A kinky story written by SkinPowerFighter | Chapter 12

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My First Training Session with Lars

When we got back to the compound, I felt like coming home. Lars was already waiting at the fitness bar and greeted us with a firm hug. Honestly, I hadn’t talked to him that much so far. Since he had been the one who slapped Cindy in front of the movie theatre, maybe it was also that I was a bit scared of him. Not that back at the time I still felt particularly sorry for her – no, really not, ’cause I was already totally intoxicated by this atmosphere of total masculinity, power, and strength in the brotherhood. But fact was also that I just couldn’t say whether Lars would freak out easily also towards me and was not able to control himself anymore – a thought that only a little later would appear totally absurd to me, ’cause all the brothers – even though appearing wild, rough, and uncontrolled on the surface – knew exactly at any moment what they they were doing and what effect that would have on their victims. But back at the time, Phil and partially also Tom to me appeared much more outgoing, full of humour, and, when you talked to them first, much more easy-going so that you could just have a good time with them. Needless to say I would very soon change my opinion of Lars completely.

Lars’ looks were without doubt very impressive. He had dark, almost black eyes and, among the three, the most defined face with very strong jaw muscles. Yes, indeed, one could see his jaw muscles working almost all the time as if he was constantly thinking about something. His hair was dark blond and the color of his skin was light brown. When we met him at the parking, he only had shorts on so that now I could also have a look at the rest of his body and that was just amazing. His upper body had a perfect V-shape and you could see almost any muscle; the definition was outstanding and it appeared that his body fat was somewhere between 5 or 6 percent maximum. It appeared that he was the most disciplined eater and needless to say, he just loved to show off the power that was coming only from his appearance.

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“Ok, brother, here are your swimming trunks. Go to the locker room, jump into them and then come back!”, Lars ordered me with a metal-like voice.

“Seth, you can take care of your customers. Our new recruit is in my hands now. Hopefully he won’t regret it,” He grinned at me and Seth, while I was already walking to the changing room to put on my trunks. I came back quickly, ’cause making a brother like Lars wait was just an impossible thought.

Lars looked at me in his typically superior skin brother way and, as a starter, tried to me nice, ’cause of course he could sense my fear: 

“Well, it seems that your high school babyface training had at least some effect or is what we see here, solely the product of Seth’s efforts with you? Anyway, that’s only the beginning and there’s still a long way to go, but that you know by yourself. And don’t believe you‘ll have an easy time with me! Come now!”

This time we left the main compound through the entrance door, passed the parking ground and were walking a further 300 to 400 meters. We came to another building with a lot of glass windows, which I hadn’t noticed any time before, ’cause it was totally hidden behind some trees. We went through the main door and in there I could already smell the typical chlorine odor coming from swimming pools. But that was not enough. The building had another two huge training rooms, one filled with all kinds of free weights and the other one only equipped with sports mattresses (obviously for the purpose of flexibility or other gymnastic exercises). Again I was impressed, especially when I saw the size of the pool, which had a length of 50 meters and a width of 25 meters so that It was in line with OLYMPIC standards. My mouth must have been open, ‘cause Lars looked at me, laughed, and said: “You like it?”

“Oh yeah. I really don’t wanna know what else is there in this compound,” I laughed shyl< and then I said: “Who owns this place by the way?”

“Seth will tell you, when the time is right. And now let’s start. We should be done by 6pm,” Lars’ voice had become even sharper when he said this so that I immediately stopped asking any more unnecessary questions. I was learning already that the life of a young skin recruit was about öearning and absorbing and not about asking stupid questions; I had to be careful with every word I said. Just like Seth, Lars had an enormous natural authority and, also like Seth, he seemed to hate unsolicited questions – something I would learn later on the hard way. Just the way he was looking at you could make you shut up rapidly. For the first time, I felt a strong wish to develop the same or at least a similarly strong personality.  

