A kinky story written by SkinPowerFighter | Chapter 7

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The Morning Thereafter

It was still dark outside when Seth shook my shoulder. He was completely naked.

“Come on, Chokee, time to get up for your program.” 

He handed me one of his energy shakes that he had obviously prepared in the kitchen some moments ago. 

“Drink this. It’ll make you feel high spirit within no time.”

I got up and sat on the mattress and started drinking and this time – maybe because it was a different mixture or because I was already getting used to it – the taste was much better. Seth stood directly in front of me and, because I was sitting on the mattress, my eyes looked at his semi hard-on. Of course Seth caught me looking immediately and said with his typical smile on his face:

“Chokee, you need your energy now for the training. Let’s see what we can do afterwards. Of course I know what changes you’re going through at the moment. Your hormones drive you crazy and everything in your mind tells you to crave for cock. That’s pretty much normal. But keep some discipline and follow your other interests as well. If you wanna be part of the brotherhood, you will have responsibilities. And I want you to stick to them fiercely. So from now on fucking and sex should be an important, but not the only part of your life. Understood! And now get your ass up and jump into your sweat pants.”

I did as told and then also wanted to put on the top of my sweat suit, when Seth intervened:

“No, we will go topless. That helps you to get a little tougher against outer conditions such as cold.”

I looked outside, and since it was already late October, the temperature around this time was not more than 5 degrees Celsius. I looked shortly at my cell phone and the weather information said 4 degrees to be exact. It was 5.20 in the morning. I put on my sports shoes and followed Seth outside. 

“Ok, Chokee, this time it’s going to be a 7.5 miles run. We will use different speed intervals. You just follow me.”

It was so cold that I started shaking, but when I began running it got indeed a little better. On the other hand, speed became a problem to me, since Seth’s standard speed was something like 8 miles per hour. Shortly after I made half of the run, I felt like cracking down. I faded slightly and felt dizzy. Seth came up to me and said: 

“Chokee, maybe I demand too much from you. But it’s fucking worth it. Here.” 

When Seth saw that, he looked at me with acknowledgement and shouted: 

“Well, the little rich kid wimp is making some progress after all. I like to see that.” 

He rubbed my upper body with both his hands to make me feel warmer and also tried to put on the top of my sweat suit that as a precaution he had brought with him. When I saw what he was trying to do, there was suddenly both my ambition and my will to make Seth feel proud of me that gave me an entirely new motivation shot. I opposed putting on the top and continued running thereby screaming like a wounded lion to keep my spirits high. 

We went on running and never in my life had I been happier when we came to the compound again. On Seth, on the contrary, the whole exercise didn’t appear to leave any effect. He was not out of breath and also did not sweat. We entered the center area on the ground floor and Seth switched on the light. I learned from him that the Martial Arts Training Center only opened at 10 so that we had the whole space for ourselves.

After making me drink some water, another energy drink and some coffee and after taking an extensive leak, Seth told me to get into one of the boxing rings and then the really hard part of today’s training started. He demonstrated different kinds of boxing punches, which I had to repeat in front of the punching bag which he held for me. He also told me how to use my legs properly and whenever I made one move and he thought that it was not correctly done he intervened.

Seriously, from all the training I had had in school before, I thought that I was a quick learner with a good endurance and a high degree of motivation. But Seth was on a completely different level compared to everything that I had seen before. It seemed that he didn’t know any limits and that, no matter what happened, he maintained control over any situation. This made him admirable, incredibly sexy and simultaneously frightening. Anyway, I did my best not to disappoint Seth and tried hard not to stop but continue all exercises. I learned about right and left hooks, uppercuts, southpaws and other punch types. After 30 minutes or so the training stopped with me being completely out of breath.

Seth gave me a manly hug and led me to the sports bar where he prepared another shake for me. Out-powered as I was, I drank it like it was my last meal. Seth’s laughter about this was quite loud. He said: 

“Well, Chokee, seems that my homemade protein is not sufficient for you, huh? Your body demands even more liquid.”

“Seth, where did you learn all this? I mean, I’ve never seen anyone with this degree of strength, power, and body control. So what did you do?” I asked.

“Didn’t I tell you that you shouldn’t ask so many questions and that I will always give you the necessary piece of information?” 

Seth smiled at me, but also looked a bit angry. Then he continued: 

“Anyway, never mind. I started martial arts training when I was 8 or 9 years old. I never gave it up again, it became like an addiction. Later, when I was 16 or so, I went to China and a Shaolin monk – who by the way is still one of my best friends – took further care of me. His classes were the best I’ve ever had in my whole life. Not only did I learn about fighting techniques, but also about mental power training. And mental power over your enemy means constant pressure, terror, and psychological warfare. You want him to panic as quickly as possible to save your own energy levels, you understand?”

“Wow, this is really amazing. You are still in contact with him?”, I asked.

