A kinky story written by SkinPowerFighter | Chapter 5

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Dear Readers,

Thanks a lot for all your positive comments on my first four chapters. Now what follows is Chapter 5, is the true start of the transformation process of Chokee so that he will become fit to will spend his new world. Again he has to cope with a lot of challenges and Seth’s dominant personality. Is he going to make it?  

Again, please let me have your impressions so that I can work on improvements for the next chapters.

And now please enjoy Part V, hopefully still with the same hot feelings of adoration for our hero and for the other skins in this story:

Seth’s Private World and his Final Hit on Me 

After some minutes Seth gave me a sign to follow we passed the bar and walked further down for about 200 meters. Then, quite hidden, a door appeared on the left wall. Seth opened it and we came to a hallway which led to an industrial escalator and to a stairwell. We went up the stairs and got to the first level. There I found myself in front of another locked door. Seth got his key and then opened it. 

What I then saw, was amazing again. The whole place was huge again, for sure 500 square meters or even more in total, and had been completely refurbished for residential purposes. In the center and as a core part there was a huge living room which was filled with an enormous flatscreen TV, several couches and tables and – spread out everywhere – various fitness equipment. On the walls there were mega size posters of war scenes, patriotic motives and several RAC bands. There was also an integrated bar with 5 or more barstools. The most amazing thing about this living complex were however the high ceilings. I guess, in none of the rooms the ceilings were less than 6 meters high, and the living room area went clearly beyond that, because when you looked up, you could see directly to the roof. From the living room you could go to an open kitchen area that has all necessary equipment like oven, cooking field, even a dishwasher. The kitchen however looked as if it was not so much in use for extensive cooking purposes, but only for quick meals. 

When you left this enormous living room you came to a hall and from there you could get to eight or nine standard size rooms of about 20 or 30 square meters. These were obviously used as bed rooms. All of them had an integrated sink and a separate toilette. And at the end of the hall there was a huge bathroom with at least 6 shower cabins and the same number of sinks and toilets.

Even though the whole place was not necessarily dirty, it was far from being super clean. Instead, each corner of this area made clear that it was inhabited by purely male residents and that any nitty gritty hygiene standard would have been completely misplaced. In other words you could immediately feel that this was the home of true hunks.         

To me, what I saw, was just breathtaking and Seth obviously enjoyed showing every corner of the place to me, which took quite a while due to the its mere size.

“Do you like it?”

“It’s amazing, I just don’t know what to say. The place gives me the feeling of total freedom. You renovated all of this on your owner?”

“With the help of the owner of this whole complex. All this was built around three years ago when the club downstairs opened. Only Stealth Bar came later on. And the owner obviously was looking for special people to run this place. But enough of that. Don’t ask questions all the time, Chokee-boy. You will learn when the right time comes. Let’s go now to my room.

Seth’s room was slightly bigger and located at the end of the hall close to the bathroom. When I entered the room, I could smell immediately his masculine odor. What I could also see was that Seth wasn’t by nature a very orderly person. Clothes – among them also the combat trousers he wore the other day – were lying on the floor and on the wooden table you could find the remainders of food. The room itself was furnished rather Spartan-like, which fit perfectly well to Seth’s general attitude and warrior-like looks: there was a huge mattress on the floor and there were two wooden tables – one obviously used for eating and one for studying purposes, because – what was striking to me – you could find quite a number of books on there and in the shelves on the wall. And finally, the room had another fitness bench and quite a number of higher-ranking free weights that looked like being used all the time. 

With one move, Seth threw himself on the mattress and said with a specific gesture of his left hand: “Chokee, come here and sit on my lap immediately!” I followed of course and sat down between his legs. Seth changed his position a bit and then sat cross-legged with his legs around my waist. Immediately I could feel his semi hard-on and it was growing. For the first time after we got out of his car, he took a cigarette in his mouth, lighted it, took a deep puff, and then handed it to me. Quickly I also inhaled. 

With a devilish smile Seth said: “You were checking on me heavily back in the changing room and you were pretty wild in the steam room as well.” I wanted to reply something smart, but nothing came to my mind because what Seth noticed was completely true. So I couldn’t avoid the truth.

“Oh my god, Chokee. Stop feeling embarrassed. No one expects from you here to live like a monk. And as said, we all have to live with your cock addiction anyway. So, better start now accepting this fact. And now, help me to get out of my boots and pants. And after that get out of your stuff as well.”

I tried to help Seth to the best of my abilities, but it was not an easy task, because the steel cap boots were very heavy and his bleachers extremely tight. But with him helping me I finally made it.

