A story written by Sirsleaterboi.


My life turned “gay” at a fairly young age and my experiences became quite interesting the more I approached my early twenties. I have always been fortunate to be a guy who stays in great shape and is considered reasonably good looking. Though I am only 5’6 and 145 pounds, my blonde streaked light brown hair and firm somewhat muscular well exercised swimmers body was something I was proud of. When I was only sixteen and in high school I used to go to a remote gay frequented beach on Cape Cod and sun bathe in the nude. I so loved the feeling of nakedness in the sun and I actually found it very exciting that the occasional passer by found me quite sexy and wanted to touch me or more. I always was afraid though and would spurn offers to “rub lotion” on me and more! I was very shy and in denial of the possibility that I might have an attraction for the guys.

A year later on this same semi-deserted beach deep in the sand dunes, I was again sunning myself nude and I covered myself in exotic suntan oils. I was feeling intensely horny and felt very much like a hot sexy boy who was in need of something more! My curiosity had led me to witness many differing sexual things that often happening between men in these Provincetown dunes during my vacation here and I was getting hot thinking and fantasizing about what it would be like for me to be loved by a man. The fact that I was lying on a large blanket on my back with my eyes closed and rubbing my throbbing seven inch erection perhaps contributed to my being even more startled when the much older man I was unaware was above me suddenly spoke!

“You’re looking very sexy young man” He said. I jumped up and covered myself with my hand – ashamed, embarrassed and not knowing what to say or do. “I’m sorry if I startled you but I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of your hot body. You are a sexy hot boy!” He said enthusiastically. “Thanks…” I said shyly and a bit stunned. The man boldly sat next to me and gently rubbed my chest lightly. He too was naked and he placed his bathing suit on the blanket next to us as his touch made me shiver and tremble in excitement and fear. I was very passive and afraid to be overt yet I was soon indoctrinated as a gay boy. He kissed my lips firmly and swirled his tongue in my mouth. I was stunned at the passion. It did indeed seem right!

He boldly rolled a condom on his huge boner and without a word or even asking put me on my back lifting my legs. The man paused to lubricate my anus and unhesitatingly entered me as I cried out in terror and pain but never once objected. Then the stranger fucked me deeply and passionately as I shivered and whined while experiencing the most incredulous combination of pain and pleasure my young body had ever felt and sensed. I swear I orgasmed after but a few dozen pounding fuck strokes just from being deeply penetrated!

I suppose I was “hooked” after that. Older men seemed to really like me and it seemed quite comfortable and even fun to be “chased or pursued” by them. I was still quite shy but by the time I was 21 I had now had sexual encounters with a few older men and I knew how much I embraced being a bottom and being the kind of sexy guy that older men really appreciated. I guess I always was submissive and a “two” in my role as a gay man but I never dreamed that it would go as far as what would happen when I met “Master P”.

I was just of drinking age when I was beginning to explore the gay bar scene when I was introduced by a friend to Master P. at a gay Leather Bar in my home town of Boston. He was a tall, slim, and quite handsome man with grey – black hair and a quite neatly trimmed grayish beard and mustache. He wore leather pants and a leather vest and when he sat close to me and looked me in the eyes I knew he was a special man in some strange way. I just naively had no idea why! He told me he was a “Master” who trained boys to serve. He said he trained some boys would serve him and some he would train for other “Sir’s and Master’s to serve them!

He explained to me as I looked at him quite quizzically that some boys love being slaves to their men, some liked being “boys” for their men and some liked being both.

I had no idea quite what he was talking about – when he began to ask me question after question. Have you ever been spanked? I admitted I had. Did I like it? Again I admitted I had. Before I knew it I had responded in such a way that I was being invited to be “interviewed” as a possible trainee – which seemed actually quite intriguing to me! He explained bondage and discipline to me and that he would never force anything on anyone that they didn’t like. When I arrived at his home the next weekend and opened myself up to experimenting with some of his “training techniques” my life changed in ways that I never imagined or dreamed!

I arrived on a Saturday morning and was promptly stripped, collared, and told to thank him for the honor of licking and kissing Master’s shiny black boots of which I did hoping to please him. I was put into high lace black “boy boots” and was soon led to his down a flight of stairs. His basement was the most mysterious place I ever saw! I would spend time in “spreaders” and tied against “the huge wooden cross.” I’d be tied to benches, spanked, flogged, and much, much more. So many of the scenes in which I was placed in by Master P seemed humiliating and even incredibly painful but little did I know how hard I was falling for him and his dominant ways and the lifestyle of the submissive who serves a man.

Two weeks later when college was out I stayed 48 hours in his “service”. Not only was I in constant bondage circumstances in my “collar and boots” – but I served as the “boy” maid of the house and as Master’s kinky looking leather boy butler. I would clean his home in boots and my thick black leather locked collar and in a leather cock and ball harness while almost always looking to please Master and I was thrilled at how much I was succeeding.