“Listen, as a starter to warm up you will do 20 lanes; that makes up to 1 km. The first 500 meters, you will do breaststroke, and the last 500 meters you will crawl. I will measure the time. Come on, move your ass now!”  

Also with Lars, I had this strong feeling right from the beginning not to disappoint him. I tried hard and this time it really helped that, still back in school, I was a good swimmer and had taken quite some classes. So I ended up with a little less than 20 minutes.

“Not so bad as a starting point!” Lars noted with some acknowledgement in his voice. “Get out, dry yourself and after that we’ll do some basic free weight exercises. But this time it’s not about the amount of weight, it’s just about getting your blood circulation to the top. So don’t exaggerate! The worst part is yet to come!”

I did the exercises as told and since they were similar to the ones Seth had shown me the days before, it wasn’t too hard and I didn’t do bad. During my training Lars had put on some hard RAC music so that I would get quickly into the right fighter mood. When a song called THAT DAY was playing, Lars told me to listen carefully, ’cause the lyrics would describe pretty much perfectly the stage of education in which was was myself:

I heard voices callin’ me

They were callin’ me by name

Telling me to stand and fight

And things would never be the same.

My spirit was awakened,

The gods have set me free,

become a fighter for our cause

and had a place in destiny.

That day – a warrior was born

That day – my pride again restored

That day – my heritage was saved

That day – never again enslaved!

Lars was right; the music really helped to stay focused and motivated during my entire training. But also outside the gym, these songs had a growing effect on me and I felt that virtually every single day I was becoming more and more addicted to it and  -deep inside – wanted to become a fighter on the music frontline myself – even though I didn’t have a clue how this should work out.

“Ok, Chokee, let’s go to the gymnastics room. Take your towel with you!”

I followed Lars to the room. By then my training had already taken around 40 minutes. 

“Chokee, what we are doing now, is really the hardest part of the entire program, ’cause it’s the mental training. You talked already with Seth about it. What we’ll try to achieve here is nothing less but you gaining full control over your own body and detaching yourself completely from any form of pain. The normal reaction of every body without special training towards beatings or any form of negative physical influence is pain. That’s how our normal neural system works. And if someone is causing you pain and goes on with this treatment, your body starts panicking. Also this can be explained easily, ’cause in former times your instinct in such a situation was always focused on escape. Why? Because in ancient times there were a lot of bigger animals out there, against which human beings had no chance. Can you overcome this reaction? Not entirely of course, but to a large extent. On a scale from1 to 10 you should at least be able to switch off the feeling of pain in the range from 1 to 5. Look at Jeiling for example, the great master by whom Seth, Phil, and I were trained. A real privilege by the way! I’d say that he has reached a level where his body is immune against pain in the range from 1 to 8. Why do we want to achieve this, you‘re wondering. Well, first quite easily, because the suppression of pain eliminates the panic reaction. Second, and that’s most important, you completely confuse your opponent, ’cause he expects you to suffer from pain. If you don’t feel it, however, it is in 90 percent or more of all cases extremely easy and doesn’t take a lot of effort to strike him down or even eliminate your opponent within no time. He just doesn‘t count on this chain of events and because of that, he is almost always no longer able to undertake any form of countermeasure. That’s the theory. Ok?”

I nodded. I had listened carefully and became more and more fascinated.

“Now come close to me and hit me hard anywhere where you think you could be successful to strike me down. Do it! No false restraint, understood?”

I looked at Lars and thought that a strike in his stomach area could have the desired effect. I was already thinking how I could apologize just in case he would go down. Since I had already had some training by Seth, I also thought that the force of my strike would not be too bad. So I focused and tried to hit his stomach hard. What I felt when my fist finally had contact with Lars’ body was the protection of a stone wall. ‘Cause it was my fist that got hurt as if I had punched against a piece of granite stone. So I wanted to take care of the slight pain in my hand, when I felt the most terrible stroke in the lower right part of my upper body. My eyes saw complete dark and the breathing stopped entirely. Seriously, this had been the most horrible pain I had ever felt in my entire life. That was the first part and out of the lack of oxygen I also thought for a quick moment that I would die. The second part was that shortly thereafter I felt an enormous relief by three or four touches that I couldn’t identify at first. But it was like I was allowed to get back to the world of the living. What had happened? When I opened my eyes again, I found myself in the arms of Lars with Lars touching very specific points of my body. Within another five minutes or so, I was also able to talk again.