“Shouldn’t we close the door?”, I asked, while I got naked myself.

“Why? No one is here anyway and I have nothing to hide. In the brotherhood nobody has secrets from each other. My hard-on shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. And now stop talking, come here and lick my body.”

Picture provided by the author

He grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to his nipples. His grip was firm, but also full of devotion. I took a deep breath and started smelling his body that I craved for so much. This gave me an immediate hard-on and I moaned a little.   

“Eat my nipples and then slowly go down all the way to my dick!”, Seth instructed me. Meanwhile I found myself again in my typical body position with Seth. I was kneeling down between his spread legs and tried all my best to fulfill his needs. I admired this man and his body more and and more almost any minute and I really wanted him to be happy with me and my performance. I finally reached his cock with my tongue. 

“Lick my balls first and then swallow my dick as you have learned already!”, Seth said.

I did as told and I believe my performance wasn’t too bad. Seth closed his eyes and the sound of his breath and his supportive moves with his hips indicated that he liked my treatment. All this went on for some minutes.

Suddenly, with incredible force – but still in a way that I didn’t yet hurt – he took my head in his hands and pulled my body upwards so that our two faces were looking at each other. The glance in his eyes was so intense that it became hard to me for withstand. Obviously, his steel-blue eyes were screening me again and only after a few seconds he said while keeping his firm grip around my head: “Never ever betray me! Never ever have secrets from me! Never ever do anything behind my back! I will find out anyway and then I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes. If you stick to these rules, I will be your protector and nothing can happen to you?” After that he started kissing me. It was a possessive and also aggressive kiss, but I just loved it and felt like in heaven. I wanted this moment to last forever.

Then Seth turned me around again and made me lie down on his bed in face-down position. He threw his own body on me and the pure weight of his muscles made it a bit difficult for me to keep breathing. When he noticed my difficulties, he re-positioned himself a bit so that it got more comfortable for me. His mouth was now touching my left ear and Seth said quietly: “Chokee, it’s time for you now to become a part of me. I guess, you know what this means. I might hurt at the beginning, but I’m sure you will love it later on. If this is getting too hard for you, give me a sign and I will slow down, ok.”        

During all this time Seth had been fucking me already with three fingers of his right hand. And just like last time in the car my ass responded with perfect joy to this treatment. Then he spit some saliva on his left hand and moistened his dick with it. The second spit he used for moistening my ass and anus area. And then while holding my upper body firmly with his arms he tried to enter me me. 

“Relax, Chokee, let the natural happen. You’ve been born for this and I will make you happy like you’ve never felt before. Relax!”

His voice, the warmth and masculine power of his body and the whole situation made me feel completely safe. So Seth’s cock didn’t encounter a lot of resistance. He was in me quickly.

“Good job, brother. This is how it’s supposed to be by nature. Now I’m going to fuck you and this time you’re allowed to play with yourself. We will come together.”

Without his cock leaving my ass, Seth made me kneel down doggy-style and then he started to fuck me with full force. 

“Bitch, you’re mine, you understand. Make your man happy, that’s what you were born for.” He increased the speed even more and I could feel all his determination, his power and his domination inside me. I was possessed by him. But still, Seth didn’t use all this to hurt me. He was not in his destruction mode (which he once in awhile had), but did a lot by way of his talking, his movements and his way to touch me, to make all this a pleasure for me too. 

The fucking went on for almost half an hour with Seth making me change positions whenever he thought that this would intensify the feeling. From doggy-style we switched into a position where I was supposed to sit on him and where I had a little more influence on the speed.

Finally we went back into doggy-style and Seth made it clear that it was now time to cum. He helped me with my dick so that it was fully erected.

“Chokee, you’ll come with me, understand. I will shoot my whole load inside of you, nothing will be spoiled, ’cause I don’t like this. So, focus on your dick, bitch!” I did and we indeed came simultaneously. Seth screamed like a wild animal and held me close to his body so that his dick would stay inside me all the time. He wanted to be super sure with this. When I came, Seth put his arm forward that I would shoot into his right hand. As soon as I was done, he took my cum and made me swallow it. “Eat it, eat it all, bitch.”, he shouted, “It’s part of nature and you’re not supposed to waste it. Understand?”.

