A kinky story written by SkinPowerFighter | Chapter 11

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About an Awful Reunion and a Lustful Aftermath 

In the car we didn’t speak much. He had put on some extra hard RAC songs to raise my mood. One song, in particular, called ROBOTS’ REBELLION by a group named SKULLHEAD perfectly reflected my feelings during this ride and when listening to it, I quickly started to feel better.

Programmed from the day you are born

Follow the pattern you must conform

Follow the sheep, play your role

Microchipped consumer held by mind control

Robots’ Rebellion, be free in thought!

Question everything you are taught!

Robots’ rebellion rise and shine!

If you want to survive then it’s wake-up time – NOW!

Seth as usual wanted me to touch him between his legs, which I happily did. He also guided my hand to his upper body where I stroked his chest. At one point during the drive he grabbed my head and led my mouth to his nipples. I immediately understood, put his t-shirt a little upwards and was licking his nipples; his man scent was incredible again. But also Seth was grabbing me all over and checking regularly on my crotch during the ride. 

“Don’t be ashamed! I told you I want you to overcome any stupid doubts that you had in the past and take pride in yourself.”

“Yes, Seth. But I just don’t want to go inside my house and greet my mum with a visible hard-on. The talk will be complicated anyways.”

“Why not? As long as she doesn’t think that your tool is reacting because of her …” Seth was laughing like hell, but I looked at him in sheer terror, ’cause obviously back at the time I hadn’t reached his level of absolute self-confidence yet. 

“Ok, brother, I’m giving you a hard time. I won’t go on for now.”

We finally arrived in front of the house. It was shortly after 1 pm. Seth at least didn’t object, when I suggested that I would go in alone at first. At least that concession he made.

When I entered the house and saw my mum, she at first didn’t recognize me, but – typically of her – thought that a burglar had broken into the house. She started screaming and wanted to call the cops. Only after a few seconds and me shouting back heavily she finally recognized me which brought her into the next shock level.

Originally my plan was to tell her at least roughly what had happened to me over the last days and how I wanted my life to continue, ’cause I wrongly assumed she deserved it. But any form of at least basically reasonable talk was not possible under these circumstances, ’cause she was screaming and crying almost simultaneously without listening at all. She was blaming me for betraying all the values of the whole family and being a disgrace for everyone. When I heard that, I couldn‘t hold myself back anymore. I shortly looked at her with disgust and asked her:

“What values? In this family it’s only about money and status. Values were never important. Important was only what the fucking neighbors thought. You really wanna say that this has something to do with values?”

This comment gave her the rest and she lost any self-control. She took one silver candle holder from a shelf nearby and was throwing it after me. Had it hit me, it could have gotten bad. But of course, also due to my training, it was very easy to jump aside in time and to avoid the hit. But this incident really made me mad and had this happened only weeks later when my temper was the same like the one of the other brothers, I couldn’t have guaranteed to really freak out. But already back at that time I started shouting out load so that I would get her fucking attention. 

“Fuck, mother! Have you gotten completely out of your fucking mind? I’m out of here in no time and just wanna get my stuff upstairs … period. That’s all. So just shut up and be quiet for once! You won’t see me anymore and so your object of disgrace, as you called it, will have disappeared anyway.”

I said all this with the greatest contempt in my voice and then went upstairs to get the stuff that I wanted. But needless to say, this woman followed me and went on with her accusations, which became more and more offensive and also irrational. She said that I was betraying my family, that all the effort they had put in me was obviously for the vain and that my character was just too weak and naturally deformed to resist temptations that in truth were complete failures. Of course she also called me a NAZI pig and thereby made clear that her so-called liberalism in truth did not know any conscience or compassion for others. At first, I decided to say nothing, also ’cause the egoistic bitch didn’t ask one single question. Again she only saw herself and was completely indifferent towards others including her son. At one point, however, when I got really fed up with her self-centered allegations, I started screaming at her and because she didn’t expect this, in particular not from me who used to be so obedient to everything she said, she immediately shut up.

