Preachersboy | 1997 | 170 cm | 70 kg | Minnesota (US)

Well growing up in a church with my father as a pastor it was engraved my mind that my purpose is to serve others ever since I was able to talk.

About Preachersboys & Slaves

MasterMarc: Hi Preachersboy. You are one of the boys of The Shackler and it is a pleasure to present you to our audience. Your master has just told me good things about you. For how long do you serve The Shackler and how does it come?

Preachersboy: Hello MasterMarc. I had originally met Sir/Shackler last October. I had just moved into my dorms and was in the process of leaving my first Dom relationship due to communication and personal problems. Sir and I had messsaged back and forth for a few days and since I was still new to the kink world I was very cautious, especially since my experiences in the past had been very negative. When Sir decided it was time to meet up, Sir picked me up from my dorm, took me to His dungeon, had His way with me, then drove me back since I had morning class the next day. It was very short and honestly I did not expect Sir would want to see me again. As Sir showed me around the house I was infatuated. It was straight out of the porn studios I watched and dreamed about and I was living it! I was startstruck and felt bad since I came across as such. I wanted to see Sir again yet at the same time I was worried I would come across as a boy just wanting to use a nice dungeon. After taking a short break a few months later, due to personal issues, Sir had contacted me and in February we began to start forming a connection. I had much to learn and Sir was more than eager to help me grow. I felt that my devotion to service was more than just actions when I was with Sir it started to become a drive and craving. I wanted to be there more and more. I wanted to be a part of fulfilling Sir’s needs, more than just in a sling. I felt a growing connection and did not want it to be severed. After trying suspension for the first time and not feeling well I asked to be released and felt a sense of failure. Yet when Sir came to hold me I knew I wanted to be Sir’s boy. Later that night at dinner we discussed collaring for the first time. I wanted to hold off until I would move back since I lived in a different state for the summer but eventually did not want to wait any longer and was officially collared in June of this year. Where I can officially and proudly represent Sir as His boy.

MasterMarc: What does it mean to you to be collared by him? And can you tell us, what kind of services you are providing as his boy?

Preachersboy: Being collard by Sir to me means a life devotion beyond the dungeon. It is choosing to follow Sir and allowing Sir control of my life rather than simple allowing Sir to tie me up. Sir chooses my hair style and cuts it Himself. Sir has requirements for my body hair and rules about tattoos and piercings. It is a sign of sacrifice. For a boy like me who is in school and starting their life it is a large sacrifice to gain freedom into adulthood and to give it willingly to another. It means devotion, sacrifice, and freedom in a new way. As my collared brother would say “my body is Sir’s playground that is my duty to prepare”. I know I am protected by Sir and that Sir is guiding me during this time in my life.

Some of the services I provide are of course being open to pushing my limits in kink and bondage. Finding new ways to serve and have different levels of intimacy. One way that I provide service is having Sir being the only one who is allowed to cum inside me. It is a statement to Sirs ownership to me. I find other small ways around the house to do dishes and always keep the spaces clean. Making sure Sir is relaxed I often make our bed and clean up the dungeons after play. Sir always knows when I cum and that is reported. Sir is always aware of what is going on in my life and we often discuss the options on what will be the best for me to grow and be better equip to serve. Sir often puts me in chastity especially when preparing for play which is another way that I honour Sir with my body. These are just a few of the ways I serve and am always excited to find new ways each and every day.

MasterMarc: Of course it is your Master who decides for what kind of sexual and non sexual services you are used for. But I’m sure you have also your preferences. Can you tell us a little bit about?

Preachersboy: I do often have preferences on my ways of service. Which I have actually had fun releasing. My hair was always something apart of my identity that I loved and had a very specific style for. So changing that was very meaningful and difficult for me. As well as piercings. However my preferences of serive are those I feel I can fulfill with excellence. Since I work as a janitor and know how to cook those are two things I often like to do as a service since I know it is something I can do well. I have a higher chance of it being successful and pleasing to Sir which is why I am more inclined to those acts of service. I want to lean toward acts of service that I am good and am certain will be successful. I want to serve my Sir in all ways that I can but if I feel as though it is not something I am capable of or would really stretch me with a high chance of failure then I am more worried when completing those tasks. I love building and construction so that is also something I have a preference to when serving. I enjoy types of service through work and use of my body like taking pictures, and making videos. Yet I hope to one day have a service like a piercing or tattoo that represents my service if that is what Sir asks of me.

MasterMarc: After knowing about your job and also your desires to serve The Shackler it really seems that you’re a natural born submissive boy. How hold have you been as you have realised that to make others happy and to serve them is what you want to do in your life? And how have you lived these need and desire before you’ve met The Shackler? 

Preachersboy: Well growing up in a church with my father as a pastor it was engraved my mind that my purpose is to serve others ever since I was able to talk. I knew growing up I was always more inclined to see needs of others and fulfill them. I was never very needy as a child because I was a very go with the flow person but would always go above and beyond to make life easier for others my preferences seemed to always be just making sure everyone is happy and satisfied. When I first started experimenting with kink and other men I was a strict top and dominant. I even at one point had my own submissive when I was 17. Yet even in my dynamic with my submissive it was always focused on pleasing him. I would tie him up to fulfill a fantasy he never dreamed was possible. I was just along for the ride. As much as my boy would say I was in charge whatever he wanted to do honestly was what I embodied. It was less about power and all about giving him pleasure which is why I naturally shifted and craved a submissive role (after some convincing and loosinging up). I knew I was meant to serve others my whole life it is just how my brain works. If I see a need or someone who feels sad then I cannot get them out of my mind until I am able to find a way to help or accept that there is nothing I can do. Even in my professional life I am studying social work and conflict mediation. Kink or not my life is devoted to service and fulfillment. It has yet to change.

MasterMarc: Would you be happy if you would have been in the situation your boy was? Or do you like more the demanding master? And do you think that everything a master is doing with you has to please you?

Preachersboy: I do not know if I would have been happy if I was my own boy. Why I crave more demands it is it more opportunities to please and it give me a mold to fit. With how I handled my submissive there was no role for him to fit. Very little expectations since I did not mind what he did. Rules and boundaries allow for one to be shaped. I do not think everything a master does must please the boy. The boy is not the focus. The boy should enjoy a majority of the masters actions I think or be comfortable with them. That is very important as a submissive to be content and craving the ability to go back to serve. If a boy is unhappy, too exhausted, or feels uncared for then they are not serving to their full potential. For example my first dominant was horrible to me. There was no regard to my emotions and personal limits I had. There would be times where I would be in fear of what he was going to do to me next. Sir has done some of those same actions but because I know I am cared for, share that trust, I am not only willing to fulfil those requirements but crave for Sir to ask them of me. The difference is made in communication and the comfort level of the boy with their master. If a master is pleased then I am pleased, but can only do so much to attempt to please them. If I know I am cared for then I crave finding new ways to please regardless of immediate pleasure in the long run it makes for a safe more fulfilling role as a boy.

MasterMarc: You’re totally right in what you’re saying. You can read in my essay “A Masters Responsiblity” that in my eyes a master should never be looking for power, he has to search for responsibility. It was a pleasure to talk to you, Preachersboy, and I’m sure, that we will continue our talk soon. 


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