My sexual servitude to Master was stunningly erotic and magic to me – especially knowing I was a “boy in training. I was taught to suck his cock with and without having my hands tied or handcuffed behind me. Doing so was an incredible challenge as his cock was much larger than mine and the head was like a swollen mushroom – which I barely could get into my mouth less take deep in my throat for him. In time I got so good at it hat Master no longer felt that I needed any restraints on my arms as I learned to keep them dutifully behind my back in “The Proper Position” at all times while he used my head and mouth to make him harder than hard can be! I was given lots of daily practice which I came to really enjoy especially when I heard the wonderful sounds and music of my Master’s moans!

After but a few days of training Master told me I was his fastest learner and his most enthusiastic training student ever. Every weekend I would excitedly arrive at his home at 6:00 PM sharp and be collared, and dressed in my minimal leather uniform (collar, boots. And cock and ball harness). I always received hard spankings and some restraint training immediately after I arrived. It put my head in the right place and reminded me of my place and my purpose. I enthusiastically and quickly learned to embrace everything from enemas, to wearing butt plugs while I did house duties, to learning the isolation and intensity of being fucked in the mouth or my ass in a leather hood with only breathing holes. I would do virtually anything Master expected of me and that would eventually lead to one of the most bizarre, unique, exciting and perhaps the most humiliatingly embarrassing of my submissive experiences ever!

I suppose loved the training routines a bit too much at times as I loved having my bottom made bright red and the trust and helplessness that I felt with Master had a hypnotic and cementing affect for me with him. In my times away from him I realized that not did I just respect and enjoy his mentoring – but that I was coming to even feel a love for him. Master would often talk about mutual trust and our roles as dominant and mine as submissive. There were numerous rules of conduct that I embraced fully and I was true to Master because of the magic that he brought me. I could tell that Master – and I knew by how he treated me – even felt the same! One day in the throws of sordid passion as his bottom – I let the words “I love you Master” slip out and Master surprised me by being delighted. “You know boy – I love you too!” Master smiled a lot but I could see how genuinely he felt about me too!

On a couple of Saturday nights in July, Master had three friends over to play poker. I was to be in my role as a man servant and was reminded with a very hard spanking and five lashes of the cane to my buttocks that I should be on my best behavior. I was introduced to them as Master’s personal slave boy and I was thrilled by his description of my status. Believe it or not – that made me feel quite special as I knew Master had seen and trained many other boys – and I felt quite special by how I was represented. I had perhaps reached a level of true acceptance with him.

I waited on his friends in my shameless uniform (boots, collar, and leather cock ring and balls spreader) and had a raging boner while doing my doting work virtually all night! His friend’s names were Max, Joseph and Phillip and Joseph kept begged Master to touch my bright red and cane marked ass! They even bet on it and fortunately Master won the bet as he did win money most of the time! He did tell me to let Joe touch me and his hand felt very hot while rubbing my heated bottom and I must admit I enjoyed watching the “boys” staring at my sexy ass and facial reaction to the touches!

Joe asked me that if Master wanted me to blow him – would I do it! I unhesitatingly replied – of course I would do what Master wants of me. Joe laughed and laughed. He couldn’t get over my reply and told Master “That slave boy is a keeper!” A week later Master lost a different “secret” bet to Joe on me – but all laughed respecting it as good fun because the bet was for five minutes of free “slave time” with me!

Master often told me of the many fantasy scenes he would like for us to experience. One of the first involved having me outside in nude slave uniform with my arms tied behind me firmly against his Birch tree (in the back yard). It became reality on a nice warm afternoon as I was also blindfolded with a long cord of nylon rope fastened skillfully around my balls and cock that he unrolled back to his chaise lounge. Master told me I was just simply his pleasure “ornament” and while he sunned himself many yards away – the tugs and pulls from his chair would remind me constantly of my helplessness and purpose. I worried whether his neighbors would see me – when you are blind folded – crazy things run through your head and is a very effective device on the captive mind!

I was proudly his “ornament for over an hour” and I found the whole scene incredibly erotic and told Master later that night how much it “moved” me, particularly because it pleased him so much to see me tied helplessly and obediently to his tree while I promptly responded to whatever naughty things he asked. He told me how hot I looked and that my raging erection proved my delight in my predicament. He was so right! He also wanted to hear my thoughts about being his “property” – which I responded to with true honesty, sincerity and respect and a true confession of my delight!

The following weekend on Saturday was wonderful as I did a lot of housework in the morning for Master. I made a nice sandwich for Master for lunch as I sat at his feet dutifully below him and the table while he served me my own little plate beneath him. Master then explained that we would be going out for the afternoon. He said that I had to trust him – and I truly did. Master changed into his leathers and I was placed in handcuffs – in front of me and into a full hood that he clipped to my collar so I couldn’t see or remove it. I was led by my leashed collar to Master’s car and was told to lie across the back seat. I was then covered in a sheet as I was driven to a location that I certainly did not know or could see.