“Fuck, you stupid thing! Who do you think you are to judge on me? You’ve never ever given any real thought about what your immediate family wanted. Dad has never played any role here. It’s always only been about you, your expectations, your desires. You’ve never asked me what I really wanted. You neither have the will nor the character to truly care about others. And now once and for all: shut the fuck up, bitch! I’m out of here anyway, stupid woman” I shouted, meanwhile with quite some authority and without any fear in my voice. On the contrary, never before had I been prouder of my new looks and the way I was talking to her, ’cause it showed that my new way of life had really gotten control over me. 

The reply came right away: “How dare you?”, she screamed and tried to slap me in my face. Again I could avoid any hit and tried to push her away from me, still with as little force as possible. But also that turned out to be difficult, because she came back to me again and again. At this point I didn’t know what to do any more, so I decided to kick with my boots against the close-by cabinet, which contained all the silver stuff that I knew she was so crazy about and therefore was a good target. I didn’t know until then what magnifying effect the steel cap of my boots really had on each strike when it was executed with sufficient force. In any case, as soon as my foot met the cabinet, the whole thing collapsed immediately; the noise was just unbearable and you could hear that a lot of the inside broke. The good thing about this sudden unexpected event was however that the screaming of my mother stopped and she shut up immediately. Typically of her materialistic attitude, when looking at her face, I was sure that she was already busy with calculating in her mind the damage and getting sufficient insurance coverage. Quite shocked she stood next to the remaining pieces of the cabinet and remained silent only whimpering a bit. 

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The most striking thing about this incident however was another strange effect that it had on me: because it turned out so efficient, I started to like the use of force. The first time I could see by myself what my new personality, which of course was still at the very beginning of changing and developing heavily, could achieve. And becoming aware of my new power made my dick grow immediately; for whatever reason I got rock hard instantly, which in the tight bleachers that I was wearing became visible also for her. I didn’t care at all and she, when noticing it, didn’t dare say a word. 

Strange, I thought to myself and shortly touched my crotch to make sure that my brain didn‘t cheat on me. Also pretty awkward was that the feeling was far from being disagreeable. Also, I no longer felt any embarrassment for this. On the contrary, I felt pure pride and couldn’t care less whether my so-called mother was watching while I was touching myself just to check. For a short while I was even thinking whether I should make a comment about this in front of her, but back at the time I still found that this was not suitable, but that it would be more effective to stay hard for the rest of the time I was in the house. When I talked to Seth later about it, he smiled and only said: 

“It’s good that your body is reacting this way. It shows that you’re really good raw material and we can turn you into a true power fighter who likes being sent out on his missions. The perfect proof that you’ll make it and that you won’t take any shit no more.”

In retrospect it was quite good – at least for my mother – that we had this reunion at quite an early point of my transformation. ‘Cause had it happened later, I couldn’t have guaranteed whether my reaction would have been limited to the cabinet. For sure, my codex of how to react against offences by others and my growingly hot temper would have demanded a much stronger strike.

However, back at the time, after the strange realization of having a hard-on in front of the woman who was half responsible for my creation, I immediately started to use the time to collect the stuff in my room, in particular my papers and the money that I had saved. For obvious reasons, the clothes were no longer useful any more, so I left them out completely. The whole thing took not more than 15 minutes, then I was done with packing. When I wanted to leave the room, I saw however that my mother had returned and was blocking the door frame. Then she tried to use her last joker and said:  

“Daniel, you’re still a minor and be sure that I won’t let you leave this house again until things are sorted out again. You’ll now do what I say and stay in your room!”

Quite frankly this behavior was something that I would have expected earlier already. This woman deep inside had always considered me as part of her personal property. And so as a kind of last resort, she tried to retreat to the (so-called) law only in order to get her will. I looked at her and tried to make use of Seth’s technique just to scare people by the expression in one‘s face. When this didn’t show any immediate reaction on her part (I was still a beginner of this technique at this point), I made myself ready to push her aside, back at this point still with the least possible collateral damage. Yet I was not ready for any form of physical argument, also because in my mind all the screaming and shouting had made the entire situation so complicated and partially also absurd. The only thing I wanted was getting out as quickly as possible. 

