A kinky story written by SkinPowerFighter | Chapter 6

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My First Night at Stealth Bar

Stealth Bar was an amazing place right from the beginning. The rest of the ground area was now left completely dark and the corner, where the bar was located, had been illuminated by various alternators in different colors. The bar table was quite long and behind the table Phil, Lars, and another skin who introduced himself as Nash were working as bar tenders. All of them were shirtless so that one could admire their extremely muscular bodies as well as all the tattoos that decorated the upper bodies. Phil and Lars wore bleachers, the third mate dark blue jeans; all of the pants were extremely tight and emphasized their crotches. And then of course there were again the red braces that hung down from their jeans. There were at least 15 to 20 barstools placed in front of the bar table. The further area in front of the bar had several wooden tables with different forms of chairs placed around them. The place smelt heavily like cigarette smoke, beer and man sweat; this again supported the masculine atmosphere.

Pciture provided by the Author

There were several banners hanging on the wall. The most striking one was of course a flag with a black swastika and the words “SKINHEAD FOR EVER”.

Another banner had a very famous motive that I had seen already sometime before but whose meaning – now that I got myself more familiar with the skinhead scene – had become much more significant. It showed a fighting skinhead from the eighties who rose his left leg in combat position and you could see the sole of his combat boot. The text below was:


And finally there was also a huge banner placed above the entrance that in red and black gothic said:


There were many other pieces of decoration idolizing the skinhead cult and all of this created an atmosphere of unity and feeling of solidarity. It made me feel special and welcome right away.

On the wall in the middle of the bar area at the side where the bar tenders were doing their job they had placed several baseball bats and various brass knuckles. This gave the place an additional aura of danger and violence.

Of course, when we came, we could hear already the sound and beats of hard RAC music. At that time I didn’t know the band names yet, but very soon I would memorize them by heart and would also know many band members personally, because they gave quite a few concerts at Stealth Bar. The guys from No Remorse, Blue-Eyed Devils, Steelcapped Strength, Razors Edge, Kommando Skin or Strongside would soon become almost daily companions and a source of inspiration in my new life.

When we entered the place, I could also see the two skinhead girlfriends of Phil and Lars who sat on two wooden stools at the bar. Seth had meanwhile told me their names, which were Samantha and Olivia, but everyone only used the nicknames Semi and Liv. Again the two remained very passive most of the time and only when their boyfriends wanted something – very often intense and possessive kisses, some stroking of their tools or another form of arousal – they reacted. The difference to Cindy was now even more striking. 

For a Wednesday night the place was quite well attended, around 50 to 60 people and they were almost exclusively skins. I assumed that without skin look in most cases they didn’t even let you in.

Needless to say, when Seth entered the stage, all were extremely cordial and obedient to him and indirectly – because I was obviously with Seth – also to me. It was quite amazing to see what influence he obviously had on the scene, because there was quite a bunch of comrades who placed themselves pretty much immediately in a half circle directly in front of him (even though it was at times difficult to understand him because of the noise of the music). But various mates came closer and tried to speak directly into his ear to get a reaction from him. And Seth on the other hand obviously enjoyed to be the center of attention.

During the whole time when we were at Stealth, Seth was touching me. Either he hugged me or he put one hand on my ass or he was stroking my thigh or even my crotch area. He did that openly and no one of the guests seemed to be surprised or would have dared complain. And Seth again played one of his favorite games with me, which was smoking a cigarette together; meanwhile I had gotten pretty much used to it, even though I was still at the beginning with my smoking habits and needed to learn quite a bit. His tastes and preferences must have been an open book for everyone. For me of course all that was new, but I enjoyed the attention a lot. To be with the leader of a strong movement with its own laws is an indescribable feeling and I found myself in the middle of it. Awesome! Seth for his standards was very attentive and also watched out that I only drank water and that I had a good time. He introduced me to a lot of comrades and it was quite difficult for me to remember all the names. But since Seth was watching over me all the time, it got better.

When I got briefly to the bar area, Lars came by, gave me a huge hug and spoke into my ears:

“Mate, you really changed Seth completely. Not only did he give up his original plan last Friday, which VERY VERY rarely happens, but he really tries to help you and make you a part of us. I really like you, so please don’t make him angry. Seth is the most loyal and reliable guy I know, but he also expects 100% loyalty. Play by his rules, pay your respect, and don’t fuck it up, ok buddy! I never want to find myself in a situation again, where Seth is really mad at you. Not nice, buddy, believe me. And I don’t wanna go into any more detail.”

I looked at Lars, took on a shy smile, but didn’t know what to respond. But I knew that the coming days and weeks would be full of decisions, which would be ground-breaking for my young life. And even though I didn’t know yet what the outcome of those decisions would be, I felt at that point already that I would not want to give up the feeling of unity and solidarity that I just found in this brotherhood.

About after one hour and a half Seth moved his mouth to my right ear and said: 

“Chokee-boy, tomorrow will be a hard day for the both of us. We will need to get up very early because of your training and there will be a lot of other times in this place. Next time will be Friday and on Saturday we will even have two bands playing here. So let’s get upstairs!” 

He then waved good bye to Lars and Phil and some of the other mates, put his hand on my ass and we left the place the same way on which we got in.

On our way back Seth hugged me all the time in his typically dominant manner. I felt like in heaven and he knew that I liked it.