The drama and things going on in my head during the drive almost made me go crazy – but a true subservient thinks first about his Master and what shall please him. I tried to find peace in my head knowing that our trip was something Master wanted from his boy.

After several miles of driving, Master helped me out of the car and escorted me to a place where I was told to stand still. It was clear I was outside as I felt warm from the sun on my naked back and backside. Through my boots I felt and knew I was either standing on black top or cement. I vaguely heard the sound of a car start and then leave and I wondered in a panicked state whether I had been left alone. Standing there naked in my uniform and in this hood that at times made me feel terribly objectified and half smothered. After what may have been many minutes or more I heard a car return – and at first I was relieved but then not knowing where I was made me crazy with a fear of the unknown.

I heard a car door close and I felt a hand grip my ass. I was taken by my leash and I almost tripped – but was then guided and rudely bent and almost thrown down on a table or flat surface. I felt my ass being spread and I was coarsely and hastily being entered as incredibly I was finally relaxing in the knowledge that Master was now using me for his pleasure – thrilling me to no end. At first he fucked me slowly then harder and harder as I allowed him full access by spreading my legs for his deepest entry. Soon I felt his balls meet my ass entrance and he quickly began to spank my hot bum with his pelvis. Only a minute or two later after several hard thrusts made me shriek I suddenly heard a grunt and growl that seemed almost angry and savage. Suddenly I heard a car sound approaching and Master pulled out of me suddenly.

I was laying there helplessly when I was quickly escorted by an arm to a car and I heard Master’s voice. “Quick – back in the car boy” – I was soon covered again with the sheet and taken back to Master’s house. Master removed my hood and my mouth felt his. He thanked me for being so obedient and trusting. He then took me to his bedroom and fitted me with his special fuck belt. I so loved this wide thick black belt as it was buckled around my waist and I was told to kneel on the bed for Master. The belt has two firm metal handles that enables Master to have complete and full control over me during my fuckings. Oh god did he give it to me this time! His cock was so hard and I marveled at how it could be so hard so soon after fucking me to his own completion in my hood somewhere far away and outside.

One of the many incredible things about Master’s fuck belt is how deeply it enables him to fuck me. His huge cock goes past my prostate and he not only fucks me so hard – he fucks me so fast that I am in a constant state of hurt and pain that still seems more welcome than any act on earth. It could be love, it could be lust or it could simply be his skill – but I always orgasm so intensely simply from this very submissive act that I’ll never want for more! Master is the fuck of all fucks and I am his dutiful and very appreciative fuck toy. I never felt happier, more purposeful or more “in love” in my life!

The next day Master got a phone call. He was wanted for questioning at the police station! Master told me he was afraid that we had been seen and my “rape” the previous day had been reported to the town police. I went with Master with the plan to support that it was not a rape at all but my stomach felt queasy just thinking about trying to explain this kind of scene to police authorities! Master lives in New Hampshire and some areas of the state are like the deep south when it comes to poor tolerance levels! Someone had apparently gotten Master’s license plate number from the scene so we had some explaining to do. Master told the police that we were a “B&D Couple” and were lovers. The police wanted to know if it was I who was in the hood and I sheepishly and embarrassingly told them yes it was indeed me serving my Master – and I added honestly – who “I love very much”.

The police then asked Master – “Well then who was doing the sodomizing of “your boy”? I looked at Master – confused and he also looked confused. “We have a cell phone video taken by a hiker – and that man doesn’t look at all like you. The police then put the cell phone video take on a large screen and there was the scene of me – in my hood legs spread and helplessly bent over a car hood – getting fucked by a large and heavy set man! It certainly wasn’t Master! As I watched my ass being used completely by this man, I suddenly realized just who it was. It was Joe! Joe was the card partner of Master and the guy who had laughed so hard at my reverence for my Master! I had been tricked by Master who I so trusted – but Master claimed he had hoped to tell me eventually – BUT not on a cell phone video that soon hit the internet like a sensation!

In spite of all the inquiries by the police – we were eventually let go when Master Joe came to the station and explained what had happened. I think the police just couldn’t believe that I would allow any one less my lover’s friend to use me sexually – but I was convincingly honest and genuine! Master and I finally found this almost funny until we saw my “rape” on the internet. We got past it though. Master and I would spend weekends together throughout the fall with many other adventures and fantasies realized for both of us.

When I finally told Master about my ultimate fantasy he was thrilled – perhaps because he thought it would be quite easy to have happen. I told him I wanted to feel his lips against mine while he fucked me. I also wanted to feel his cum fill my insides. Since we were an exclusive and “clean couple” my dream came true that very afternoon. Master obviously like to give back to his boy at times in appreciation and it was the best fuck of my young life – and when I felt his hot seamen filling my depths I cried in the truest of joy that a submissive can experience!

Master was absolutely THE Master. I’ll never forget him. Master had to move due to business in January having to go all the way to New Zealand to live. I’ll always remember him like no other man on earth and I feel like our time together – even in the police station – was the most incredible of times for us both!

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