“Of course, I told you already that we are still friends. He also taught me the basics of the Chinese language and letters.”

“You can speak and write in Chinese?”

“The basics, yes. What’s so strange about it? This brother brought more into my life than anyone else. He taught me that you had to stand up and always live to your values. That these values count much more than your life. That the right to live is something that you have to earn everyday again and again and that every action that you decide to take by nature causes a reaction that you must be ready to accept. Pretty much different from the fucking society we live in today and where you’re coming from, huh?”

“Isn’t all this a bit too harsh?” I asked shyly.

“Harsh? Chokee, you must decide, which way you wanna go. There is no in between. You can of course live in this world as it is and make the best out of it. You can make money, have a traditional family and do what they expect you to do. But this society for sure is not about values, not about comradeship and also not about justice. It’s about who can cheat best. Look at yourself. Were even your folks ever interested in your real you? I know they possess quite a lot, but did they ever give you the feeling of unconditional support? Or is it that they only want you to adjust to the norms of this society as much as possible so that they can make use of you?”

I didn’t know what to say because clearly my answers to these questions were all not to my liking and Seth knew that I knew. So he went on:

“I hate this society as it is. There is nothing that it promises. There is no joint cause, no idea and no ideals that provide at least some guidance. You are completely left alone. And when you start realizing and criticizing it, then this wonderfully democratic community turns against you and starts telling lies about you and your views. In our brotherhood, Chokee, it’s different. We at least try to stick to our values and help each other. We don’t ask what we get in return because it’s clear that the others will do the same for you. And if not, then he gets kicked out and must accept all the consequences. Something like that has only very rarely happened by the way.”

“I guess you’re right, Seth.” I whispered. Seth’s words had again a huge impression on me because they made clear how wrongful and false the world was in which I had lived before. I think I even had some tears in my eyes, because Seth said:

“Chokee, I don’t wanna scare you, but it’s necessary that you make choices. And this should happen sooner rather than later.”

“I know, but it’s hard to realize that your life so far has been quite a scum. Especially when I look at my parents …”

“Don’t worry. The fact that they gave birth to you, doesn’t mean that they are good for you, too. I had to come to the same conclusion … unfortunately.”

“How so?”, I started to become really interested.

“Chokee”, Seth replied, now with a very sharp tone in his voice, “enough! I won’t go into any more detail. I’ll tell you when the time is right. And now, go to the steam room and then we go upstairs and plan the rest of the day. Move your ass!”

When I got up from the stool, Phil just arrived and greeted us cordially. He gave me a hug – just a little longer than among normal friends. 

“Wow, I see you’re under strict surveillance with your new program, brother. Very impressive! It seems to work, even though quite some action was going on last night. Since you didn’t close the door, everyone could hear it,” Phil said with a dirty smirk.

I blushed, but Phil continued: “Don’t mind, brother, that’s nature. And there’s no reason to suppress your urges. Maybe I’ll join you next time.”

Seth felt to comment on this one: 

“It’s amazing that Semi and Liv provide so little satisfaction to your and Lars’ cock. What good are they for”

Phil laughed: 

“Well, they can be fun, at least sometimes. And they obey. But you’re right. Unfortunately it’s not an all inclusive package. There needs to be quite a lot in addition.” 

Then he looked at me and gave me a slap on my ass.

I felt a little embarrassed and left for the steam room. The hot steam was perfect and I felt a lot of muscle pain going away instantly. After ten minutes or so I got back to Seth. He had been waiting for me already and after a short “See you later” to Phil we got back to the apartment on the first floor.

First Seth went to the kitchen so that we could eat some oatmeal and fruits. Not one of us talked for some minutes, but then Seth started again:

“Listen, Chokee. This is how you’re going to spend the day: first relax a little bit, ’cause you need to be recovered for your afternoon training program. You can read some things in my room on martial arts, defense techniques, mindset building and all that stuff. I put the stuff that could be interesting to you on the chair. So read it and use your smartass brain! I need to start in the center downstairs shortly. Guess, I have three customers in the morning. Yeah, and in the afternoon Lawrence, the ink man is coming.”

“The ink man?”

“Yep, he’s our tattooist and we should talk about how we would want you to look. Of course, you also have a say in it. But what you need first, is our SS-sign on your neck.”

“Seth,” I said, “can you please stay here for a moment or two. I’m still confused and my whole world in which I’ve been living for the last 17 years is crumbling down. I don’t know what to do.”

In moments like this Seth turned out to be the best mate one could think of. He hugged me and spoke into my ear: 

“Chokee, I won’t let you down. You’re close to becoming part of the brotherhood and so loyalty and support must stand above everything for you.” 

These words felt extremely good and made me want to be part of the brotherhood even more. I felt privileged and couldn’t wait to make an end to my old life.