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“Don’t worry, everything’s fine. I know, it’s a hard training, I know, but we have to get through this. There’s just no other way. Believe me, I’ll try to use the mildest form anyway. You really don’t wanna know what Jeiling made us go through. Can you stand on your own feet again, brother?” I nodded, even though it was still hard for me not to shake.

“Good, now come here and we’re going to watch everything on the screen again. The entire scene was filmed and that was obviously the purpose of it.”

We now watched the scene in slow motion and picture by picture and indeed, as Lars demonstrated, regarding my strike, because of my eye contact, it was clear right from the beginning where my punch should hit Lars’ body. So it was easy for him to activate his defense shield sufficiently in advance. And then you could also see how surprised I was when my attack failed and that for several seconds I was no longer on alert at all. So Lars was able to perform his counter strike easily and without much effort. When being explained all this, I just loved the instructive and also motivating manner, in which Lars tried to teach me. He was unbelievably focussed.

“Can you also let me know what it was that the pain went away so quickly with your touches?”, I asked.

“Sure. According to ancient Chinese medicine you have several live or energy lines in your body. And what you have to do, is activate them – ideally in advance – so to overcome or get relief from pain. We will have to find your exact live lines still in the course of this program. But for the time being my job was not too bad, was it?” Lars asked.

“No, not at all. The relief from the pain felt terrific,” I said. For the first time I was now carefully looking at my stomach expecting some serious bruises. I must have looked rather surprised.

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any bruises, if you’re looking for that. First, the force of my punch was too weak, ’cause we want you to look pretty over the weekend.” Lars was laughing out heavily when saying this before going on. 

“And second, the quick activation of your energy lines also helped to prevent bruises. You just need to know how to activate them. So, there will be nothing. Be happy, ok?”

Then he went on: 

“What we’ll do now in this program, is exposing you constantly to various forms of pain and also unpleasant situations. And your job will be to activate your live lines and to overcome pain. And of course you will learn to use this energy for serious and, if necessary, heavy counter attacks. It’s rather plain and simple in theory, but what it requires is a strong mindset in practice. But you’re going to make it, ’cause otherwise I’m gonna beat the shit out of you.”

“I’ll really try my best, I promise. Everything you say makes much sense,” I replied.

“Well, you will also have to read quite a bit and do a lot of mental training by yourself. But we can make substantial improvements within six months or so, if you comply and will be really serious about it. And you better will!” Lars barked with a grin and then, after a pause, went on:

“Listen, it’s almost 5.30 now and your afternoon training has already taken one and a half hours at least. Let’s stop here! You’ll be needed for Stealth later tonight and you will have to make yourself ready for your very first shift, right?”

I gave Lars a bright smile and said: 

“Thank you brother for everything. I really don’t know what to say. But I’ll make it up to you. Please tell me if there’s any favor or anything else I can do for you.”

“Chokee, we’ve become brothers. That means, we’re helping each other and we don’t set off. Right? I’m sure that when I need something from you, you’ll do the same for. ‘Cause if not, your life is going to look worse than hell. Understood?”

I nodded and obviously looked a little sad. Lars saw that and in a sudden move grabbed my crotch and said: 

“On the other hand, comrade, maybe I deserve some extra attention. The other brothers are already telling everybody that you can become a pretty wild animal and that you’re pretty much cock-addicted!” 

Lars gave me the dirtiest smile one could think of. I blushed and didn’t know what to say. Even though Seth had explicitly allowed me to fool around with Lars and Lars really turned me on incredibly, I didn’t want to do anything behind Seth’s back. Back at that time, I still wanted to talk to him first.