“Ms. McGuire, you step aside immediately now. Your son obviously wants to leave this room.” 

The determined voice that suddenly spoke these words, was unique and recognizable at once; it was undoubtedly the voice of Seth. My mum turned round and, looking at Seth, she fell into the next shock. The two were looking at each other for some seconds. Seth had a burning cigarette in his mouth and, so to make himself even clearer, he took a deep puff and exhaled right into her face. 

The silence came to an end, when my mum started blaming Seth for the entire situation: 

“You’re the one who’s responsible for all the crap my son is going through. These changes are the product of your influence. You’re trying to make him part of a lower class outsider group and thereby destroy all the chances that are still waiting in his life. Shame on you!” 

Then she was also raising her hands as if she wanted to beat him.

I was now close to a nervous breakdown, because I was sure that Seth, in a normal case, would ultimately react with straight-forward violence to such offensive words. I knew that he restrained himself only because of me and that normally he would just use force to break any resistance and get his will. Fortunately, Seth still remained calm – most likely again because of me. The only thing he did was raising his voice in a way that his words now came out as steel nails directly targeted against my mother‘s face:  

“Just shut the fuck up and listen, woman! And watch your mouth from now on very carefully, ‘cause you‘re on the verge of causing a situation here that for sure you wouldn‘t want to happen, ’cause you would have no control over it. Whenever you start an action, be sure there will also be a reaction. That’s the law of nature, at least when you’re dealing with me. I hope your brain is getting that. And let me tell you, it’s not me, it’s only you who would be responsible for all the consequences.“ 

My so-called mother looked at Seth and fortunately realized that this man could easily break every bit of her bones and was far from making fun. She sensed the imminent danger that Seth constituted for her physical well-being and so her inherent and overwhelming egoism – fortunately – saved her from any severe physical pain. So she got silent and continued listening to him. Seth went on saying: 

„Did you ever take your son’s wishes, likes and dislikes seriously? Did you ever ask him what he truly wanted? Didn’t you see that the life that only  y o u  prepared for him – with his so-called girlfriend, with the university preparations and all this – is the life that you chose for him, but that he didn‘t want? Did you ever ask him? He had been a loner and completely on his own for quite some time. Didn’t you see? You know what: I try to feel sorry for you, even though it’s hard. But you failed in all scores with your son. And that’s just the bitter truth and it’s of course hard for you to accept. You’re nothing but a worthless bitch – that’s all. And now, bitch, listen carefully to what I say now, ’cause I’ll only say it once: step aside immediately!”

Seth looked at her with his steel-blue eyes and, to make the situation look more severe, he exhaled the smoke from his cigarette once more entirely into her face so that she had to try hard not to cough. Fortunately the threatening tone in his voice, his violent personality, and his entire appearance showed the desired effect. As usual, once again he got his will, ‘cause I could see that my mum got even more frightened and simultaneously shocked over what Seth just said – which however reflected nothing but the hard and rough truth. Only one or two seconds later she finally accepted her total defeat, stepped aside, and started to cry. One could also say that her deep inside egoism and the realization that the man standing in front of her would always get what he wanted anyways, saved her from serious beatings.

What this woman of course didn’t know, was that – except for very rare completely private situations – crying had the opposite effect on Seth compared to most other people. He hated drama and so he looked at me in disgust and said: 

“Let’s get out of here immediately! I can’t stand the sick atmosphere in this house. How the fuck could you live here for such a long time?” I passed quickly and the two of us went downstairs. 

Shortly before we left, I think the woman wanted to sound a bit emotional and so was asking from upstairs: 

“Can I at least reach you somewhere?”

Before I could answer, Seth made a sign by raising his hand that he would take over and then reülied for me: 

“Listen, woman, you will need to do a lot of thinking on your own first. Only when you recognize your mistakes and your selfish attitude and only then there might be a chance to get in touch again. But believe me, what happened here today, is definitely not the kind of thing that helps to repair a relationship that you already destroyed years ago. So leave us alone and do the necessary thinking! If I feel like it, we might give you a call. But don’t count on it! Clear?”