I did everything as instructed. But shortly thereafter out of exhaustion I started to see stars and to fade away. The only thing I can remember is that I fell on the mattress and my eyes closed almost automatically. I believe I woke up several times, but fell asleep quickly again. All the time I felt Seth still next to and also inside me. I think he did everything to make me feel part of him and protected. When I finally opened my eyes again, I had to re-adjust first. But quickly everything that had happened on this eventful Wednesday afternoon came back to my mind. I looked through the window and saw that it already started to get dark. Gosh, I must have slept for at least two hours. And then I noticed that Seth was not in the room. I stood up from the mattress and heard quite some noises coming from outside, most likely from the large living room area. When I saw that I was completely naked I shortly looked for my clothes but couldn’t find them. So I decided to put on the jogging pants of my sweat suit, which meanwhile looked and smelt rather used, and got out of the room.

In the living room there was quite some action going on. There were Seth, Lars, Phil and two other skins whom I remembered working as trainers in the center downstairs and who were introduced to me as Tom and Aaron. And then there were two skinhead girls who were obviously the girlfriends of Lars and Phil, because they were sitting on their laps and trying to comfort them. They were very passive and completely focussed on their idols. When looking at them I came to understand more and more what Phil meant when he said to me the other night in front of the movie theater that I did not have enough control over Cindy. These girls seemed to have been trained to only fulfill the needs of their male bosses. Never ever would the idea have crossed their minds to discuss or even argue with them (and definitely not in public or among other brothers). They accepted them as their superiors who had the right to have the final word on all issues. When comparing my situation I had with Cindy, I envied the two a lot. They just had very strong personalities.

From the few parts I understood from their talks, they were obviously discussing some action plan for the coming days and weeks. But I was still much too drained to understand any details. When the mates saw me, all of them were extremely cordial. Tom and Aaron even got up from their workout benches and introduced themselves to me. They treated me like an old friend and Phil with a bright smile asked me whether I wanted to eat something: “Listen, we prepared some steaks with green beans and sweet potatoes. You will luv’ it, because different from certain other comrades I’m a talented cook.” 

When saying that Phil smirked at Seth. Seth took the opportunity and was joking:

“If by any chance you mean me, get the fuck out of here, asshole, ’cause I showed you most of the things you can do now. So a steak should be the minimum, reward, don’t you think.”

They performed a short but really hot-looking show fight, the group cheered and also Phil started to laugh. The whole atmosphere was very relaxed and I liked it right from the beginning. Phil hugged me and led me to the kitchen. Seth followed and when we were there, Phil started to prepare the meal, while Seth came close to me, embraced me from behind and spoke directly into my left ear:

“How is my Chokee-boy doing? Got pretty wild, huhh? But as a starting point, you did not do bad. Seems that you liked the action that was going on.”

I nodded and said: “Course I loved every piece of it. But I’m still a little confused. You must admit that what has happened since last Friday to me is quite unique. I guess that not a lot of my classmates are going through the same experience.”

Seth and Lars immediately started laughing and made a gesture confirming that I was on the right track. Meanwhile I started to smell the odor of the meat and that made me even hungrier. Phil within no time completed his cooking efforts. He did an excellent job. The steak was just perfect and the green beans accompanied the taste very well. Both of the two were watching me while I was eating all this like a hungry bull.  

“Seems that my protein treatment is not sufficient for you. You need more, right?” Seth continued with a devilish look in his face.

He handed me a big glass of water and instructed me then: “Drink this. Water is extremely important for the recovery of your body. And believe me you will need this for all your training in the coming days and weeks.”

Since I was also thirsty, I drank the whole glass within no time. Seth was obviously satisfied with me and smiled.

“Listen, mate, we need to talk about tonight. We will go to Stealth Bar downstairs for an hour or so, because some of our brothers are coming. The bar is open Wednesday, Friday and of course on both weekend days. On Wednesday it’s normally not that crowded, but it can still be some fun. We won’t stay too long because of your training and you won’t drink alcohol. On the weekend it will be different, but for tonight let’s stick to our plan, ’cause I need you sober for your training. Understood?” I nodded and finished my meal. Phil meanwhile showed me the kitchen a bit and explained where I could find all the stuff that I needed. 

“Do you do the shopping on your own or do you have someone to do it for you,” I asked.

“We have a service delivering all groceries twice a week and the place gets also cleaned once a week. Otherwise it would really look here like hell … more than it does now. But once a week is also enough. And of course the cleaning service is not allowed to touch any of Seth’s stuff, ’cause he doesn’t like it,” Phil explained and gave Seth a big ironic smile.

Seth immediately intervened: “I don’t like people intruding on my privacy. Any problems with that? Even if you don’t wanna see, I have a certain order in my room and I don’t want that to be ruined, full stop. And now, Chokee, make yourself ready and let’s hit the showers. Come!”