Lars, just like Seth, an excellent mind reader, sensed all this, gave me a hug and came very close to me. This felt again incredible, because both his muscles and his man scent felt irresistible to me. I had closed my eyes a bit when Lars whispered into my ears: 

“Chokee, I completely understand. Let’s fool around and play some hard games, when Seth is with us! You really changed Seth a lot and neither Phil nor I wanna come in between. We’re all blood brothers, you know, and you’re becoming one of us. That changes a lot”

“Thank you Lars, thank you so much. It’s just that I really don’t wanna do anything that would annoy Seth. He’s been doing so much for me and I’ve never felt this way for anyone,” I said.

“Yes, I understand. But believe me, Seth is also changing quite a bit. Had he hit the guy that you met in the park this morning before he met you, he would look pretty much different, believe me. You’ve softened him already. And maybe it’s good this way.” 

“Why is that?”, I asked.

“‘Cause Seth – even less than the other two of us – doesn’t believe in the value of life as such. He believes that only someone who lives in harmony with his moral values is someone who is entitled to live. And since only very few peopöe obviously live such a life, Seth has no difficulties taking a life away from someone outside the brotherhood. For him, there’s the brotherhood and some very few friends he respects, Jeiling for example. And thereafter, for him there only comes a mass of neutral people for whom he has no feelings. Either they comply with what he wants or they become enemies. And I don’t wanna go into any further detail what Seth thinks about or does to someone he sees as an enemy. So far such a person has never survived, that’s for sure. With you, it’s quite amazing: you switched from the last category directly to the first one. Huge congrats, really! But believe me, you‘re the big exception and you were really very close to death when you met us for the first time.”

“But why this harsh reaction? I don’t seem to understand.” I said.

“Chokee, don’t act stupid and stop it now! You should know meanwhile that our moral compass is quite different from the one of other people. And honor and respect stand above everything! You not only ignored but hurt Seth’s honor awfully in front of the movie theatre – and not only that, you did it in front of other people. And someone like Seth will never accept that. Be sure about this! But I said already that he treated the kid this morning quite differently from his normal standards. And believe me: he does this only because of you. You don’t wanna know what Seth is capable of when he feels not sufficiently respected. There was one girl for example, a friend of Liv I believe, who was very much interested in Seth. Obviously it was not the case vice versa. And because she didn’t get his attention, she tried to be funny and made only one stupid comment about his masculinity. An absolute ‘Don’t’ as you can imagine meanwhile.”

“And what happened then?”, I asked.

“Well, Seth brought her here, but the night was very much different from what she had in mind. I really don’t wanna say more. But it was not nice. She never showed up again. So, just keep this strong bond that you have with Seth. It’s your life insurance. And now enough of all the talking! Go back, your master for sure is already waiting for you and wants to have our reports. Let’s go!” 

We left the pool area, went outside and walked back to the main compound. At the fitness bar, Seth and Phil were waiting already. The center was still quite well-attended and some guys – mostly skins – were sitting in the bar area. There was again some good background music playing to keep up the fighting spirit of those who were lifting and training hard. There was one song by a group called Max Resist (whose lead guitarist Pat and I would later jump into a very intense relationship) that expressed best the feeling among the skin brothers in the center. The song was titled RENEGADE YOUTH and had the following lines:

Growing up wasn’t easy, it wasn’t easy to do

You had to be different, the discovery of you

Did they single you out?

Tell you you were wrong?

All the torture and abuse,

it just made you strong.

Renegade Youth, you’re not lost

You’re not even going home tonight

Or any night, tonight.

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For a minute or so I joined the song whole-heartedly, especially during the refrain ‘Renegade Youth’. Seth smiled at me first when he saw me singing and then said:

“Good to see you, Chokee-boy. Did you like it or did the brother give you quite a hard time?” 