Seth’s character was amazing. I had never seen in my life a person whose natural aura and authority vis-a-vis almost any other person was as overwhelming and also as manipulative as Seth‘s. ‘Cause believe it or not: my mum, when hearing all this from Seth, nodded – just like I was doing all the times when Seth gave me his instructions. In retrospect, this last moment almost appeared to me as if she had finally accepted Seth as the only real authority for my future life. 

We left the house, went to the car and drove away quickly. Naturally the whole situation had pretty much worn me out and l must have looked rather sad out of the windshield.

Seth took the initiative, put his hands on my left knee, and, while starting another cigarette, said:

“Jesus, what an awful woman! She really needs to learn a lesson and get in touch with fucking reality.”

Then Seth paused for a while and then continued:

“Don’t let all this come too close to you, mate! Me and the brotherhood are taking care of you from now on. Be proud that In these last few days you’ve already changed for the better, you know. And believe me: what you will have in the brotherhood, will make it up more than 100 times compared to what you no longer have with this sick woman. You know already that you have our true support and loyalty. We‘ll help you out of any situation and turn you into a real fighter!” 

He then grabbed my head, pulled it firmly to his direction and gave me one of his aggressive kisses to emphasize his claim and my new place. This quite emotional gesture and the feeling not to be alone really helped a lot to cheer me up – apart from my tool stiffening again. 

Seth noticing my arousal immediately gave me a dirty look and said:

“Hey, you know what. Let’s have a quick lunch somewhere. Thereafter it’s time for your afternoon training anyways. So let’s have a salad and a steak somewhere. I know a good place.” I looked at him, smiled a little melancholically and nodded.   

The steakhouse that Seth chose was not far away from my home – or better what I believed was my home until I met Seth and the brotherhood. It belonged to one of the major chains, but for my mother it was much too lower-class to make even one step into this place. So because of her attitude we had never made it there. After we got in, Seth of course didn’t wait until we were seated but took a seat at a table in one corner right away. When the waitress came, I could clearly see that she was shortly looking right at Seth’s crotch and I also observed for a very short moment an expression full of lust when seeing his greek god like body. Amazing, I thought, how quickly I had started to copy Seth’s far-advanced observation skills. Of course he had noticed the waitress‘ conduct too and replied quite openly with a dirty smirk and a look that was openly directed on her tits. The waitress blushed and then wanted to take the order. Seth took again the initiative and said:

“We‘ll have two large rib-eye steaks with salad, ‘cause after a shitty morning like this one we need our energy levels to get going again. For afterwards you may think about some special dessert for us. In particular, if there’s something you can offer which is not on the menu card. And also bring one big bottle of cold water. Any questions?” 

The waitress was now completely out of her routine. She didn’t know what to say anymore nor did she comprehend immediately how to take Seth’s comment. So it took her quite a while to use her electronic tablet properly and forward the relatively simple order to the kitchen.

“You don’t have to answer my question on the dessert right away, young lady,” Seth continued with a completely indifferent voice. “Go, think about it and then come back. And now please go, the two of us need to have some private discussion.” 

My initial thought was that the poor lady must have had the feeling of being treated like shit and therefore I felt a bit sorry for her. After she had left, Seth turned to me and he became the very attentive person again whom I had already become so addicted to. It was striking how quickly Seth could change his personality; if necessary, it could be a matter of only seconds. 

“Listen, Chokee. I really know what you’re going through. It’s hard, but this process is absolutely necessary at one point. Look, in my case it was far worse: I grew up in a family with a true tyrant as a father. He hit my mother and myself regularly and there was not much that I could do about it for a very long time. It was a feeling of complete helplessness. Retrospectively, maybe I should thank him for that, ’cause after all this really formed my character and made me the person I am today.”

“What happened then?”, I asked and got interested immediately; it was not often that Seth talked about himself.