When Seth had his arms around my shoulder, I could also feel his growing dick under his sweatpants. I touched it with my right hand while smelling Seth’s man scent. Seth reacted immediately: 

“Chokee, you need to control your cock addiction, because it will cause problems at one point.” 

However, this comment of Seth – as one of the very very few – was not credible, because Seth almost simultaneously, with his hands on my head, pushed me down and made me kneel down in front of him, while he was standing in the middle of the kitchen. He lowered his sweat pants and made me sniff his crotch deeply.

“Good, Chokee-boy! Show me how much you need this. Show my cock how much addicted you are to him. And treat him with respect!”

I did as told and felt that Seth had meanwhile become more than satisfied with my sucking and swallowing skills. He didn’t have to move much because I knew instinctively what movements I had to make.

“Chokee, you’ve become a professional cocksucker within no time. Excellent! I’m proud of you.” 

And then Seth closed his eyes and focused on his own enjoyment. 

“You’re my man, Chokee. Make your brother happy. Lick also my balls and my thighs. Do it well!” Seth moaned.

I did as best as I could. When I licked his different body parts, I could again taste his beautiful and irresistible man scent. My nose and my entire body seemed to be like in heaven. After five minutes, his grip got again tighter and I knew that he was ready to cum. He screamed once more and instructed me to take everything until the very last drop.

“My cum is like medicine for you, so take it all, bitch! Don’t waste a thing, clear!” 

I swallowed as if all this was about my life and managed not to spoil one drop. This made Seth and myself quite proud. He said that I performed better than he had ever expected and then gave me another acknowledging kiss.

“You‘ve become an excellent whore. It’s gotten really hard to resist you!” he whispered in my ear.

We then left for the bathroom where I received again one of Seth’s special cold shower treatments; the second time was by far not as bad as the first, which was also due to the fact that I felt Seth’s grip more intensively while the ice cold water was running over my body. I got dressed in my sweat suit again and Seth went downstairs to start the sessions with his customers.  

When I went to Seth’s room and lay down on the mattress, I saw already the books and papers that Seth had prepared for me. Before I had a closer look, I quickly sent a text message to my mother. Originally I wanted to call her, but now I didn’t feel like it at all. I just texted her the following: 

“Mum, I got stuck in something. Will explain later to you. Will come on Friday and then you’ll know. Don’t worry in the meantime. Daniel.” 

I avoided on purpose my nickname “Dan”, ‘cause I started to hate it. I would have loved to sign with “Choke”, but my Mum wouldn’t have understood, so I decided for my full name to make at least a minor difference.

When I went through all the reading stuff, I got more and more surprised and also my dick got semi-hard within no time again: the material was not only about various fighting and defense techniques, but also about mindset building, pain-fighting through mind-building and scripts by ancient Chinese and Japanese philosophers. A lot was dedicated to the art of war, the willingness to fight beyond your limits and the ways to detach your body entirely from any feeling of pain. One book was completely in Chinese letters and I could see that someone had made handwritten remarks in there. At that point I didn’t know Seth’s handwriting yet, but I correctly assumed that these remarks (also written in Chinese by the way) came from him. When I looked at the book, a photo fell out showing Seth (probably some eight or nine years ago) and a Chinese monk who, as one could quickly see, had been in an unbelievable condition. On the back of the photo there was something written in Chinese with an English translation following right thereafter:

“To my dearest friend and best student. Never give up and always be prepared to endure the unbearable. Then the gods will watch over you and victory will be yours!”

I got fascinated and aroused by all what I read. Obviously it was possible to bring both your body and your soul to an entirely new level where you could develop unprecedented mental powers making it possible to endure any hardship. For that, however, it was necessary to identify a specific sense or meaning in your life and to give those values priority over everything else. I started liking this idea of absolute priority very much, probably ’cause I hadn’t had that ever before. My life and the one of my entire family were clearly driven by money and the search for acknowledgement by the standards of our society and thus by others. And because it was like that, there had never been an absolute truth either. Since my very early years everything was subject to how it was perceived by society. Questioning those values had never been an option. With Seth however it was so much different; his life was completely self-determined and he did not allow anyone else to determine the set of values to which he wanted to live. I adored that and wanted such a life for me too.

I continued reading more and more, but at one point my eyes almost shut automatically and I fell asleep. I must have dreamt rather weird things about me, Seth, and the Chinese monk, about my parents keeping me from living my new life, and finally also about Cindy discovering me and Seth while he was fucking me. It must have been a rather restless sleep, but suddenly I felt a warm and firm hand over my face that brought me back to reality.

To be continued …

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SkinPowerFighter is an active skinhead who joined the scene when he was about 15 years old. He knows the culture by heart and still identifies with many of the core values the skinhead scene stands for. All this helped him a lot to develop into a grown up personality for whom true masculinity and clear authority stands Beyond everything. Some of the story elements are autobiographical and therefore give a particular insight view into the classical skinhead life.

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