Seth handed one of his shakes to me which I drank quickly and simultaneously was looking at Lars with a smirk.

Before I could speak, Lars answered for me: 

“He did really well and gave his best. Give him a break now and appreciate that he’s very loyal to you.” 

I just couldn’t believe what I heard. Lars, the mysterious quiet guy and constant fighter was complimenting me in front of everyone. But because of that I appreciated it even more and smiled at him: 

“Thank you, brother. That’s really nice of you and it motivates a lot.”

“Chokee, seems that you’ll become a quick learner. I like to hear this. Go to the steam room for a minute to avoid muscle pain and then get changed. Upstairs we can have something to eat and get some rest before your first night shift starts. Don’t forget you need to have sufficient energy levels.”

It took me about 20 further minutes till I was ready: I came back to the bar. It was now past 6 pm already. Seth was already waiting for me. He gave me another brotherly hug, smiled and whispered into my ear with quite a soft voice and clearly having second thoughts: 

“Come on, move your ass and let’s go upstairs!” With one hand he was pressing my right ass cheek while saying this.

When we arrived upstairs, some brothers were already there. Three comrades were sitting around in the living room area. Seth made it right away to the kitchen and prepared the dinner for us. This time however I was supposed to help him and I performed the tasks he ordered me to do to his satisfaction – like cutting onions, washing the meat and other stuff. After the preparation was finished, we started eating our steak with different vegetables. Because of the various power attacks against my body I’m sure you can imagine how hungry and also tired I was. So there was no great communication at the beginning.

Only after some minutes Seth started: 

“Lars told me that you’re pretty paranoid when guys want to fool around with you. Even the brother wasn’t allowed to do anything.”

“Seth”, I said looking deep into his eyes, “I don’t wanna hurt anybody, but please all that is still new to me and I really wanna gain your trust completely. I find both Phil and Lars enormously hot. The only thing I asked for was that we don’t do anything in a hidden way, when you’re not around. I want you to watch out for me. Please.” 

I was still looking at him, because I was not sure whether my conduct came through as an offense. This would have been the last thing I wanted.

Seth looked at me deeply as if he wanted to investigate my soul and then gave me a sign to sit on his laps. Of course I followed. He then grabbed my head and placed it on his muscle chest so that he was able to whisper something into my ears: 

“It’s ok, I like it somehow that you’re so focused on me. And Lars and Phil are not mad at you by the way, they really like you. Especially Lars after today’s training. You did quite a good job and impressed him with your fighter spirit which is really not easy. Lars has very high standards. And by the way, all of us will have our fun over the weekend.”

I was relieved. Fortunately no one had a problem with me at that point. What I could also feel when sitting on Seth’s laps was his growing erection … something that meanwhile made me really proud. Fortunately, any form of false guilt or shame had completely vanished from my mind. 

With a very sudden move Seth grabbed me on my shoulder and between my legs and within no time I found my entire body being carried on his left shoulder. It seemed that my body weight didn’t bother him at all, he just carried me like a feather. To me this just felt extremely sexy, ’cause I could feel the enormous power of this man and in addition my nose was now directly on his upper body between his armpit. His man scent was as always an enormous turn-on for me, a mixture between soap, sweat, tobacco and Seth’s typical body odor. While carrying me, Seth said: 

“Let’s go to our room. There are some things that need to be discussed.” 

We passed the living room area again with all the other brothers sitting around, watching the scene, and applauding, and then ended up in Seth’s room again. There, firmly but without hurting me, he threw me on the mattress and looked at me: 

“You’ve been causing me quite some trouble, brother!”     

“Why?”, I asked, also looking a little shocked because I thought I did something wrong.

“Because I really do seem to care for you. So far I had Phil and Lars as my best buddies and of course the brotherhood. The rest – fuck yeah – just didn’t matter. I had lots of fun of course, but I didn’t really care about this scum. With you it’s becoming a lot different.”

“And why is that so bad?”, I asked.