“Not so much. I got into martial arts, when I was only 9 or ten years old. The Chinese monk I told you earlier about, at that time lived relatively close by in our neighborhood and gave private lessons. His name was Jeiling. He must have seen me many times and also noticed that I was quite unhappy. So he started training me … by the way for nothing, ’cause we didn’t have any money and even if there had been, my so-called father would have done everything to stop it. From about 11 years onwards, I became stronger than him and that turned out to be quite an unpleasant experience from his perspective. I hit back heavily and of course protected my mother as best as I could. Outcome was that he tried to send me to an institution so that he could at least continue hitting my mother. It was awful, ’cause I felt so powerless. But Jeiling not only taught me fighting techniques, but more and more also stuff about mind-reading and mind-control. That was really a fascinating thing, ’cause the patterns of conduct with more than 90 percent of all people are so fucking similar that it’s as easy as reading in an open book to predict the outcome in almost any situation. So when my dad came home one day, I grabbed him in the garage and terrorised him quite intensely. I don’t wanna tell you the details, but he left and was never seen again. So my mum and myself could have lived happily thereafter, unfortunately this didn’t turn out to be the case, either. Only one and a half years later – I was not even 14 years old – she died from lung cancer; she didn‘t smoke by the way. At her grave it was one of the last times I cried. I tried to stay with Jeiling, but of course, even though he agreed, our wonderful authorities didn’t like that idea. I was sent to an orphanage and the experiences there were even worse than the ones I had had back at home when my so-called father was still around. But at least it was there where I met Phil and Lars and rapidly we became life-long friends and later brothers and comrades.”

“Wow”, I said. “What a story! I guess I have nothing to offer which comes only close to this. Compared to this my life was boring and not noticeable at all before I met you. But how did you get to China then?”

Seth looked at me a little annoyed, took a deep puff from his cigarette, and then said: 

“Didn’t I tell you not to ask so many questions? … But anyway, seems that we’ve become pretty close meanwhile so you should know at least a bit of the rest. As I said, I didn’t like it in the orphanage at all. A lot of beating and sexual abuse was going on there and even though because of my training I wasn’t the victim of all that, I just wanted to get out. Jeiling visited me regularly and I begged him almost on my knees to take me out of there. And this brother really responded. Since his contract with the university as a PE trainer ended, he wanted to get back to China. And he helped me to get out. And not only that; he did the same for Lars and Phil who had meanwhile become my closest friends. So at one time when he gave us a visit, he just didn’t bring us back, but was hiding us at some friends’ place. These guys were also Chinese. Then Jeiling, through his Chinese friends, organized false papers for us. He must have had really good connections because the papers looked awesome. But of course, because of all the electronic registrations that existed already back then, it was not possible for us to use a plane from London to China. So we had quite a weird journey, first across Europe, where we ended up in Albania. And only from there Jeiling had organized flights for us to Beijing. In Beijing all four of us lived in a compound that was formerly a monastery run by Buddhist monks. It was of course expropriated by the reds, but later returned to a group of monks who used the place as a training and educational place – you would rather call it boot camp – for Shaolin monks. And that’s the place where I, Lars, and Phil stayed for almost four years and got all our training. It was a challenging, but also extremely valuable time. Our personalities, mostly due to the help of Jeiling and his fellow monks, changed completely. The thought that everything is first about the individual interests really vanished entirely. Believe me, we had to learn quickly that it’s all about the community and the common interests first, ‘cause that‘s the only way society can advance as a whole. Any individual can only exist and develop in such a healthy community. And this philosophy has become part of our life. That‘s it and that‘s also what YOU not only have to learn but what you have to absorb as your daily mantra. Understand?”

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“I really didn’t know that”, I said, “it’s just a fascinating story. I guess I can understand you much much better now. Thank you for sharing this with me. Maybe I can meet your Chinese friend one time. I would love that.”

“Maybe. Let’s see about that. But first we need you to get through your training program. You’re still a beginner and believe me it’s going to be hard. During your entire program it’s me and the other brothers who’ll train you who are the ONLY authority for you. Got that?” 

I nodded immediately: „Yes, brother, I know that.“ Then I told him again about my strange experience when I broke the cabinet and Seth started laughing immediately.