“We are going to have a hell of a night, believe me. But after what happened today with you fading away, I guess it’s clear that you won’t come again. You need to recharge, understand! This time you focus again solely on me! Don’t worry, I will not let you down. Think of me as your sward, both physically and mentally!”

Meanwhile we had arrived in his room. With force, but still quite play-full, he pushed me on his mattress so that I landed there on my back.

“Get off your stuff immediately!”, Seth said and smiled. 

When I started, he helped me with my boots and also with my pants, because I wasn’t trained and quick enough with my gear yet. The only thing which I had still on was my provocative T-shirt.

“Leave that on, I like this and it turns me on,” Seth instructed me, when he saw my efforts also to get out of this one. He then opened his pants, lowered them and then grabbed my legs.

“I want you missionary style now, because I wanna see your boy face. Believe me, it’ll have a much harder look in no time, once you’re done with your training program here. So I wanna enjoy it still the way it is.” 

I understood immediately and positioned myself with my legs in the air and spread wide open. Seth nodded and by doing so confirmed that this was the position he expected. He moistened his dick again with his spit and then tried to enter me. 

“Don’t tighten up, relax, brother. That’s the ultimate way of comradeship, so let me in, bitch!” 

For me all this was amazing again. At that point I felt already so connected to Seth that relaxing wasn’t that difficult any more – in spite of the enormous size of dick. I really wanted to make him happy and of course I meanwhile also understood that this was my natural obligation. I understood that his way of entering me was both a sign of absolute domination and of close connection. So I did my best not to tighten and I succeeded. Within no time Seth was fully inside of me and then started to move his lower body up and down so to fuck me with growing speed and an enormous force. Then his upper body came down lying on mine, his mouth came to touch my mouth and his tongue wildly entered my mouth. What I was experiencing, was without doubt the most intense time that I had had in my entire life so far. Seth of course felt immediately how much I was into that.

He said into my ear: “Chokee, you’re mine now. I’m your master. You will only do what I say and I’ll take care of you, Understand? Don’t dare betray me! You live through me from now on!” 

I responded by screaming: “Seth, I’m completely yours. Please don’t stop fucking me. I’m everything you want me to be. I will always do as you say. You’re my leader.”

Seth increased his pushes and screamed like a wild animal. Suddenly he retreated and instructed me: 

“Turn around. I also wanna have you from behind. But before you give me one of your blowjobs. Start licking my armpits and my nipples. And then you take care of my manhood. Don’t make me wait!” 

I did as I was told and the taste of his body after the night at Stealth was even more tempting. It was a mixture of sweat, cigarette and his own man scent. And the best was that my tongue could always feel his muscles and his plain skin.

Seth said: “You’re completely into this, brother, huh? You like having everything of me in your young boy mouth. Go on and make your master happy. Show me your obedience and respect. Kneel down when you take my cock in your mouth and show your respect!”

Again I followed immediately. I kneeled down in front of him and his hands guided me to his dick again that was fully erect. When I took it into my mouth, I could also taste myself. This was also a completely new and arousing experience. 

After a few minutes of sucking and playing with his balls, Seth took his dick out of my mouth, raised my head so that our eyes were looking at each other and the told me: 

“You seem to learn quite quickly. And you can also soften me a bit. You will stick with me from now on and you’ll only do as I say from now on, clear? Then nothing will happen to you. And now get on your four legs, bitch, and I will fuck you hard from behind and come. And you don’t, understand?”

The atmosphere was full of positive tension and I really had to focus not to come. Seth entered me with full force. Since my hole had already gotten used to the size of his cock, it went quite easy. As soon as Seth was inside me, he started to increase his speed to the maximum. He was moaning heavily. After some minutes he lowered his upper body so that he positioned himself directly above me. He reduced the feeling of his body weight a bit, when he saw that I had some difficulties to breathe. Then he spoke into my ear:

“Chokee, I will cum now. And your ass will take every fucking drop of it. You’re mine and my man juice belongs to you and it just needs to be in your ass. You will not move. Clear?”

I was extremely aroused by all of this. Never in my life would I have thought before that such intensity would hit me. But it did and that made me really happy. So I followed all the instructions. Suddenly Seth roared and screamed even louder and I could feel that his grip got much tighter. He came like a volcano into my ass and his climax as always was very long-lasting. 

“That’s it, Chokee, that’s it. Your ass just feels amazing. Take my entire seed. It’ll make you happy and strong.”

After the coming, there were some moments of complete silence, when Seth needed to recover a bit. Then he got out of me and gave me again a very passionate kiss. After a short while he handed me and himself two bottles of cold water which we drank quickly. Then he lighted a cigarette for the both of us and meanwhile I really started to like the smell and taste of strong tobacco. 

After finishing the cigarette, he dimmed the light, turned me around so that the two of us were lying together again in spoon position and we fell asleep quickly. 

One time during the night, Seth woke up and kissed me again. Since I was so tired from the events of the past day, I didn’t really respond, but of course I made clear that it was perfectly fine if Seth wanted to enter me. He took me from behind this time but he didn’t force me to a fuck. From that I could feel that meanwhile I had become something different to him, ’cause for a man with his sexual libido it was a huge step not to use violence to get his will. Rather, this time it was fine for him that he could only stay inside of me for a bit. And even though not completely awake I loved that too because Seth’s cock gave me this feeling of strength and protection. I wanted nothing more but to be Seth’s boy and man. 

To be continued …

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