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A Rapid Change In Lifestyle (3)

A Rapid Change In Lifestyle (3)

A kinky story written by SkinPowerFighter | Chapter 3

Click here to see all published chapters. Illustration by Nicolas Brunet.

About Ongoing Changes and a Happy Reunion

I sneaked home in my sweatsuit, opened the door as quietly as I could and got in. Fortunately my parents didn’t wake up, but were still in bed. It was now Saturday and almost 5am in the morning. The second thing I did was going to the laundry room in the basement and putting my urinated clothes in the washing machine and then starting the ‘intensive program”. After that, I took another shower in my bathroom – our house at that time had 5 bedrooms, each with an adjacent bathroom – and also brushed my teeth.

When I went to bed and before falling into sleep, I reflected over what had happened tonight and that was quite heavy. I literally survived imminent death and thereafter had the most incredible hours with the most incredible guy on earth. Deeply I had to admit that all of what happened had been pure joy for me and that only Seth had so far been able to press all my triggering buttons simultaneously. And quite frankly, I started missing him already. Awfully however I was not able and also not allowed to talk about my feelings. And that made me feel like a wild animal being trapped in a steel cage and not having any plan how to get out again. My thoughts went back and forth and finally, extremely exhausted, I fell asleep. The next morning I got up only shortly after 10am and went to the breakfast table to have a coffee.

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I should have expected that Cindy had already invited herself (of course with the full support of my mother) and told the story about my (from her perspective) courageous reaction at yesterday’s event before the movie theater; meanwhile she called it even ‘heroic’. Quite frankly, I didn’t like this talk at all, mostly because it sounded to me already as if I would betray Seth – and that was the last thing I wanted to happen.

So I tried to twist the series of events a bit and said quite aggressively: 

“You know what Cindy. Reflecting on this I truly think that all we did was rather stupid. First we didn’t know these guys and so we didn’t have any clue about what their immediate reaction would be. They all looked extremely well-trained and so the whole thing could have gotten really really mean. Second, blaming these guys for not being educated enough was also wrong and arrogant. We do not have any information to what school they went or what college they attended. We also didn’t inquire at all about these guys’ true motivation. But that we should have done before taking sides. And third I believe that everybody in general should have the right to tell us his opinion, even though we don’t like to hear it; we cannot cut off certain views. This would be completely unfair.” When I ended my speech, I had a sip of my coffee. This helped to get the day started.

Cindy of course was outraged when she learned about my true feelings and my Mom as usual supported her. She said:

“You know, fighting against radicals who are threatening the fundaments of our freedom is always a good thing. Saying nothing would provoke the exact contrary which is even more people would follow. The only question in your case is whether the imminent risk for your bodily harm would have justified a retreat. I don’t know what the degree of risk was, honey, therefore I cannot give a final answer. But I also admire your heroism.”

There it was again: this classical liberal talk that helped no one and gave no indication of how to solve any underlying problem. At that point I started to miss Seth already whose views were so clear and where you knew exactly whether you had his undivided support or not. No senseless back and forth, but clear black and white instead. I started missing him enormously and felt growing contempt for everything around me here in this house. And I also felt trapped in my old world. So I finalized my speech by saying:

“Cindy, I think you set our lives at risk for nothing. In the future, please do those things only after you talked to me before. I think I was rather clear on this.” 

I felt proud, also because I knew that this would end up in a fight and I could spend at least the weekend on my own. It came as expected, Cindy replied that she didn’t understand my behavior at all and that she felt offended by my words. Then she left the house rather quickly. My mother tried to intervene as usual, but this time without success. After Cindy had left, my mom started asking questions about what exactly had happened and where I had been all the time, since obviously I had not been back at the house before midnight. I got immediately nervous even though I didn’t want to show it.

“Mom, is it so difficult to understand after all what happened in the movie theater? I just needed to be on my own a bit after I left Cindy’s house. So I took an extensive walk. And if you also want to know about the clothes in the washing machine, I got pretty dirty and wet and so I started the program right after I came back here.” Again my words came out rather aggressive.

I looked firmly into her eyes, and for whatever reason this seemed to convince her. The investigation fortunately was over.

The rest of the weekend I could spend thinking and dreaming about Seth and the others without being disturbed. On Sunday I started to get worried because I hadn’t heard anything from Seth. I started to wonder whether he secretly had already given me up, because he thought that we did not really fit together, that my little world was far too distant and separated from his and that after all, there were sufficient other options available to him (which I am sure there were). These thoughts hurt enormously and I did not know what to do. My mother noticed the changes in my moods, but got the connection completely wrong, because she thought that Cindy and my provoked fight were the reasons. She offered herself as ambassador and peacemaker, but at least that I was able to avoid. On Sunday night, finally, I received a text message from Seth saying: “Take your sweat suit with you when I pick you up. And behave yourself (no cumming), I’m watching you all the time, brother :).” Of course I felt relieved, because the message at least showed that Seth hadn’t forgotten about me completely. On the other hand, the sender number was hidden (of course), everything remained vague and there was no date or time proposal, nothing. I was left in the dark. 