„So, little Chokee takes joy in developing into a real fighter using violence, huh? That‘s good. Listen, using targeted violence against those who don‘t accept us or who don‘t pay us the respect that we deserve is nothing but plain right. It should … no, it must become completely normal for you. What we don‘t do of course is hitting innocent or weaker people who didn‘t do anything; this would be immoral. But a good fight with the enemy can be really relaxing and a huge turn-on.“  

The food came and Seth liked to provoke the poor waitress even more. When she passed the plates he visibly spread out his legs and with one hand shortly got under her blouse. He whispered into her ear: 

“I guess we both wanna see what’s under it, right?” 

She blushed again, but obviously liked it deep inside, ’cause she didn’t resist at all when Seth touched her and even went below her skirt. On the contrary, she shortly closed her eyes and I could hear a deep moaning. It really looked as if she wanted to prolong the moment. But Seth suddenly retreated his hands, gave her a slight slap on her ass, and said: 

“Go, I might come later to the kitchen and then we’ll see.” 

She disappeared again and we started eating. The food was good and helped me to recover necessary energy.

“Seth, please don’t play with me. I’m alone now and I wouldn’t know what to do without you.” I whispered to him.

“Chokee, don’t be so fucking melodramatic or silly. ‘Course I’m not playing with you. I told you already many times about our principles and way of life. Stick to my rules, accept me and the brothers as your only authority from now on, and then you will enjoy our full protection … forever. And if you think that I’m really interested in this cunt waitress over there … stop thinking nonsense. This is just a game. And fucking is something completely different from caring for someone … I hope at least that your brain can process.”

Then some water got spilled over his pants. Almost automatically I looked at Seth’s crotch and saw that his dick – almost as usual – was semi-erect, but quickly grew in size. Seth smirked at me and then with a devilish smile on his face ordered : 

“You better move your ass now and we go to the bathroom. Immediately, you understand.”

We both got up and left to the bathroom, Seth first and myself following. Needless to say, during all that time we were closely watched by the waitress. The room was small and there was only one separate toilet. There was one younger teenager in the bathroom as well who just finished peeing. Before he could wash his hands, Seth made clear to the guy that he should leave the place immediately and just shouted out a loud “Go!”. As usual, when people were looking at Seth – the guy didn’t object, but followed and left – for him a good decision by the way that spared him from some awful side effects. Then Seth locked the door immediately, grabbed my shoulder and jokingly pushed me into the cabin and thereafter sat down on the toilet seat. 

“I guess you know what you have to do now. You better be good so that the bitch cunt won’t be necessary for my satisfaction anymore,” Seth told me in an almost sarcastic, but still friendly tone. 

He wanted to make clear that the game was still ongoing and I got the message quickly. I kneeled down and meanwhile my treatment was completely adapted to his needs. First I got down to his boots, licked them a bit and then took a deep sniff. Only within seconds, this caused my tool to become rock-hard, ’cause nothing stood more for my new way of life than the smell of a brother’s combat boots. There was really nothing that felt better. 

“Yeah, inhale deeply, mate. ‘Cause that’s the smell of the brotherhood. Never forget about it again!” Seth moaned.

Slowly I moved my mouth to his crotch and opened his pants with my mouth. My hands, as he liked it, were placed on his thighs and from there one hand went all over his beautiful body. With my tongue I was licking first his balls and the area between his thighs, which tasted awesome again. Only after he put his hands behind my head I knew it was time to suck his dick. Strange, I thought to myself. Even though by now I had gotten used to Seth and his enormous sexual desires, still every time with him was a unique experience and of course the place where we did it this time added to the excitement.

“Oh Chokee, you’ve really become a true and world class cocksucker by now! Come on, swallow it deeply! Yeah! Help your master to get relief, ‘cause that’s what you were born for,” Seth told me with his commanding voice.

I realized how much I had meanwhile gotten into the feeling of cock-sucking and, even more so, total masculinity. There was nothing left but just to admit that I had never cared a lot about typically female things. Quite on the contrary I hated it. For sure this was also the reason why Cindy and I never got really close sexually. But the more I was with Seth, the more I really started hating any female influence on my way of life, especially when it came to sex. It was this overwhelmingly masculine thing which caused a total kick in me. And Seth, street smart and intelligent as he was, completely sensed it and made me addicted to this way of life within no time. He just knew where and when to press all buttons with me and turn me into real hunk; I was exposed to this treatment without any real influence … but that exactly was also what I loved and what intrigued me so much. 