I smiled at Phil and mumbled “The master is calling.”, excused myself and followed Seth who led me straight away to the bathroom.             

When I felt the hot water over my body, this felt fantastic. Seth used the shower next to me and watched me intensively again. Suddenly he turned the water that was showering him to an ice-cold temperature. I noticed this change immediately because standing next to him some splashes of the cold water also fell on my body. This water temperature was somewhere between 5 to 7 degrees Celsius, not warmer. To me this was unbearable. But when I looked at Seth, I couldn’t believe what I saw. This man stood completely still directly below the ceiling shower and didn’t move at all. He had closed his eyes and it seemed as if he didn’t breathe, but went into some hypnotic status. I couldn’t tell. After three minutes or so, I felt frightened and asked Seth to stop. 

“Please, Seth, this cannot be healthy. Stop it.” But he went on at least for another 5 or 6 minutes which to me felt like an eternity. Then suddenly he opened his eyes again and shut the water. 

“Wow, how can you do that? Don’t you feel pain?”, I asked and looked at him still scared about what had just happened.

Seth fixed his steel-blue eyes on me and said calmly: “Chokee, I know that just like most other people you’re extremely afraid of pain and when you think it will hit you, you panic. That’s normal and your body by nature is trained like this. But your training has the purpose to detach yourself from pain. ‘Cause pain as all other feelings are also illusions and they can be overcome. It’s nothing but a mental exercise. I want you to understand that, ok? So what we are going to do now, as some kind of late night exercise, is that you will also stand under the cold water and not move. I will help you, but take this exercise serious!”

What happened then, is something which I will hardly forget. He opened the ice-cold shower stream again, grabbed me with his both hands on my shoulders and positioned me directly under the water stream. It felt like nails coming down all over my body and I wanted to scream. But Seth took his right hand and closed my mouth and with the other hand held firmly my left shoulder. The look in his eyes got even more intense and they were telling me: “Don’t get worried, I will not let you down!”. And suddenly it felt like some positive energy being transmitted through his hand to me. For a very short moment the pain really disappeared completely and I only focused on holding the spiritual connection with Seth so that the pain would not come again. I also felt my heart rate decreasing to a minimum as if I was in some deep winter sleep. I cannot remember who took the initiative, but suddenly the water stream stopped and I opened my eyes again.

Fortunately I didn’t perform too bad, ’cause Seth looked at me with quite some pride: “Wow, Chokee, you made it for more than 90 seconds. As I said, it seems there is some potential in you. We just need to raise all of this.” After that unique experience we dried ourselves with the towels that Seth brought and I also brushed my teeth.

After some minutes of silence and turned to Seth: “Have you seen my clothes by the way? I couldn’t find them when I woke up before.”

Seth smiled and said calmly: “I threw them away, ’cause they don’t fit in here obviously. You will wear something different from now on. I put that already on the mattress. But before we come to that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that we really need to fix your haircut. So kneel down and get between my legs!”

Seth took meanwhile the wooden stool in the bathroom, connected the electric hair razor to the plug and then sat down on the stool completely naked. I did again as told and expected my treatment.

“If you want, you can play with my tool a bit, while I take care of your hair. But don’t move too much, the razor is really sharp and I don’t wanna hurt you.”  

Of course I knew that this change of my looks was a decisive step in my transformation process. But even though I didn’t have a clue at that time how to explain all this to my old world, I didn’t oppose nor did I have the time to think about the consequences. The only thing that happened was that I found myself (once again) kneeling between the legs of Seth – the man whom I admired more and more for everything he represented, his straight-forward views, his physical superiority, and his spartan-like lifestyle, which made him completely unreceptive for any form of material advantage. Never ever would this man only consider to change or only adjust his way of life because money or any other form of benefit promised to him. It was that approach that made me adore Seth incredibly and simultaneously despise the people in my old world more and more. 

Picture provided by the author

I heard the noise of the electric razor going over my head. Because my hair was wet, it didn’t hurt too much. Seth held my head firmly in his hands and always indicated with them how I should turn my head so that the razor could get to all relevant places. Simultaneously I took care of his dick a bit; meanwhile I knew Seth’s likes and dislikes quite well so that I knew what he wanted. And Seth commented my efforts with a slight moan and something like “Chokee-boy, you’re a quick learner.” Believe it or not, during the whole process I felt again the enormous protection and safety that Seth gave me. I just knew that he wouldn’t let me down or that he would cause pain on my body unless there was a reason behind that. When he was done, he told me to stand up. He also got up from his stool, looked at me with his semi hard-on, lighted a cigarette and said: “Come on, let’s look at you in the mirror together.” He put his arm around me and the two of us went the two or three steps in front of the bathroom mirror. What I saw, didn’t really shock me, rather I started liking it right from the beginning. Seth had not shaven all of my hair; instead he left a small part of it in the form of an oval circle on the top of my head untouched.