On Monday nothing happened. In school, it was hard for me to follow the classes at all, since I was obsessed only by one thought, which was Seth. Nothing else. Whenever the teachers tried to include me in their discussions or projects, I was unable to follow. My reactions were slow and not to the point. I looked at my cell all the time, but still no message, nothing (also after checking the connection for the hundredth time).

On Tuesday morning it was mere panic. I questioned myself again and again, whether I did anything wrong. But I couldn’t think of anything: I didn’t say a word to my parents or any other person about what happened and I also didn’t cum. Sure, I was playing with myself almost all the time when thinking about Seth, but I stopped far before any critical point. Because had I cum, I would have seen this as a betrayal of Seth, and that was the last thing I wanted to happen. On Tuesday night I was even thinking of contacting Seth on my own, even though this would have been against the rules since he made clear that as usual he would be the one in charge. And also: how should I have contacted him anyway? I didn’t have an address, I didn’t know the place where I was on Friday and, as said already, the text message on Sunday came of course from an anonymous cellphone.

After leaving for school so that my folks wouldn’t get worried, I took my phone, called the school and said that I was sick. That made it possible to go to downtown and the downtown parks and reflect a little bit. One part in my body told me that I had to get over it and go on with my life. The other, much stronger part made pretty clear that nothing could be as it was after what happened and that my life more or less consisted of a lie. There was no productive outcome from this inner conflict that I was fighting. 

The day after, on Wednesday, I was clearly convinced that Seth and the brotherhood had forgotten about me. Silently I started crying. But there was no one to talk to. I came home from school full of negative thoughts shortly after 2pm. 

When I looked at the house, I saw a white van in our driveway with the driver’s door being open. And outside, at the entrance door I could see Mum and … fortunately Seth who wore a grey and black working overall that covered half of his neck. His tattoos however remained partially visible. Seth stood in front of my Mum spread legged as usual and looked at her with his steel-blue eyes. From his body movements one could slightly guess the contempt that Seth had for the kind of middle-class lifestyle of my family. From the body language of my Mum I could see that she didn’t feel comfortable at all and was frightened. And Seth of course (as I later found out when I knew his personality better) took a great joy out of this, since he knew exactly how to intimidate people, not only by words, but also by implicit conduct.

Picture provided by the author

I joined the two quickly and my Mum turned to me: “Daniel, good that you come. This gentleman has a message that he can only deliver to you personally.”

Seth looked at her briefly and just by his body language made her shut up immediately. Then he turned to me: “Not quite, sir. Let me explain. Fact is that my company has an express courier for you which can only be handed out to you personally in our headquarters at the other end of the town. Therefore, what I can offer, since I need to drive back anyway, is that you come with me and that you can get your package at our headquarters.”

When he referred to the term “package”, he gave a dirty smile into my direction.

My Mum looking at Seth again stepped in and said: “Maybe this is not such a good idea. I can drive you to the headquarters of the courier service later on and we can also do some shopping then.”

The only thing that was in my mind at that moment was cutting my Mum off as quickly as possible. Therefore I said: 

“Mum, please don’t make such a big deal out of it. Of course I will go with this gentleman who is so kind to help. I have to go to my classmate Marvin after the pickup anyway. Remember, we need to prepare for one of these joint community projects that the school wants us to handle. I guess I told you already about that social project week that will start next month. So it’s most efficient to combine the two things.” 

Seth looked at me with his beautiful ironical smile and was of course keen to learn how my attempt in the form of a lie to leave my old world as quickly as possible would practically turn out. 

Mum finally agreed (most likely also because she knew that she couldn’t have prevented it anyways), but she insisted on me being extra careful. Then she looked at Seth again and wanted to give him a tip in the form of 5 Pounds. I could see Seth’s immediate reaction, since his looks again changed severely and quite dangerously. It was clear to me that this was seen by him as a clear offense and that he felt as being looked down – apart from the fact that money, as I later found out, had absolutely no meaning for Seth … on the contrary, he looked down at any form of materialism. Hadn’t I stepped in, I’m sure some serious fight – at least by words – could have developed. But before that could happen, I told my Mum that I knew that the messenger guy by law was not allowed to accept tips anymore and that therefore she should give up this idea quickly, Fortunately she didn’t push any further, but instead went back to the house. I followed her quickly since I wanted to get the backpack with my sweat suit and some other stuff. After that I went downstairs again, said goodbye to my Mum and added: 

“Mum, should the project work at Marvin’s take longer than expected, I will stay at his house overnight. It’s also a shorter way to school tomorrow.” My Mum only nodded, because she still felt so uneasy about Seth who represented something which she had not encountered so far – absolute truthfulness without any form of political correctness. When seeing this, my contempt against my own lifestyle and the people being part of that was growing even more.

I shut the entrance door and jumped into the van where Seth had already started the ignition. Seth looked at me with a big smile and then we took off.            

Seth looked at me with a big smile and started immediately to pick on me a bit in a cheerful manner: “You’ve been a shitty lier to your mother. Hands immediately on my thighs! And then I wanna hear in detail everything of what you did and said over the last days. So you may speak up.” He started to smoke again and offered me a cigarette. I didn’t want to appear chicken-like right from the beginning, so I took it and Seth lighted it for me.