“Ah, Chokee-boy is now really into cock, right? You only want man, huh? So tell me that you’re cock-addicted. Say it now loud and clear! Don’t lie!”

I was close to losing control at all and looked from my position up to Seth: 

“Yes, Seth, I’m cock-addicted! So please let me have your masculinity in my mouth. I need it. I’m much better than a cunt. Please believe me!”

Seth was now moving his body rhythmically and moaning loud. He no longer sat on the toilet, but had stood up so to control his movements better.

“Yes, you’re my whore and my bitch. You’re only here to please me, you understand. Repeat it.” 

I did as told and I think everyone can imagine and understand how hot I had become and that almost naturally I started touching my cock. Immediately however the watchdog Seth came back and ordered me: 

“No, stop this. No cumin’ here and now. We need all your aggression for the rest of the day and the night. Maybe thereafter, but we’ll see about that.”

Suddenly Seth took his dick out of my mouth and sat down on the toilet again. He showed with his forefinger on his thighs and said to me: 

“I need to fuck you right here now. Come here, bitch, and sit on my lap! Don’t waste any time!” 

I turned around and Seth slowly but firmly guided my ass so that his cock could enter me. The feeling that this treatment caused with me was just indescribable; I felt like being in heaven and moaned heavily. It didn’t take long and Seth’s dick was fully inside me. Seth then made me sit down on him and then started to whisper into my ear: 

“That is what my Chokee likes, huh? You need it and you were craving for it during all the time we were eating, huh? You need my full tool inside of you. You’re addicted to it!” 

I only nodded and whimpered out of joy. 

“Then say it and move your ass so that we get some speed going on here,” he went on.

I wasn’t able to think or talk clearly. The only thing I remember was that I told Seth that I loved his treatment and that he should continue. 

“I’m your personal property. Do what you think is right for me! Jesus, I need this,” I shouted out expressing my true feelings. 

I spoke these words obviously with such an intense voice that Seth came very close and whispered into my ear:

“Chokee, enjoy it, I’m here. You are mine and you’re with me now. It’s only my cock now that rules you and your ass.”

These words came both in a very dominating but also protective way and it turned me on enormously that this man who had become the absolute authority for me within no time, was capable of such feelings. It made me enormously proud and my only wish was to please him as best as I could. Seth now kissed me aggressively from behind and also entirely controlled the speed with which I had to ride his cock. 

“Yeah, baby, do it, I will come soon and will shoot everything inside you. You’ll have all my DNA inside you, believe me. Don’t touch yourself, only focus on me. I’m your god and it’s only my pleasure that must count for you, ‘cause that‘s the law of nature. Understood!”

It didn’t take long anymore and Seth came. When that happened, he was screaming and shouting and holding me so tight that I couldn’t move at all any more. I’m sure the people outside the bathroom could hear his screams. But that didn’t scare me in any way, on the contrary, it gave me an additional kick. 

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Seth wanted to make sure that my ass would be completely filled with his cum and again there would be nothing being spoiled. When he was done, he remained inside me for a further minute or so. Then his cock got out and – just by way of his look – Seth made clear that my job was not completely finished yet. I understood right away, went again between his legs and then licked his cock clean.

Just when I was done, Seth acknowledged my work by a deep moan and a slap in my face – for his standards quite a gentle one. He then put me up and after an intensive kiss by him, where I could feel his hot tongue fighting in my mouth, we got dressed again. We didn’t get back to our seats, but instead Seth paid directly at the counter with the waitress. He gave her a fair but not exaggerated tip and said to her: 

“‘Isn’t it a bit sad that you didn’t make any suggestions for dessert? But on the other hand, my comrade already provided so many options that it would have been hard for you to match with these.” 