“Quite simple. Because I’m not as strict and straight forward with you as I am with the others and as I should be. I let people know exactly what I want and almost all the time they obey or they get such a harsh reaction that any disobedience only happens once – one way or the other, if you know what I mean.” Seth stared at me seriously.

“But, Seth, I haven’t done anything over the last days that could make you believe that I’ll betray you. Nothing! I’m just happy with you and try to learn and follow. Why is it that you still don’t trust me?” I asked.

Seth now threw his body over mine and gave me a very aggressive, but yet also protective kiss. Then he looked at me again and said: 

“It better stay this way. You wouldn’t want to know what would happen if you became a backstabber.”

I nodded. Seth now shortly looked at his crotch and then back to me: 

“I guess you meanwhile know about your obligations, right? Go ahead!”

On all fours I got again between his legs and lowered with my mouth to his sweatpants. Fortunately he didn’t wear any underwear and soon his already fully-erect cock and his balls were greeting me. I took his dick quickly into my mouth and simultaneously stroked his balls and started massaging him. He immediately liked it and groaned.

“You’re doing great, Chokee. You’re my personal property now. You’re mine and you live through me from now on. You understand! I‘m your only god!” he was screaming. 

As usual he held my head firmly in his hands. And although Seth was focussing on his own pleasure, I could also feel the masculine power that surrounded me. I’ve never had that before, but now this drove me crazy. Being in the hands of an absolute alpha man for the first time is something which you cannot describe with words. I mean, you have to experience it and only then you begin to know step by step.

So almost automatically I replied: 

“Yes, master, I’m your property. I want to be yours only. So please make me your man!”

Seth with one hand now moved to my ass and tried to stick his middle finger into my hole. The problem was, however, that I was still very sore from our lunch time adventure in the steakhouse restroom and because of that it hurt enormously and I had to scream a little out of pain. I was already prepared, though, to overcome this feeling by whatever means just to make Seth happy and fulfil my obligations. But now something happened that showed me clearly that I meanwhile had gotten really special to Seth. Because instead of complaining and thinking of his own pleasure – which would have been typical of an alpha like him – he suddenly became a little worried.

“What happened? You have pain there, right?” He asked.

“It’s nothing, Seth. It’s just that today’s session down at the restaurant was a little much. But you can have me. I’ll swallow any pain. Really!”

“Don’t act stupid! You’re not a whore. I won’t really hurt you and with you I don‘t take any pleasure from this. We will use some ointment or lubricant to make it heal quicker. And for now of course it’s enough if you give me one of your blow-jobs. They’re fabulous anyway.” He smiled at me and, for his standards, had become very gentle in his voice – something that was the total exception.

Again I became very grateful to have met such a great guy like Seth in whose company I felt so good. 

“Thank you, Seth. You’ll always be the only one for me!”

“I know, Chokee. But now finish your task! Do what you’re obliged to do. It’s the law of nature, especially for a cock-addict like you are.” While saying that,Seth gave me one of his dirtiest smirks.

I did my best again and since my blowjob skills had improved considerably over the last few weeks, Seth obviously couldn’t complain and got his pleasure. He moved his body rhythmically and thereby closed his eyes. But he still made sure that I wouldn’t come, ‘cause he said that this time it was only about him. When he got closer, he started moaning again. Then his breath became shorter and he screamed: 

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“Chokee, I’m coming. You bitch will swallow every fucking spurt as I told you. Don’t lose one drop, understand?”

When he came, it was again a moment of total pleasure for the both of us. His release was as strong as usual and the sperm in my mouth just felt right. As ordered by him, I swallowed everything and had become incredibly proud that I was allowed to have what was the most important part of Seth’s manhood.

When Seth was done we laid down on the mattress. He hugged me from behind and then I immediately fell asleep. Fortunately we still had two or three hours before my first shift at Stealth would begin.

To be continued …

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  1. Still enthralled by your story-telling. I particularly like the way you’re developing Seth’s character. Keep up the good work!


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