I was so happy and couldn’t believe my luck. Yet one hour ago I was in total doubt about myself and whether I would have a chance to see Seth ever again. And now I was in in his car and I had the feeling that he also liked my presence.

Seth of course felt my relief and my happiness. He smiled, took a deep puff, and then directed my hands to his crotch and ordered me to play with his dick and balls a little. 

“Well, Seth, since last Friday not a lot had happened. I followed the rules as you told me and in particular I didn’t come. But for the most time I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and I was terribly worried that I wouldn’t see you again. I can’t tell you how it felt when I saw you at the drive-way of our house.”

“Chokee, don’t be dump. I told you many times that I exactly do what I tell people I would do. So why is it that you believe that I would text you, but then not show up. That’s stupid, isn’t it? The whole principle of our brotherhood is that you can rely on the words of each one of us 100 percent. We are no talkers like your folks, we just do what we say.”

After a short break he went on:

“But what about your cock-addictiveness? Any news?”

I blushed immediately.

“Chokee, stop feeling embarassed all the time. You need to accept yourself and don’t pretend you live on the moon. I guess, last Friday made it pretty much clear that you need cock. And that’s not necessarily bad as long as you don’t become a sissy faggot. But I and the brotherhood will watch out for this. And you will get enough cock, believe me. But of course only under my direction.” He smiled a bit sarcastically.

So I went on: “Well, you know that last Friday’s events for sure had a strong effect on me. I couldn’t think of anyone else except you. Before last Friday, as it seems now, I didn’t know anything about myself, and since then my thoughts have only turned to you. And with Cindy, if you wanna call her my fiancee: well, we had a fight on Saturday morning at breakfast and since then I haven’t seen her. And I’m not unhappy about this.” 

Then I told him about the exact background of the argument and Seth listened. Then he looked at me and said:

“Well done, Chokee-boy. You found quite a smart ass way to be on your own. That’s good, because you need to be aware of all the changes that will come quite soon. Looking at your cock-addictiveness, a cunt would be the last thing that could help you here.  Speaking of this, go and look in the glove department. You should find a plastic bottle with some liquid there, right?”

I did as told and indeed there was a red bottle (again with the banner of the Martial Arts Training Center, which had about one liter of liquid). 

“Drink it”, Seth ordered. “It’s my special energy drink mixture and you will need a lot of energy tonight. So, swallow this liquid as you swallow certain other things!” He smiled with a dirty grin. I also had to laugh and drank the whole thing quickly, almost in one sip. 

“Good. And don’t forget the treatment your hands owe to my cock and balls.” I positioned my both hands again under Seth’s pants, which this time were not combat trousers, but very tight Levis 501 bleachers – something that made him look even sexier. With his body movements he made himself once again perfectly clear what kind of strokes and squeezes he liked and which he did not. 

Within no time I was capable of giving some form of privileged treatment to his dick which he responded with a total erection. It didn’t seem however that his driving would suffer from this.

Suddenly he moved his left hand to my mouth and offered me his fingers. Only thinking of the feeling that sucking his fingers caused with me drove me crazy and to the edge. So immediately I took his thumb, his index and his middle finger into my mouth and sucked them deeply.

“Very good. Seems that you were missing something over the last days. Your bitch doesn’t give this to you, huh?”

Seth was laughing when he said that. For my part, only thinking of having one of Cindy’s manicured fingers in my mouth made me feel like suffocating or throwing up. So I forced this thought to leave my mind quickly and then focused on Seth’s beautiful fingers again that also had such a fantastic taste – some kind of mixture of fresh sweat, food, and soap.   

Finally he took my head in his forceful left hand and put it between his legs. It was perfectly clear to me what I was expected to do. So I took his cock immediately into my mouth and started swallowing it. His hand was giving me the necessary guidance.

“Not too fast, Chookee, I don’t wanna cum. Do it slowly. And no touching of yourself. Clear?” 

I nodded and my blowjob qualities obviously convinced Seth, because he was slightly moaning, without however loosing the control over the car at any moment. With one of my hands I grabbed beneath Seth’s overall and felt the enormous muscles of his upper body. His man scent was just overwhelming and I sniffed and inhaled it again and again. All that made me feel like being in heaven after days of hell at my home. For sure, I had never experienced anything close to that in my entire life before. I wanted it to last forever and I deeply wanted to get rid of my old world immediately.   

To be continued …

Click here to see all published chapters.

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SkinPowerFighter is an active skinhead who joined the scene when he was about 15 years old. He knows the culture by heart and still identifies with many of the core values the skinhead scene stands for. All this helped him a lot to develop into a grown up personality for whom true masculinity and clear authority stands Beyond everything. Some of the story elements are autobiographical and therefore give a particular insight view into the classical skinhead life.

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SkinPowerFighter is an active skinhead who joined the scene when he was about 15 years old. He knows the culture by heart and still identifies with many of the core values the skinhead scene stands for. All this helped him a lot to develop into a grown up personality for whom true masculinity and clear authority stands Beyond everything. Some of the story elements are autobiographical and therefore give a particular insight view into the classical skinhead life.

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