He put his hand around my shoulder, pulled me to him and then simultaneously threw a dirty look to the waitress. At that time I already had become familiar withSeth’s style of constant provocation. I tried to put on my best twink smile and made a sign to come closer with her ear to me. When she followed, I whispered into her ear quietly, but so that Seth who stood next to me could still hear it clearly: 

“You know what. My comrade is by far better than the dirtiest thoughts that you may have deep inside your little brain. It’s just overwhelming, so you really missed something!” 

Seth couldn’t hold it anymore, but burst out in loud laughter. And the young girl’s countenance was now completely gone; she didn’t know what to say, ’cause obviously I had hit on her most secret fantasies. Needless to say, she blushed heavily and was not even capable of counting the money anymore. 

“Well, there can always be a next time,” Seth said and after these last words we got back to the car and drove back home to the Martial Arts Center. During the drive we spoke only little at first, but were quietly smoking our cigarettes.

Then Seth started the conversation again: 

“Chokee, pay a little attention to yourself. I know that you’re going through an intense phase now. And I also know that because of the poor job of your fucking so-called mother and the lacking authority by your so-called father you do have a lot of thoughts and fantasies of submission. That’s fine, when you live all that with me, Lars, Phil, or maybe Tom. We won’t hurt you, I promise. But be careful with others! All that could result in the most humiliating, degrading thing you can think of. So focus on your training and become a real man and fighter!. This takes a lot of your energy, but it’ll also help you not to lose control. And once your body and your mindset have developed the way I want them to be, nothing can happen to you anyways. People will then always pay you the necessary respect. And if not, you’ll teach them A lesson and they’ll learn the hard way. You understand, what I mean?”

Seth was amazing again, ’cause even without ever having talked about my deepest dreams and fantasies, he could sense the problem. He just knew about the vulnerable situation in which I was. And not only that, but he also could easily identify the true causes. So far we had never talked about my father, but of course he was right when he described my family background. It was true that it had always been my dominant mum who had made all the decisions for me, never my dad … no matter, whether it was about my school, my education, my sports activities or even my girlfriend. “Hell”, I thought, “Where does he know all that from”. But it became even more frightening, ‘cause exactly at the time when I was having these thoughts, Seth continued:

“You’re wondering, where I know all that from, right? Well, I’m not a wizard, that’s for sure. You just need to have some basic knowledge about people’s patterns of conduct and then mind reading becomes a matter of logic which predicts the right outcome in 95 percent of all cases. Just the same as when you’re in a fight. We will get to this soon. And don’t worry! Me and the brothers won’t tell anyone. Your fantasies are in safe hands. As I said, live your dreams with me and your close brothers! You’re free to do so and you should do so! This should be enough to get the necessary satisfaction and to control your fucking hormones! But don‘t let anyone else get close to this, understood?” Seth turned round to me, laughed again and put his hands between my thighs.

I nodded and said: 

“But Phil, Lars and the other brothers, aren’t they much more into cunts? Only Tom appears to be more on the other side, too.”

“Why do you think then Lars and Phil had sent Semi and Liv away for the weekend?” Seth replied and was laughing heavily. 

“Of course they are not as cock-addicted as you are, but they switch … like almost all of us do. Absolute masculinity you only find with a man. It’s as simple as that. That doesn’t mean of course that you don’t need a cunt once in a while. And for reproduction you can‘t avoid them anyways, right? In your case however …”, he continued laughing and hugged me in a very affirmative manner.

“I really must thank you. And I just don‘t know what to say anymore. But I‘m so happy that you‘re opening my eyes and taking care of me. Thank you so much. I promise I won‘t disappoint you and the brotherhood. I‘ll try as best as I can,” I said quietly again thereby looking into his steel-blue eyes.

“I know and don’t worry! But stop being melodramatic now! We’re late anyways for your afternoon training and this time you’re doing it with Lars, ‘cause he’s a much better swimmer and mental power trainer than I am.”

 “Swimming?”, I said. “You also have a pool at the center?” I asked rather surprised.

“You’ll see, we’re almost there now,” he said with a grin and drove the car to the parking ground.

To be continued …

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