i knelt there, the air in the closet slowly grew stuffy, and i tried to stay calm, even though i did not know what would happen next.

i knelt in the closet for a while, and soon i started to hear the sounds of a growing party.  At first i was aware that a couple people had joined the four Men, but soon it sounded like there were a LOT of people arriving.  All the while, i stayed hidden in the bedroom closet, kneeling there naked.  After what seemed like a long time, the closet door opened, and someone grabbed the leash and lead me out.

The bedroom door was opened, and i was pulled through it.  as i re-entered the room i heard a lot of Men.  There was a collective cheer as i was brought in, and then lots of voices asking questions,  questions like “Where did you find him?”  the Man who i recognized as one of the Men from the car told the story of how They “got picked up hitchhiking, and the guy who was driving had it in the back of the car – and let us use it as a cum dump and urinal”.  i heard a young Man ask “What will it do for us?” (it is amazing to me how quickly They all went from using the pronoun “he” to using “it”) and the Man said, “Anything.”  Everyone laughed at that.

And so it began.  i was whipped and forced to crawl around, forced to lick the shoes of various Men, and slowly They started to use me sexually.  i tried to keep count, but there were just so many, and i did not know when i was pulled back to someone who had already  used me.  at first everyone used my mouth, but soon i heard someone talk about “that sweet cunt” and i heard several Men say “Let’s let Mike open it up for us.”  I felt someone position Himself behind me, and to the cheers of His friends, He shoved His very large, thick Cock in me as hard as He could.  He did not use lube, and at first it was incredibly painful, but my mouth was full of Cock at the time, so i made no complaint.

Illustration by Theo Blaze


It went on and on, with more humiliations added, particularly being forced to lick the Asses of many Men, and of course being used as a public urinal.  i felt Men resting Their beers on my back, and if the beer spilled, i was slapped and whipped.  They became more and more creative at using me in more painful ways, and i became happy i was wearing the metal cock and ball cage – i was kicked in the nuts numerous times, but the cage protected me from serious damage.  One Man kindly offered me a beer, and held a bottle to my lips, but as He poured the beer into my mouth, i realized that it was Piss in the bottle.  i did not complain, drank every drop and thanked Him for it.  The Men laughed.  Several Men used belts or straps to beat me, and i could hear them breathing heavily as They did so, striking me as hard as They could.  i made little noise, and tried to just take the endless abuse and accept it.  i could feel the belts cutting deeply into my back and ass, but i did not cry out or make any noise louder than a whimper.

Finally i started hearing Men say “I’m gonna cum” and They would hurry to my ass and shoot in or on me.  i did keep count of how many times i was aware of Men shooting, and it was 47 times.

Afterwards, as the party wound down, i was beaten less frequently but still treated as an object of contempt.  Near the end i was mostly used as a urinal, and i was not sure how i could swallow all the Piss i was given – but i managed.  by about 3 AM, the last person had left, and the mask was suddenly removed.  the four Men from the car were there: two sleeping on a couch, and two more drunkenly looking at me.  They rousted the sleeping Men, and They all stumbled off toward the various bedrooms.

As They left to go to bed, one of Them turned to me and said, “We expect this place to be immaculate by morning.”  The room, which was large and opened into the small kitchen, was a complete wreck, and obviously had not been cleaned in months.  There were beer stains and Cum stains all over the place, the rugs were dirty, the cabinets and counters caked with dried food and dirt.  There were dirty dishes everywhere, most having been used days or weeks before. it was an incredible mess – but i got to work, and by 9 AM, after cleaning the large room, the kitchen and the two bathrooms, the place was, indeed, immaculate.  All the pots and pans and dishes were scrubbed and put away, the rugs were vacuumed, the floors washed, the upholstery scrubbed and vacuumed as well.  i washed the windows, cleaned the counters, washed every surface in the place, and cleaned the incredibly disgusting bathrooms, where Men had, seemingly for years, not been able to hit the toilet bowl.  By the time i was done, the place looked new.  it took 6 hours, but it was worth it.

When They started to get up, each of the Men seemed very hung over, but one Man got dressed (He must have had a class) and found my clothes.  all four of the Men were more or less awake by then, and They were all stunned by how good the room looked  They all took the opportunity to use me as a urinal for Their morning Piss (i guess it was a kind of good bye present) and then two Men took me back to Berkeley.  They dropped me off downtown, and i walked home, reeking of piss and Cum.  i tried to avoid people on the street, but it was not possible, and i got a lot of strange looks.

the humiliations just keep coming.  and yet, i felt no anger or…anything.  i was glad i could serve.  It is the life of a true slave, and i just hope there will be many more adventures like this.  Fortunately, with my MASTER and His evil Buddies, i am certain there will be.

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