“I like it this way better. At least as long as you’ve not gained more muscle, this makes you look more masculine. Cause for obvious reasons we wanna avoid everything that makes you look like a sissy, right?” 

Then he gave me a slight, almost tender slap on my cheek, inhaled a deep puff from his cigarette and again kissed me aggressively while exhaling. Meanwhile, I could play this game much better than when I had tried this for the first time.

“Let’s go to my room and get dressed.”, he said and made me follow him. 

In his room he had already placed one classic bleachers dark blue Levis 501, red braces and black steel cap boots with red laces. I looked intensively at each of these pieces, which had such an important meaning for the whole skinhead culture. And deep inside I started to feel proud because Seth now was ready to give me the permission wearing these pieces.

“Where did you get those?”, I asked.

“Got them already before I picked you up today. I know your size. Hope you like them. Listen, during this transformation phase I want you to appear classical. No experiments with clothing, understand? I want you to look look like a hardcore skin. That’s all. Go and jump into your new clothes now … and no underwear, ok.” I obeyed of course, but getting into the extremely tight jeans turned out out to be quite a challenge. Seth helped me and said that this must feel like my second skin. Finally it worked. Seth also helped me tying my boots; this indeed was an art of its own and I paid extra close attention.

“Can I also wear a t-shirt?”, I asked.

“Yep, you should, even though you will take it off in the bar quickly anyway. But since you don’t have any ink on your body yet, I think that’s a good idea. Look at the options over there!” 

He showed me a stack of tank tops on one of the tables. All of them had provocative logos that stressed the fight for the national cause. 

“For tonight you’re going to have that one. I want the brothers to remember you quickly so that we can speed up the initiation process, ok? In the bar there is no risk anyway.”

Picture provided by the author

What Seth chose for me, was a white muscle tank top with a black swastika in the middle; it was placed on a white inner circle and a red outer circle. Above this there was another logo saying:


I got a little shy, ’cause strangely enough I got suddenly frightened that someone I know would see me like that. Seth immediately sensed what I was feeling and now became very strict and specific in his voice:

“Listen, man. What we’re doing here, is not some fucking game. We’re not playing carnival. Either you’re with us, then follow our rules. Otherwise go back to your old life. I’m sure your folks and your stupid cunt are expecting you already. What we expect is nothing less than 100% loyalty. The brotherhood and each comrade always come first and they must rely on you always and in any situation. If you agree with that, you’re entitled to the same treatment in return. And finally: money, reputation, mainstream or anything like that have absolutely no meaning to us, when it comes to the brotherhood. On the contrary, we give a shit about all this. So if you stay with us and if you ever during the rest of your life should rank a material gain higher than your loyalty towards the brotherhood, you ‘re a dead man. Is that understood?”

“Yes, of course, Seth.”, I replied

“That’s not the right answer. Think, before you answer.”, Seth said. And then even louder while putting his around my neck: “Is that understood?”

Little sparks went through my brain. It was still difficult for me to cope with these sudden outbreaks. Of course I knew that honor and respect were core values in the Seth’s mindset. But I hadn’t said anything to provoke him. It was just my body language and a few gestures that got him outraged.

“Yes, that is perfectly understood, comrade. I will of course live up to all the duties and standards of the brotherhood. Please believe me. It’s just that everything is still so new to me. I feel really honored that you and the other brothers take care of me. It’s the first time that my life begins to make sense to me. I also feel that everything else I’ve had before was nothing but a big lie. But please, it’s only my first day. I promise I’ll improve quickly. Ok?”

“Well, you won’t have a lot of time. And it’s again a straight-forward decision. Either you’re with us or you can leave and that’s it then. Plain and simple! Anyway, let’s leave this for now. Tomorrow when the ink man is coming, there will be another bridge for you to cross. And now let’s go downstairs for a while. As I said, no alcohol for you. I want you to be clean and sober, because tomorrow very early in the morning your program will continue. But I’ll watch over you anyways.”

That having that, Seth took his hand off my neck, grabbed my hand and, as if we hadn’t had any discussion just a minute before, both of us left the apartment. 

To be continued …

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